You'd think that in a famously free and shiny democracy like America there'd be at least one commentator on national television like Caitlin Johnstone. Yet there is not.

The implications of this simple fact are worth pondering, and sharing.

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Your ability to see through the bullshit is really amazing.

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I worked a few years each at two NNSA (nuke) national labs. You don't want to know what I observed or what I thought; it'd just distress you. I've decided that Frank Zappa had it right in Flakes."

"Can't escape the conclusion it's probably God's will.

That civilization will grind to a standstill.

And we are the people who will make it all happen

While your children are sleepin'. your puppy is crappin.'"

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It really is unfair to Mexico and Canada to refer to people from the US as "Americans." I call us USicans.

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I'm American. My family's been in North America since the 1630's. I find your observations informative and enlightening. I'm also a socialist of the Richard Wolff school, and I know imperialism when I see it. The American Empire is a thing--a capitalist, parasitic, kleptocratic thing of immense harm to the entire planet.

Fire away at it.

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big fan of your work Caitlin.

1 disagreement though, capitalism is not the evil root of what ails us in the USA.

i think there is an argument to make that capitalism has been hijacked to enable our current situation, but todays USA is exhibiting fascism.

like the word vaccine - we live in a world where those in power are changing the definitions of words to suit their purpose, so too has fascism been redefined. I am referring to a fascism as defined as - the private ownership of means of production where those special interests can leverage government coercion for their own benefit.

crony capitalism, is a modern phrase which may appropriately describe our current situation - but this is a massive break from free market capitalism.

special interests gaining advantage by using the government- warp speed program, no bid contracts for military contractors, the CARES act, blackrock/fannieMae/FreddieMac/subprime mortgage fraudsters/TARP recipients - these are not the embodiment of free market capitalism. this is the government picking winners & losers instead of allowing competition (who provides the best good or service at the best price) to determine success.

key examples:

military industrial congressional complex:

1. the pentagon cannot pass a financial audit and has unaccounted for trillions in spending

1a. afghanistan papers

1b. pentagon papers

pharmaceutical industrial complex

2. vaccine mandates,

healthcare industrial complex

3. Affordable care act

financial industrial complex

4. the federal reserve system

4a. blackrock - look up Blackrock's Aladdin

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Thank you!! Very thoughtful.

I love listening to your blog -- the best voice you could choose.

Note also attacks on Glenn Greenwald from the "left" monitors -- The Poisonous Left-Liberal Mentality on Dialogue and Race on Rumble

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Trump was Evil. Biden is Satan.

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I happened to relate having far worse pro-inflammarory cytokine side-effects from my 1st Moderna, than during acute D.614.G (then delaying my 2nd for ~5mo, awaiting a "targeted booster" or ALV nasal spray for subsequent, mucosal IgA mutant strains... Unfortunately, this was on CommonDreams! I'd thought, if my doctor's (who'd ALL had it, last year) approved. And ALL medical journal and giant, peer-reviewed, academic studies AGREED, my opinion was equivalent to my doubting Biden/ Harris would be anything other than blatant authoritarian tag-team kleptocrat finger-puppets; threatening to unleash III% MAGA cops, Oathkeeper crank head company thugs & Boogaloo Boi agents provacateurs on us strikers or dissidents?





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