Putin knows us better than we know ourselves. He is not an enemy of the West , but a counterpoint to our own stupidity. To read his speeches reveals a very intelligent person and diplomat . Boris Yeltsin chose Putin as his successor as he saw him as the only honest person in the room. Over the last thirty years he has led his country back from the brink. Putin is one of the world's few statesmen, extinct in the West.

Oh , excuse me , I am not allowed to say any of this. I am being objective again, a bad habit of mine.

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Putin is absolutely correct.

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The US President is not the one running the show.

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Of course Putin is correct. The United States is neither a democracy nor a democratic republic, but an oligarchy with vestigial trappings of democracy.

No matter who is elected, the policies don't change.

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US Bureaucracy and federal agencies are out of control. I feel RFKjr would have best chance of ending the war if elected.

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As a reminder - look up Putin's Munich speech from 2007. That's probably the mark when the escalation started more or less in the open.

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Self-evident, as you say. And what Putin said is also self-evident. Which, in the minds of those infected permanently by what you have elsewhere correctly called the most powerful and effective propaganda machine in human history, makes both of us apologists for Satan.

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In fairness to Trump, had KKKlinton won instead, we would all now be soot stains, or huddled in caves pulling our skin and hair off wishing we were.

It DID make a difference, even if he did continue the planned ramp-up. But he didn't pull the trigger. Killary would have, as her acolytes that control State have done since. Fortunately, Russia had more time to prepare.

Trump 2.0, god alone knows what he would do, which is why he is most likely to be assassinated beforehand, making it moot.

Of course Putin doesn't "trust" Trump, when has Trump ever said he'd deNazify Ukraine, recognise Russian sovereignty over the East, agree to a new Europan Security Framework where the USA has its shrill shrieking wings clipped, and has an actual plan to close NATO down?

The only way to end the SMO is to accept Russia's requests as legitimate and ACT on them.

Fat chance. Trump, Jr, and even Cornell, are just as gung-ho at fruitlessly spending Ukie lives for Yankee MIC gold as Buttercheeks or Kema-snore.

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I’m sick and tired of the American inhumane bureaucracy!

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We may have Trump again, but the probability of that is 0.0001%. In any event, we will still have the DC Swamp in complete control of the destruction of the US and planet earth into perpetuity. Even after the planet is destroyed, these arrogant fools will not have had enough. It's like momentum...a body (DC Swamp) stays in motion until acted upon by some force that changes that motion (countrywide revolution)...sponsored by the pitchfork crowd.

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This is why the Bernie's and the Cornel West's and RFK Jr. are a fool's errand.

There is no righting this ship.

I have to chuckle at RFK Jr. now hawking the idea that we can force the DNC to be fair.

The DNC is a private corporation who has ABSOLUTELY NO REGARD NOR OBLIGATION to the voters.

The first strike against RFK Jr. is still the best -- if he was serious about change he wouldn't have run Democrat.

So now he's run up against what he knew from the start and wants to convince people that they can force the DNC to change.

It's ludicrous and even if he were having a 60's flashback when he thinks it was better, guess what? It's never been any different. They were just better at hiding it.

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For perhaps the first time ever, I disagree with Caitlin, but not because I think Trump is any peacenik or that he would change US policy. Support for the war in Ukraine would diminish for three reasons. One, US allies would be much less willing to follow the US with Trump as president. NATO would likely come apart.. US leadership would be rejected, in part because Trump is very unpopular among the voters in NATO countries. Secondly, the Republican Party is split on the issue of Ukraine and less likely to be militants on the issue than the pack of compliant Democrats currently in control. Third, support for the war is declining now and I expect that to continue. Anyone besides Biden would be more heavily influenced by that decline.

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I still want to know about the remarks quoted in a Newsweek report by this guy- Colonel General Mordichev, recently promoted from Lieutenant General by Putin.

"...In a recent interview with Moscow's state-run Russia-1, a clip of which circulated widely on social media Saturday, Mordvichev said he believes Putin's war will last quite a long time and expand in the future.

"I think there's still plenty of time to spend. It is pointless to talk about a specified period. If we are talking about Eastern Europe, which we will have to, of course then it will be longer," the general said.

"Ukraine is only a stepping stone?" the interviewer then asked.

"Yes, absolutely. It is only the beginning," Mordvichev responded, who went on to say that the war "will not stop here."

Newsweek reached out to the Russian embassy via email for comment..." (and then the topic is dropped.) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/russian-general-admits-ukraine-just-a-stepping-stone-to-invade-europe/ar-AA1gtZQc

The story has been framed as proof of the narrative of Russian militaristic expansionism- that the Ukraine invasion is intended only as the first step in a plan of military aggression that includes marching into eastern Europe with the aim of reclaiming the former Eastern bloc.

