That entire event screams psyop: the agenda, the optics, the complete lack of security, the staged photos. It played like script from start to finish and drew a bit more attention away from the 'Great Reset' while pushing the 'domestic terrorist' narrative that will be used to strip away any remaining rights. The lines of reality are now so blurred by the onslaught of psychological and technological mindfucks that it's unclear if any semblance of 'truth' will see the light of day ever again.

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I was branded a fascist and a racist when I wrote as a Facebook status: “Nobody will convince me that a few hundred unarmed protesters almost toppled the Empire”

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The current “war against right-wing extremists" is in fact—and always has been—a war against the Left, waged by right-wing extremist J. Edgar Hoover and his successors in the F.B.I. and the “national security state” against civil rights activists, anti-war Vietnam protesters, unions, Occupy Wall Street, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, et al, characterizing them as a national security threat to the "law-abiding silent majority". This is why Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges, Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, are banned from the New York Times, Washington Post, and broadcast news media. The second most dangerous thing on earth to US “foreign policy” is "US domestic policy".

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A lot of what you write is right-on.... but playing Devil’s advocate for a moment or two.... isn’t it about time people stormed your Capitol...?

Maybe they weren’t the right ones to do it, but doesn’t it need storming ..? or at the very least shaking up....

As you yourself point out frequently your Government has been on a violently murderous,misguided bender for the past.... how many years ?

Teaching the rest of the world how to ....?what...?

Be demoncratic...?

Inventing a threat, and when the non-ixistent threat reacts...

“ there you are” they say,

“See, we told you they were dangerous “.

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But everything we’ve been told about the Pandemic must be true because Science! Certainly no agenda there, and Biden would have won regardless!

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I can understand that leftists might be worried that they will be targeted along with conservatives. That's the bed they made for themselves when they allied with and allowed themselves to be used by center-fascist Democrats. I certainly agree that truly violent racists who drag someone to death behind a pickup or otherwise turn people of another race into "strange fruit" must be decisively shut down. So should people who violently beat people, including journalists, with bicycle locks and baseball bats and even stalk and summarily execute people with whom they disagree politically. Clearly, government doesn't need additional laws to do that. We even have laws against terroristic threats such as those that forced Andy Ngo to flee his home in Portland. Existing laws need to be enforced in Democrat-run cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta.

At the same time, the right to non-violent dissent must be protected on both left and right, and that includes people who non-violently express ideas about race we don't agree with, or who have said nothing at all about race but simply believe the 2020 election was stolen. Misdemeanors like trespass must not be exaggerated to felony charges because of politics, nor should such offenders be jailed without "cash bail" while violent repeat offenders are released because they are thought to be apolitical, poor or "oppressed." Entrapment of conservatives is just as wrong as entrapment of Muslims. So far, I have heard of no entrapment of people who support BLM or Antifa, but truly non-violent anti-corpos of the left are correct to fear it. It will come.

So far, the fascist center is holding, with the acquiescence of "extremists" of the anti-capitalist persuasion. Thus, Capitol Hill police are given a pass for the execution of unarmed Ashli Babbitt, who non-violently attempted to climb through a window. Her death was every bit as agregious as any of the BLM martyrs. "Leftists" need to be building bridges of unity with peaceful anti-authoritarian voices on the right like Glenn Greenwald. Perhaps that's what Caitlin is trying to say at the end of the article. While her claim that "the Capitol riot was immediately used as an excuse to target the left" is a bit exaggerated, her warning is spot on. While a smattering of state laws criminalizing peaceful protest and the isolated arrests of people who used frankly violent language but no overt acts of violence are not a coordinated attack by federal authorities, they are a warning not to be taken lightly. Leftists need to protest the treatment of the Capitol rioters, none of whom caused serious injuries to police. If they don't, they will be next.

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It's strange that something as self-evidentially flawless and wonderful as capitalism sees fit to immediately attack, undermine, and sanction any alternative economic system that rears its head, anywhere else in the world. I'm touched that our capitalist really do care that much.

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It's great to see Greenwald, Caitlin and several others amplifying the whole FBI debacle story. MANY have known that the FBI has been creating terrorism for decades. This is now coming out, and I think it's great that a bunch of serious and brave journalists are amplifying the story in a coordinated way.

Through a Glass Darkly: The Origins of America’s Secret Police by Cynthia Chung


The Fascist apparatus that has entrenched itself into the US system has to be destroyed. A Church Committee 2.0 must happen, a Pecora Commission like Roosevelt did in order to justify his breaking up of the big banks with Glass-Steagall MUST happen. This can be done again today. While the MSM can try to control the narrative, that doesn't work if most people stop watching and they move to more independent sources.

As these independent sources move increasingly from exposing all this nefarious evil to then actively outlining the solutions on how to replace this kind of imperial evil, then we're really going to see something interesting. MLK said that one of the powerful components of the civil rights effort was the "letter writing." They had targetting letter writing campaigns to individual congressman, representatives etc... We all know many of these folks are crooked and slimy, but they also are generally afraid of an angry constituancy, and they do buckle under pressure. People just have to know where to put the pressure, and on what subjects.

This article also compliments another compelling piece on the whole not-so-secret "secret police" that is emerging:

Thank God for substack. The Gods of Olympus over in Silicon Valley are probably starting to get worried with all these independent substack pages popping up, like Greenwalds, Taibbi's, Johnstones etc... And they probably overplayed their hand by trying to silence Brett Weinstein over at The Dark Horse Podcast...

BigTech delenda est.

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We already lost. Now what?

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While I don't doubt that there are white supremacists, I googled a few of the commonly cited groups and found that none of them describe themselves as such. Some actively reject the notion of white supremacy.

Of course, they could be lying, although if they really thought that white supremacy was a good rallying cry, their refusal to proclaim it would seem to be counterproductive. Nonetheless, maybe they believe that they can better achieve their aims of supremacy by hiding their real motivation for the time being.

The point I'm getting at, however, is the curious and univocal insistence on the term "white supremacist" by the government and media. Wouldn't it be more accurate, neutral and alarming to describe them simply as, say, armed alt-right militia groups -- or use some variation thereon? The supremacist terminology unsupported by any open admissions by any (or most) of these groups suggests to me that a script is being used, perhaps as part of a sort of focus-grouped narrative designed to further a media/government agenda.

Gee, now I've been infected by Caitlin's kookiness.

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Adopting a more critical posture is fundamental. And you don't have a critical posture unless you look closely for evidence, particularly when you decide to listen to Tucker Carlson. Yes, the FBI infiltrates organizations and messes up. That in itself is not evidence they did so in this case.

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How do we know when the assorted alphabet agencies are lying?.

Because the lies ever always only go one way, in favor of Empire.

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