Do a similar critique of media - e.g. NPR let Netanyahu rant, lie and call Palestinians animals unrebutted for several minutes yesterday morning. It was disgusting.

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And - neither Israel nor the US gives an aerial intercourse about what the rest of us think regarding those fifteen things. In fact, I get the feeling they are points of pride, with a soupçon of irritation over bad press and possible election fallout.

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While I'm aware that this comment opens me up to all sorts of rebound hatred, it naturally flows from psychological logic, reinforced by certain videos of mass support for IDF actions by groups of Israeli citizens (and their US Zionist counterparts) I begin to think that the collective scars of the European holocaust were/are so deep and pervasive in the Zionist psyche of Israeli society that the ultimate outcome is a society trapped in a mass psychosis of self-justifiable torture and murder. and when I hear that "Israel has a right to defend itself", I quickly morph that thought to: If that mass psychosis is real, Israel doesn't even have a right to exist as an equal partner among nations. And then, to be fair, I must apply that same metric to my own country, the good ol' US of A. But that latter thought has been with me for decades now.

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My question is: When do these horrific acts become War Crimes and who will do anything about it?

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Makes one wonder just who are the “human animals”. Oh let’s change that to “monsters”; ANIMALS are much better humans than the current IsraHelli crop of insane murderers.

In the meanwhile, THANK YOU 🇧🇿 BELIZE for severing all ties with the apartheid quasi-nation!

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Israel is monstrously evil.

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Don't you know ? God ( or a reasonable facsimile ) just looks the OTHER WAY when Israel does something unimaginably abominable that attracts global attention & outrage. They THINK that they've gotten a big golden ticket.

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I think we also have to look at our own countries. Lowkey is revealing how many British tech and surveillance companies are owned by Israel and how linked our secret services are. Our media and politicians are being funded by friends of Israel.

The same went for the covid policies directed by pharma. And the subsidies and abandonment of greeen policies directed by animal ag and oil.

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From Israel 's perspective, there is only one thing- don't face consequences.

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Your points are well taken. They apply even more forcefully to American foreign policy: 2015 Afghanistan, US fighter jets bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital killing 42. . . But that's not even the beginning. US sanctions in Iraq killed 500,000 children. Asked if it was worth it Madeleine Albright replied "I think that is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it." Let us recall that Iraq had done nothing, nada, to us. Bush II just wanted a long war. But then of course there's Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh, their George Washington, overthrew the brutal French colonial forces. So we killed ~5 Million of them (excluding collateral mayhem throughout that peninsula). And they more than 50,000 of us; a 100 to 1 kill ratio.

The lesson that we must now embrace is that inhumanity anywhere is a threat to all humanity. Mother Earth has not the resources to sustain our lives much longer if we continue to kill each other and rape her.

What I see as the minimal useful action for the US:

–- Constitutional Reset 2024 ---

Supreme Court Crushing OUR Rights Take Back the Court - A3S1:

Judges shall serve on good Behaviour Ergo, shall be fired on bad Behaviour

Revoke False Precedents

-$s are not Speech nor Corps people-

That rot bred present fascism!

The Fix: Public Funding of Elections

$200 Voter Vouchers - Nothing Else!

DC will work for us & our children:

-Tackle Climate Chaos at Scale-CO2e Tax $400/ton Funding UBI

-Market Forces Drive Solar/Wind

-Initial UBI ~$1,000/month

WWII Level Funding, Taxes, Effort

-42% GDP = 8T$/yr for 5 years

-95% Max TaxRate over 4M$/yr

-Gift Solar to US & Global South

Why? Gotta Save the Whole World

Make Friends, Not War

DC will pass: iM4A, Union Rights, $25 Min Wage tied to productivity, Free pre-K through University,...

I am Tom@TomWellsForCongress.com

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I think you should rephrase that to 15 things we should never have to say to a government or political leader. Or things we must demand no government or leader ever do.

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We ARE WINNING the battle for human hearts! Keep writing and sharing 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

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The Israeli government has long been known to be barbaric, just like it’s lapdog US government. In truth all humans can be barbaric. Once upon a time we showed signs of being civilized, but those days are gone.

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News in the UK today: Israel, having ordered Palestinians south, are now killing them in the south. Israel is also killing Palestinians in hospitals, refugee camps, now UN safe areas and on roads escaping the other places they are being killed. This is completely indiscriminate and is wholly unacceptable. It MUST STOP NOW.

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