Chris Hedges was right when he said that the military industrial complex is sucking the marrow out of this nation and that no meaningful social and economic reforms will ever be able to take root as long the military exists in its current state and funding levels. Almost a trillion dollars a year to the war machine while the American people are choking. We just gave two generation's worth of community college to Ukraine/Raytheon and not only do politicians proudly brag about it but most people have been conditioned to believe that it was the decent thing to do and applaud it. I don't know what is worse: politicians that steal and engage in corruption in plain sight and with impunity or a public that is eagerly subsidizing its own oppression.

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Dec 22, 2022·edited Dec 22, 2022

I like Tucker Carlson, and any number of his guests are defined as being on the left, like Glen Greenwald, Mate, Jimmy Dore, and others who appear on his show. I don't see these people on Hannity, or Ingram. I don't see them on MSNBC, or CNN or mainstream news channels, expressing left wing ideas that Carlson agrees with, and allows to be heard, so there. He even had Tulsi Gabbard on Fox Nation being honest about why we are in Ukraine. He deserves a lot more credit then what Johnston says here. Sure there are things he says I don't agree with, but defining things solely in black and white terms, which is done here, is not playing fair.

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Thank you for continuing to be one of the leading voices in telling the truth about the war in Ukraine. “The phoniest, most PR-intensive war of all time.” Indeed.

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Dec 22, 2022·edited Dec 22, 2022

We'll probably know in the next few weeks whether the fools are leading us into a nuclear conflagration. All they need do now is get NATO directly involved in Ukraine.

It's not that there is probably more than just this reality, since there probably is. It's just that, we could have achieved so much more.

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Your distaste for Tucker Carlson is kind of odd. You have mentioned him frequently and yet he mostly speaks truth. One of the only people who actually do in the MSM.

Last week he exposed the Great Satan for the absolute lie it is. Not a peep out of the MSM. He exposed COVID, the vaccines, Fauci, Ukraine and most of the recent lies on National television. He has been very accurate. That is simple in any case because anything opposite of the MSM is usually right on.

You allude to the fact that few take him seriously. That is not true. The helpless voters take his show very seriously. He is the top rated news anchor in the country. The congressmen and women on his show are given respect and questioned on his show mercilessly. Go ahead, say something stupid or lie and he has exposed R or D with equal ferocity.

Yet, because he put a Fox tie clip on and he is ignored.

If he is a government operative there is nothing left of the USA.

The lie is the media. The war hawks at CNN are the worst no matter right or left government.

America is the Great Satan and the pied piper of death and destruction. Build what we say or die or die anyway in an ugly coup or get droned in the bathroom. Just give us what we want.

Satan has nothing on the USA.

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“Even very left wing empire critics like me get called right wing for criticizing US proxy warfare in Ukraine, just because Carlson does.”

Yes it’s irritating. I hope that you can get over it.

Carlson should be welcomed for the positive things he has done, and condemned for the negative. This shouldn’t be hard. If the idiots who make up the majority of the population think they can have an impact by bullshit name-calling and guilt by association, let’s not indulge them. Ignore them.

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If you want to know the truth about the moral and military disaster of Zelensky and Ukraine you can catch Alexander Mercouris’s daily update on Rumble or bitchute. https://rumble.com/v21racc-russia-advance-on-kupiansk-ukraine-power-shortages-zelensky-to-us-medvedev-.html


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Even if Tucker serves as a backfire to some extent, by allowing the snickering class to laugh off some exposure, those who watch him (and there are many) are each on the path to awakening. One day each of them will start to get that jarring sense that Tucker is not telling or cannot tell the whole truth and they will turn him off and look further.

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Bottom line is it doesn't matter who it is - right or left, Carlson or some Maddow - they've succeeded in achieving the state when blasting some major legitimate story over a a major network makes absolutely no difference.

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The West must truly be threatened by Russias successes In Ukraine or they wouldn’t throw everything but the kitchen sink at them. On second thought they’re runnning a proclamation through Congress, so this will be forthcoming!!,

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Thank you !!

Glenn Greenwald Shows Record (2022 -- ):

Dec. 21 – Ep. 8 -- US Finds Another $44 B for Ukraine, Lee Fang on the Pentagon Twitter PsyOp


Q & A -- https://greenwald.locals.com/upost/3243931/tonights-after-show-q-a-will-begin-at-8-20pm-et

Dec. 20 – Ep. 7 -- The FBI’s Exposed Propaganda Partnership with Big Tech


Q & A -- https://greenwald.locals.com/upost/3239302/after-show-q-a-december-20-2022

Dec. 19 – Ep. 6 – Washington Expands the War State, Miranda Devine on Democrat's Censorship Regime – Dems Feed the War Machine


Q & A -- https://greenwald.locals.com/upost/3233616/after-show-q-a-december-19-2022

Dec. 16 – Ep. 5 – Elon’s Banning Spree & The Media’s Sudden Conversion to Free Speech Absolutists – Our Unprincipled Elites


Q & A -- https://greenwald.locals.com/upost/3220294/after-show-q-a-december-16-2022

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Thank you for your integrity and courage

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Superb piece! Truly this McProxy War is the crux of our destiny. Do we wake up everyone and make them smell the propaganda and shut it all down, or do we allow ourselves to get into a hot war with Russia and/or China? Let's hope for the former and not the latter outcome. In the meantime, I guess I will lose more old friends and family members who believe in the "plucky little comedian president" and think billions of dollars spent on sending him weapons (that mostly go missing) is a good thing to do while so many Americans go hungry or homeless. Happy Holidays y'all! (Check out our holiday card to you at therevolutioncontinues.substack.com)

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Sorry Caitlin, you made a VERY WEAK case that Tucker does more harm than good. The Right and Left should come together in condemning the Ukraine/US war but the so-called Left, totally captured by the deep state, is not showing up. Last night Tucker came out swinging against Zelensky and the Congressional prostitutes who slobbered all over him in the House chamber, as the little comedian made fun of proper protocol by wearing his omnipresent green fatigues for the occasion. Zelensky must have been laughing all the way home in his Air Force provided jumbo jet.

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Far more likely that the reality is behind door #1: (a great sentence too!)

"It's possible that the empire's violent shutdown of the awakenings of the 1960s was the mortal wound that would ultimately kill our species, and the last few decades have just been humanity lying on the ground bleeding out and waiting to die of ecocide or nuclear armageddon."

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The communes of the nineteen-sixties, while being derided by many, fell mainly because of human nature. Many, but not all, fell prey to the things that tears the broader society apart. Crime, theft, violence, underhandedness in general, and petty tyrannies. Community, or at least the notion of it, primarily began its rather swift unwinding with the election of Ronald Reagan. Homes were no longer homes, they became investments. Pensions went from defined benefit (a person knew what they got after a certain number of years of service), to defined contribution, subject to the vagaries of the market. Medicine became less a profession and more of a business. And, nearly every American was convinced they were a mini-capitalist, just one idea or paycheck away from financial glory. Schools were no longer places where one went to learn to learn more on your own. They became businesses with the sole purpose (at exorbitant cost) of churning out people with lots of credentials but very little in the way of actual education. Where your neighbor didn’t spend their time worrying about the bush in your front yard and whether or not it might bring down property values. This, though, is the America that people voted for. Time and time again. Agreeing to go along as long as they got theirs, and minor woe to those who failed to do so (with no influence, of course), from the overall degradation of societal opportunities. Americans are the greediest, most selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed, self-referential, self-aggrandizing, people on the face of the Earth. Forty plus years have brought America to this point. And now, it’s time for the American experiment to end. Because it has failed.

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