This is a short piece, but it raises a lot of important points about current psyops. I do definitely agree that the communism narrative is largely a psyop and hyped-up, in terms of how it's being used. I would volunteer a few nuanced points on the subject. I will opt for long-form communication. I hope that's ok.

Naturally, the capitalism vs. communism narrative is a false binary. Framing things as capitalism vs. communism belies how imperial systems actually function and how they have functioned for many centuries, especially since the time of Venice and Rome i.e. WAY before either the terms capitalism or communism were coined. The false binary belies how a small hereditary oligarchy actually exerts psychological control and power, whether in communist or capitalist countries, which are relatively recent systems in any case. The current narrative belies the fact that the Western Anglo-American financial oligarchy views Russia and China and their major threats.

The reasons are the following, in my opinion:

Russia and the US were historical allies, and were rightly allied in the defeat of fascism. Right after Hitler was defeated (the Frankenstein monster that was largely made possible thanks to Anglo-American intel and finance) the Anglo-American intel and finance circles immediately shifted the narrative with the Iron Curtain Churchill speech. Anglo-American intel knew the Soviet Union was not the threat they made it out to be, but they needed to create that narrative in order to maintain control and advance their imperial agenda, lest their actually be mutual peace and cooperation among sovereign nation states, rather than the manipulation by a small financial class. Roosevelt, and later Kennedy, wanted to work with the Soviet Union towards a more lasting peace, but it was the veteran OSS officers, soon refashioned into the CIA, which immediately went for the "fight against Godless Communism" narrative. They were well-aware that they could use people's Christian faith as one of the most powerful ways of whipping up a new narrative and making people forget how fascism actually arose in the first place, who was behind it, and how it was created. Virtually none of the top bankers, financiers, or oligarchs who made the ushering in of fascism possible were ever prosecuted.

Everyone should remember that Hitler modeled his sterilization and eugenics policies after America's eugenics policies, which it in turn got from Britain. The British Royal family, the Dutch Royals, like much of the old hereditary blue bloods of Europe, were all gaga over Hitler, fascism, and race science. From the Bank of England, the City of London, and Wall Street financial interests, these same interests are still the same ones running the financial system today. And eugenics is making a HUGE comeback, re-branded as "transhumanism" where "human engineering" will be used to create new "super humans" who are merged with the latest bionic technology. It's eugenics 2.0, and one only has to turn on Netflix or Amazon Prime to see how we're constantly being "primed" in entertainment with images of superior genetically modified human beings who have had their biology changed (with either technology or drugs) compared to weak and puny non-genetically modified humans lol. They call it "sci-fi," but the narrative is quite clear and its everywhere: "genetically engineering humans is normal."

THESE ARE THE PEOPLE who at all costs require that the world remains split using narratives like capitalism vs. communism. THESE PEOPLE require that China be framed as the big bad Communist boogeyman, in order to implement their fascist new world order and eugenics/depopulation programs. China and the Asian countries are industrializing with massive populations. The Western oligarchy is completely freaked out by that because it threatens to undo everything they've worked for.

China and Russia are framed as the main enemies because they are the sovereign countries that aren't actually top-down controlled by this Western financial oligarchy, and so they need to use propaganda to dehumanize these countries and their leader, which despite their problems, are the main opposition to the Malthusian depopulation one-world order. And so not surprisingly, Kazakhstan, a keystone in the whole China New Silk Road program, is now on fire.

Hearing that Russia and China are the main oppositions to the new world order might piss a lot of "anti-communists" off, but instead of getting angry, they should probably direct that energy towards taking their captured governments back from the same Anglo-American financial oligarchy that has been running psyops and ideological warfare for a very, very long time, the same one currently smoke-screening all the "pro-capitalism" and "anti-communist" folks. Instead, they should start recognizing that virtually ALL the major Wall Street and City of London banks are essentially bankrupt and sitting on a quadrillion dollar financial derivatives bubble; and the financial oligarchy that controls these institutions is in a race against time to get their "Great Reset" in place before the clock runs out.

But these oligarchs have vastly overestimated their ability to navigate the level of complexity facing them (though we can see them trying with the pandemic response and latest color revolution-attempts in places like Ethiopia and Kazakhstan). In a word: their misanthropic view of humanity, their hubris and their pride, makes them blind to the kinds of creative leaps and qualitative changes that humanity is uniquely capable of.

Humanity just needs to free itself from the current psyops, and then a lot of very interesting things could happen quickly.

Thanks as always Caitlin for attacking the psyops. If humanity makes it through this storm, we will have one hell of an awakened population lol.

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First of all, I listen to Tuck. I've never heard him obsess over the CCP. He has lots of guests from all political perspectives. Just because he hosted Jesse Kelly, doesn't mean he agrees with that clown. On the contrary, Tuck has often criticized war mongers.

Furthermore, it wasn't "conservatives" who flocked to Gettr recently. It was fans of Joe Rogan, who recently hosted Dr. Robert Malone, who was shut down on Twitter, and perhaps Rogan was shut down as well. These are not "right-wing" conservatives, but people who believe in the Bill of Rights and recognize that when Twitter censors, it is acting on behalf of the real government of the US, totalitarian corporate interests who want to control every aspect of US society and who absolutely own the federal government and the Democratic Party. We joined Gettr in hopes that Gettr will not censor one view or another but will hold to traditional Enlightenment values. We didn't know who owns Gettr and don't care as long as he respects our unalienable rights.

