Believe me I don't want Australia to go to war either! That it's on the other side of the planet from me does not matter it is the insanity of the people who have started this that does matter. I can only hope that the people there can have the clarity of truth and get out of the rule of these psycho killer nut jobs before it is too late. I see a glimmer of hope in that the number of people reading your substack has increased since I first got here so here's to hoping you have even better success!

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"It's crazy how the First Amendment explicitly says "Congress shall make no law" abridging freedom of speech or freedom of the press, and yet congress is preparing to do literally exactly that with all American TikTok users."

This. Congress doesn't want Americans to have freedom of speech. It doesn't want us to have freedom to choose whatever social media platform we like or to have a choice in press outlets. It just wants Americans to listen and believe the propaganda it wants us to believe. Well, they know where they can put it! Now more than ever, people need to tell Congress, their puppets in the press, and the professional propagandists we're not listening to what they have to say. It's time for them to listen to us! Tell them NO MORE WAR. Keep shouting it until they're deaf and/or comply with our wishes. We can't let up. There are so many lives counting on us.

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The American military presence in Syria is illegal, not only from international law but, also American law. Unfortunately, soldiers take orders and will carry out those orders even when the orders are mired in the grey to black zones. But, the military leadership should know better and refuse to endorse criminal orders. The Syrian army with the help of the Russian special forces should surround the American force, capture them and take them to the Israeli border, force them over it, with a goodbye laced with, 'and don't come back.'

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The problem is you are not the MSM. So your reach is very limited.

I can see by your writing, you are exasperated.

Violent overthrow of government is the only action that ever works.

People will never wake up.

Funny how violence against government only works against your governments enemies.

I do not advocate violence, but historically it is only the real institute of change.

Oh and france is showing us the way. Start with protests. Then burning and looting. Some head lopping would be in good order. I vote guillotine.

Nothing will change until then.

If you want to scare the pricks back underground, it is the only way.

If not Ukraine is the sentence. Dragging young men off the streets to fight in a bullshit war started by America.

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Mar 25·edited Mar 25

We've genetically modified and chipped Australia @ 82% and can use you to do whatever we want!!


After fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian, we'll fight China to the last Australian.

We're the masters of the universe!!!

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It is nothing short of amazing how the "leaders," all elected, of Western countries are willing to sacrifice their citizens on the alter of US/Western hubris. This is not authoritarian? You elect what you understand to be a democratic head of state, and they turn around and F^^k you over? I don't get it. Scholz hasn't been unceremoniously turfed over the 10 fold increase in energy which makes high inflation inevitable? Macron barely wins a confidence vote, but hasn't lost any confidence over it? Australians are being forced into austerity for no reason other than geo-political cronyism combined with racism, the stuff we point our fingers at when practiced by those we need to discredit. And the guy we like to call a fascist, Hungary's Orban, is one of the few making any sense.

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Maybe if Australians can somehow get their government to stand up to Washington and opt out, that will make this madness less likely.

A thought exercise: what would be MORE insane than deciding to start wars among the three nuclear-armed superpowers...because the former hegemon is losing its grip on power and may have to face having its debts called...and claiming that the reason this enormous risk is justified is that China, facing a phalanx of US military bases, is acting "aggressively" off its own shores? Have we reached the limit? Are people fired from jobs writing dystopian sci-fi because their scenarios were too absurd, now writing history?

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I've mentioned this before, so if you've read this, please skip it.

As much as I don't want WWIII, there is a separate problem that also needs to be discussed: The U.S. can't beat anyone in a war. That's a second reason not to have one, the first being: it is immoral.

But let me outline how weak the U.S. is:

We have some good soldiers, but I think they are about 50 and retired. A lot of good ones of today lost their jobs because they thought too independently, and were too tough--they wouldn't take the covid shot and got kicked out. Q. Why should anyone young and healthy not let their body create natural immunity?

