It took some time and realization. It took education too. It made me aware of my country's abuses worldwide. I now write about how the Neocons, Neolibs and Zionist Neocons have turned our nation into the world's foremost terrorist state.

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A first step forward is to realize our political classes teach us to hate other cultures selectively to justify their criminal wars. This is a hideous treachery they have been getting away with for decades. The morons in Washington refuse to accept that country every and every peoples have a right to self-determination and this is a key element of the emerging multipolar world.

It is no longer an option to think of ourselves as a global community --it is essential to our survival as the human race. It is a crowded complex planet and everybody has to be on our best behavior.

Einstein also said if there is a third world war the next will be fought with sticks and stones.

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"Any effort to get people to pay attention to the abuses of western foreign policy helps weaken public trust in the propaganda machine which lies about those abuses, and any effort to weaken public trust in the propaganda machine helps the effort to expand people’s circle of compassion.

We’ve still got our work cut out for us, but what the hell else are we going to do? "

Beautifully stated! We've been trying to do the same at The Revolution Continues as well. If you can share the information that isn't being shared (deliberately so) by the propaganda machine, you will cause others to see how they've been propagandized by those in authority they trusted. Once trust in authority is eroded, it's difficult to impossible to regain. You've seen behind the "curtain" and you know those pulling the levers to hurt us are also pulling levers to hurt others. We start to care about the fate of our fellow passengers on this spaceship Earth. It's not going to happen overnight, but every day, every hour, every minute, another one of us will begin to understand who we can really trust and how to show compassion.

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Essentially. I think it ties into Mazlow's pyramid were we begin at survival and develop psychologically to transcendence of ourselves, where we can(if we choose) expand our circle to include others or the planet. That there is this idea that our tribal nature some how stops the basic biological needs. I don't think at a base level we as a species care about the trival tribalism when we are trying to survive. Which means that the whole world is a part of us, has been for 2 million years. (Homo Habilis) That the human species have been interbreeding with almost anyone we have come in contact with (neanderthals, Denisovans etc) and many indigenous people interbred because of these needs. Now with nuclear brinksmanship, our survival is threaten globally and the only natural and logical response is to stop it and that means caring about others we don't know. We know we are capable of it through charities for example. It should be a natural human response to prevent the species extinction?

Thing is our minds and our society is so anti-human we have developed unnatural or potentially insane responses. Ecocide is bad and climate change is bad, harming our survival, propaganda drives us against our instincts. So, we have the capability, compassionately and intellectually. We are being pushed to be cruel and selfish by society.

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"It’s not hard to get people to care about tyranny that affects them personally or affects other people in their country, but getting people to think about the victims of your government’s starvation sanctions, drone bombs or proxy warfare is difficult."

That's an interesting premise, namely the first part of that sentence.

Not sure I agree Caitlin. Let's take cops for example.

They're programmed and trained like circus seals that every member of the "public," while failing to realize that THEY are "the public" too at times, is out to get them and a potential danger. Hence why they act the way that they do, namely half or fully psychotic.

I doubt that any of them give much thought to what they're actually "Protecting and serving ..." besides Tyranny as they wilfully do its bidding.

Yet, that affects them personally whether they're aware of it or not. It also affects their friends and family.

Same for people employed (meaning making money off of) our medical establishment, an INDUSTRY that THRIVES and is driven by ill-health and disease, quite often caused by the "solutions" provided by the former. And let's take the last several years where both hospitals and doctors, and in some cases nurses, got paid to kill people. With a societal boomerang affect that affects them personally too even if not directly. Yet, neither seem to have a problem with it and defer to the age old "just following orders" mantra in defense of murder.

As I see it, a good chunck of society has lost any and all moral compass and is driven by the basest of all human vices, namely greed.

And think about it, our society is bitterly divided within itself, with many people not only willing but eager to kill others on the other "side." Look at all the evil sentiment with murderous intent, even literally, by those that did, insisting that those that did not put unknown toxic chemicals into their bodies, should die via one mechanism or another.

A society as divided as that, IMO it's asking way way way too much to get them to consider anything as such outside of their immediate realm.

Then factor in stupidity, ignorance, etc. too.

Interesting piece perhaps, but I disagree wholeheartedly with the premise. I'm even far from convinced that the majority even recognizes tyranny as such. Audiences/readers here are a minority.

Just sayin' ...

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A timely reminder. Repeat often.