Many, if not most, of us are not Republicans and we criticize Trump for Operation Warp Speed and many other things. Perhaps the reason there's so much confusion among conservatives who want to preserve the Bill of Rights, is that the Democrats have been entirely captured by Critical Theory which is a distortion of Marxism and the ideas of Antonio Gramsci. To be sure, those who control the Democratic Party are not communists, though they cruelly manipulate "leftists" for their own elite purposes. They have no intention of "to each according to his needs," but they ARE totalitarian and ARE making use of mass formation among a disaffected, alienated and anxious people.

If you are a true believer in the Covid nonsense and think the WEF is not behind much of what's going on, you need a red pill. Try reading RFK Jr's book. My dad was as lefty as they come. He died in 1997, but he was aware of elite groups like the Trilateral Commission and today's WEF. If you think that's all a figment of fascist imaginations, you're part of the problem.

We need to unite people around the protection of the natural rights we were born with. I can deal with someone who mistakenly believes the CCP is behind this Covid nonsense, as long as they respect my right to tell them they are wrong about that and argue against the idea. I can not deal with the corporate ownership of cable, broadcast news and the monopoly social media platforms. If a Trumpista acts to protect our rights and bring the troops home, why do you demean that? You are correct in your criticism of China- and Russia-bashers, but you are wrong to assume Carlson and those who followed Rogan to Gettr agree with them.

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Argue with a Capitalist about the flaws of Capitalism and immediately they'll point out that what we have isn't "true Capitalism." (To my mind the flaws inherent in Capitalism are a feature, not a bug: it will naturally manipulate the levers of power to amass more advantage to corporate interests. If we get rid of government, what remains will be a group of corporate city-states, not freedom.)

Regardless, it would be nice to be able to judge an alternate economic model free from the sanctions, sabotage, assassinations, car bombs, paid thuggery, dirty tricks, drones, media lies, and outright invasions that inevitably spring from our Capitalist country.

In closing, I find Donald Trump a bizarre guarantor of our natural rights, being a genuine American traitor, proud pro-Zionist, and enemy of whistleblowers everywhere. Some savior.

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It's such a weird combination to believe the anti-China propaganda while claiming to be anti-authoritarian or "woke" or a "free thinker." People who do at least some critical thinking about obvious US empire evil like the persecution of Assange, kids in cages, or Guantanamo will regurgitate party line garbage about Uyghurs or "draconian lockdowns" without blinking an eye. It's not as if you can't communicate openly with people who live in China -- lots of American ex-pats are there, not to mention Chinese citizens who are happy to talk about what their lives are like. But people can't be bothered, they just go along with the racist, xenophobic assumptions they've had hammered into their brains all their lives. And please don't even get me started about North Korea. We killed 1 out of every 10 people and flattened all their cities within living memory, but they must hate us because they're all brainwashed worshippers of an evil tyrant. Sigh.

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As we circle the drain of collapse the dying empire frog marches out their tired anti-communist, anti-socialist, anti-worker diatribes in a vain attempt to convince the exhausted, undernourished proletariat in the West than they would be under communism/socialism. Tragically by playing the racist card reactionaries in the West fall into step.

Sadly we never got to see the true benefits of both due to the never ending threat of war, 'colour revolutions, economic sanctions and the assassination of our real leaders.

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But the covid response was:

1. essentially and often explicitly communistic

2. Hideously authoritarian

3. astonishingly popular

4. unquestionably a huge L overall (hundreds of thousands, probably millions of children starved YPLL/death >150x covid)

5. not even remotely egalitarian in practice even within the rich world itself

6. probably almost entirely useless (health-wise at least) even for rich people in the rich world

It's got all the usual huge Ls that communism always has and it happened here.

Communism is just another garbage form of authoritarianism but it's more seductive than most and is obviously something that reasonable people should be concerned about and oppose at home (no crazy opposition to China required).

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"History is the sound of hobnail boots going upstairs, and slippers coming down." It seems to me we are witnessing such a moment; the American ruling class has been declining for several decades now, and is now reaching a point where it has real difficulty in controlling events or 'narratives'. It is clear from Mr. Putin's recent red-line drawing that he thinks this ruling class can be told where to get off, and domestically, the poor response to COVID has convinced many Americans that, for better or worse, they're on their own for the same reason. For many rightists, a cardinal principle of a good society is hierarchy, and they see 'communism' as either equality (evil) or fake equality masking authoritarianism (worse, because coming from a different tribe). (Because of their communitarian traditions, I suppose Russia, China, and Islam can be characterized as 'communist' so it's a convenient slur which many Americans are too uninformed and mentally lazy to criticize.)

Meanwhlie, the incompetence of the Democratic Party (the pseudo-Left) is so manifest now that I need not go into it here. Its reliance on IdPol to avoid class war issues has led it into increasing irrelevance. I wonder how far we are from hearing those boots on the stairs.

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Many of the anti vax/maskers are heavily invested into these communist conspiracy manifesto narratives. Our local community board are full of them. They spun covid into the WEF story from the beginning. Every major event has to have something to do with a commie plot and the LEFT PRESS. Sandy Hook, you name it. They blend with the far right fundy Christian sects. McCarthyism is never going to die and Ayn Rand lives forever.

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Whether right or left wing, much fear mongering and propaganda... Difficult to find a balanced view in our country . Humans are basically emotionally, mentally, spiritually imbalanced and easily manipulated. May the most sane Force be invoked and with us in the midst of all these disturbing dramas.

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It was the boogie man that they tossed at us Cold War Kids.

Star Trek taught us that the future is beyond Capitalism. Money is just another abstract of some warped mind. I know Star Trek makes it cringey but the path is a little different for some of us. Communism 2.0 is what we need.

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