I just don't think today's weak, obedient soldiers can do much. We lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, and numerous other places. We think words--propaganda--matter more than deeds.

But the ultimate "propaganda" is what is called "propaganda of the deed," and our deeds are: we start wars, and then lose them.

Our national debt also went from $1 trillion to $31.6 trillion in under 40 years. We're weak, dumb, compliant, fat, and beyond broke--we're bankrupt. You can't just print money without actually creating new goods and services. Our economy, like our weak military, is fake.

Morally, I oppose war.

But I also oppose it on practical grounds.

When you're fat, weak, lose conflicts, propagandized, and have no practical skills, but just have ideology, you should strive to lose weight, become strong, stop starting conflicts, aim for truth, and develop real skills that people actually need, just like a person with a worthless four-year degree in some pointless major who decides to become an electrician instead.

That's what the U.S. needs to do. It needs to clean up its own room before it criticizes the world.

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The populace in the US is beyond any hope at this point. The way its "servants" in the Congress behave actually reflects it. They play dumb specifically because the audience buys it.

Do I think the asshole airing the WIFI question is this thick? He could be, but I don't think he is. He words the question so his stupid electorate gets appropriately scared.

Similarly the other day that Hyacinth bitch feigning Substack ignorance while grilling Taibbi and the other guy - does she mean it? No, she deliberately puts down the platform to suggest it's not worth paying attention to. Since her retarded electorate expects to believe that.

It would seem people of some other nations where supposed "freedom" and "democracy" rules, like Australia and New Zealand, could actually rise up and have their governments obey their will. Which would then propagate hopefully to sleepy Europe and the jaded USA. But it doesn't seem to be the case. Down under is now more like down and out.

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Preach Caitlin

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I was just writing that every casualty is civilian in their own country.

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Any time you are presented with a dichotomy, ask yourself who presented that dichotomy and whether all choices just happen to favor the presenter.

"OK, so do you want to buy this car for 72 easy monthly payments or our special one time offer of 84 easy monthly payments?"

"I don't want to buy this car!"

"72 payments it is! Picture yourself behind the wheel of this thrilling Yugo...."

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I love you Caitlin : ) I ask myself that everyday, How do I/WE get out of this dopey situation? I really do, I ask that out loud over coffee. Coming from science almost immediately out of the womb, if something is illogical I ask why does this event not follow science. With so many chaotic events that are completely illogical all at tipping points, I mean come on, nuclear war how fucking illogical is that, OFF SCALE! My thought always comes back to finance losing control. It's not unreasonable to think the collapse of the world banking system is being covered by nuclear war is it? People are fucking assholes most of the time even without threats to their large sums of cash stolen from poor and working people. Bernie is coming to Chicago March 39th and of course the personal invite because I was a fucking moron believing in Bernie since 1993 giving him shit tons of money, and I am embarr ass ed to say maxed out twice. I will miss the opportunity to stand close and yell, You Fucking War Pig! When Bernie stood on the stage in South Carolina nearly screaming "Joe is a friend of mine he would make a great president" I knew there would never be a solution coming from the political world, I am a fucking moron , I am sorry for adding to their ability to extend their power through my stupidity. As you can tell it's just a cup of coffee you and me here. The system is at an end, what is the equation ,

(End Stage Capitalism / Resource Depletion) x Climate Change= Nuclear War . Just so you know electric cars aren't the answer, the world has about 20% of the copper necessary to convert the current demand system to electrification so......................... As a friend, Want Less, Have Less, Love MORE.

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I swear,i had to tune out from this bat shit crazy planet for some time there. Between the US mafia boyz and their western minions hanging out their arses! and i quote 'unelected UK' minion prick! The hypocrisy,foolery, and awe.. all i imagine is a world without them.. hate is such a strong word, but there's no other that comes to mind.

Just free julian Assange ✌️

Viva la France ✊️

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For sure, Caitlin! As usual, you are on the button!!! Thank you!

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