To me, a notable feature of the article is that there's only one Mainstream Legacy Media outlet that's reported this story- MSN/Newsweek. The rest of top searches consist of repetitions of the Newsweek report by outlets like The NY Post, Daily Beast, and the Hindustan Times. The top rank major league Legacy Media outlets like the NY Times, WaPo, and the television networks continue to be silent about the claim, which gives me pause.

The MSN/Newsweek story contains no link to the interview, which was broadcast on Russian TV back in July 2023. The Daily Beast report links to a transcript of the speech. https://www.thedailybeast.com/putin-promotes-general-andrey-mordvichev-with-eye-for-attacking-eastern-europe

However, the link leads only to a transcript of the interview in the original Russian, Cyrillic alphabet and all. https://www.vedomosti.ru/politics/news/2023/07/23/986566-vsu-do-kontsa-leta

I can't even be sure that the linked site is a reliable source that provides the original unabridged interview transcript.

That doesn't work as a checkable source for me. I suppose I can feed it into a translation program to convert it into English, but I have no confidence that the result will yield the intended sense of the content.

Frankly, at this point my skepticism is deepening in regard to what Mordichev actually said. The lag time of well over a month since Mordichev's original remarks and lack of follow-up or mirroring by the A-list of Western media outlets indicates that the Newsweek report may be an exaggeration, or a quote misleadingly translated outside of its proper context. A story like that has implications that are too important for it to be dismissed, but at present I'm not going to simply swallow it as presented.

Even if everything inferred in the Newsweek report turns out to be accurate, that isn't diligent reference work. Speaking as a one-person operation, if I were reporting on the speech, there's no way I'd link to a source that didn't supply a full English translation of the interview in addition to the primary source in the original Russian.

Also, there's no way I'd ever re-run this story with a clickbait headline like this:

"Putin’s New General Wants to INVADE Eastern Europe! When Will Russia’s Mad Dogs Stop?"

which leads to this shitshow of an article--presented as a slideshow!--sentence by sentence (with frequent commerical interrruptions.) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/putin-s-new-general-wants-to-invade-aol-europe-when-will-russia-s-mad-dogs-stop/ss-AA1gybqQ#image=7

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Great article. Elections are kayfabe. Bread and circus for the unwashed masses

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As a guy who watched Trump repeatedly slip their nooses (2015-2020) there was a time when I thought maybe he did have a divine wind at his back. When TPTB had finally had enough and forcefully removed him (Nov 2020-Feb 2021) I knew my faith had been misplaced. If I am V Putin or President Xi I may have been hopeful too during his first time. However watching how easily he was removed without a struggle gives me little hope things will change.

But here’s the thing: The awakening of the masses is paramount to saving all of our asses. If normies come online (awake) in force Western Govts will be delegitimized. This will remove all but two options for our betters, either fade back into the shadows or rip off the mask for good. TPTB are so close in their minds to total power I firmly believe it will be the latter. Full throttle totalitarian it shall be.

At this point, I don’t know who else can facilitate this better than Donald Trump. We could come up with quite a list about the crazy shit he has driven them to attempt/do. While some of it would be matters of opinion there is enough evidence he has played a major role in the tyrant/media meltdown. This is why I fully support his candidacy today. DT is like having our very own claymore mine; nothing less, nothing more. The sooner this shitshow gets rolling the better chance we can get through it one piece IMO. I do not consider living inside a virtual gulag one piece btw. I like RFK Jr and in a sane time he would be far and above the best choice. Don’t think anyone here doubts the severity of the situation and all realize the hour is late.

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It seems like the change first has to happen with the people. Arguably, the illusions at this point can be relatively easily removed, or better said, with the way things are going, people will not have the luxury to believe in some cartoonish good guys vs. bad guys narrative for much longer.

The Truth: all these seemingly disparate tribes, from the Russian people to the Chinese to the average US Democrat or Republican, ALL are threatened by the same common tribe. The change happens when the many different tribes realize that they’re all threatened by the same common enemy, a very old oligarchical system which has been most recently incarnated as an Anglo-American slime mold constituted by an alliance of finance, surveillance and narrative-media-social control.

It may be big and bad, it may be clever, but it’s certainly not wise, and the universe is not exactly on its side.

The devil always overplays his hand.

I recently translated a poem which reminds us of this, Schiller’s “The Ring of Polycrates”—a ballad on fate, fortune and the gods.


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