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Caitlin, sometimes you discourage me, as in your post "Biden Will NOT Be Soft On China; He'll Continue Trump's Aggressions." In that article, you drew a false equivalence between a) the entirely true story of Hunter Biden's laptop and the Biden Crime Family's corrupt dealings in China and b) the entirely false Russiagate hoax. You predicted that a "Biden compromised by China" narrative for four years would replace Russiagate. In a comment, I contradicted you, saying that the corporate media would bury the Biden-China scandal by ignoring it, and that for that reason China had no way of controlling Biden but that the global technocrats would. Such blindness by you, occasionally approaching TDS, almost caused me to unsubscribe.

But then you come up with a gem like this, that accurately points out that global elites win and the rest of us lose regardless whether Biden or Trump wins and it's truly silly of us to kill each other over the results. I still think the Democrats are more dangerous than Trump, though I won't vote for him either. Our only real hope is that one or the other collapses and leaves space for a real alternative.

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