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And lets not forget the people of Ukraine. They live in dangerous times because some dickheads in this country want to give Putin the finger, laundry money, and enrich themselves and their dickhead friends. Of course, those flags the lackwits are flying make it all worthwhile.

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I find Caitlyn incredibly wise, but this: "It’s not hard to get people to care about tyranny that affects them personally" is laughably incorrect. 99% of people i know care not a whit about being locked up, tortured and robbed by the covid tyranny.

Edit: see also the excellent comment by '37'

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When people talk about God, or the Universal Creating One and Whole, we generally see that as separate from ourselves.

This shift in focus that we are experiencing currently is bringing us in touch with the idea that we are inextricably interconnected to the UCOW and each other and to all of Creation - Nature, the Earth, and all of the other aspects of ourselves, both in physical focus and across all dimensions of existence.

These "tiny" lives that we see as the whole of our existence are but one small aspect of our greater being-ness.

The more we move into recognition of our wider reality as being included in the UCOW, the easier it will be for us to practice acceptance and compassion for everyone on our planet.

The trick though, (and a big trick it is), is to also hold that same acceptance and compassion for those who do things we don't like. Those who we see as responsible for the ills of our world. They are as equally connected as we are, and are simply developmental focuses having an experience that is no better or worse than our own.

Because on another level, there is no right or wrong - no good or bad. It's all just experience. Our best work has to include compassion and acceptance not only for the victims, but for the perpetrators as well. They are equally connected to us, and as much a part of the UCOW as we are.

We can work to change the mass beliefs - but we must also not judge those who are not experiencing yet a wider awareness. Otherwise we are continuing the cycle of judgment and victim/perpetrator.

We don't have to like what they do. But we also cannot separate them out in judgment. To do so is to deny our own existence in however we choose to express it.

As we begin to move further into awareness of our greater reality, many of the "reasons" for why people continue to express in ways we don't like will dissipate. Violence and oppression will no longer be necessary. But in order to stop the cycle, we must end it with ourselves first. Otherwise, we are simply performing the same expressions as these others in judgment which makes us no different than them.

The only way to stop this is to stop it with ourselves. Then we will begin to see the reflections of our choices out in the world.

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I always considered myself reasonably well informed and socially aware, but even looking back a couple of decades, I am a bit embarrassed by some of the stuff I swallowed.

It really does take time, effort and commitment to see totally through the smokescreens of garbage thrown at us.

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The problem with compassion is it's often seen as a sign of weakness, and will be taken advantage of. Another problem with trying to convince people to be more compassionate is that it's likely to annoy them. Basically you're saying they're not compassionate enough. Tell someone they're lacking in anything and see what kind of response you get.

I think a more effective way to deal with tyranny is to simply withdraw your support. Look at where and what you spend your time and money on, and pull the plug on anything that supports the tyranny. TV and Hollywood would be a good start. Garbage industrial 'food' if you can find substitutes. Clothing made in sketchy countries by major corporations. Anything made in countries that brutalize their population. Takes a bit of effort, but who said fighting tyranny was easy?

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That is a beautiful quote.

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So true, Caitlin. Just recently I was disturbed to hear that many of my "friends" didn't care about the fires in Hawaii. "Who cares about Hawaii?" they said. "What about all the missing children that may have burned alive?," I asked. "Yeah, that's sad, but I've never been there." Similar comments were made about the Hurricane Idalia suffering, not to mention the carnage in Ukraine, Russia, and all the other senseless wars. Unless it fits into their Left/Right paradigm and can be used a bludgeon for the other side, no one cares.

When a people or a person loses their compassion for humanity, they become soulless. To not have empathy for someone just because they're far away or unknown is to be a cold monster - selfishness and narcissism have taken over.

I believe this is our current state of being in the Western World. In order to inflict all the damage we've done for centuries, we hardened our culture and worldview. Makes it easier to kill the other or traffick them around the world for our needs and pleasures. This is another explanation for the terrible state of education, the less you know of the past, the more the focus is on right-now, the easier it is to be convinced to do anything.

Until we face the dead-eyed monster our culture has created and slay him, we are doomed as a people.

“You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive, who had ever been alive.”

― James Baldwin

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Thank you for this and especially the quote by Einstein, which by the way is exactly what is at the core of Buddhist philosophy. And why wouldn’t it be... Einstein was a wise being who probably paid attention to the dharma (also know as the teachings of the Buddha).

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Thank you Cailtlin🙏

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The Covid Cult Crap killed my Circle of Compassion.

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