A delightful unintended confession. Thanks for sharing. If there were any justice....

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Lately, I've been reflecting on the propaganda inputs of my childhood coming through in popular TV shows, and what they might say about this casual disposition toward war crimes, as well as toward the daily gun violence in US cities. And my brain, a repository of music that I dislike as well as music I treasure, came up with this ditty from an old TV horse opera called Texas John Slaughter (compliments of Disney). With an aptly named lead character, the theme song told us that "Texas John Slaughter made 'em do what they oughta, 'cause if they didn't they died." Helps me recognize that I've been fighting that casual attitude toward American authoritarian violence ever since I began to awaken in my late teens. Murder is so deeply ingrained in the marrow of this culture that a brain-addled mediocrity like Dubya in charge of the world's most ridiculously outsized military should surprise no one.

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What do you expect from a class of people, that after WWII embraced the people that orchestrated the Holocaust?

Here are a few names for you to look up so you can follow what i mean: (use deepl.com to translate)




(pay attention to the mention of them working as Insurance salesmen... know this: Reinhard Gehlen loved to have his spies be travelling salesmen...)









Notice how many of them were sentenced to death (even twice), yet they thrived and even held high political positions... did I mention the Berlin Document Center?

Oh and somehow this is all relevant again... because of course there are no Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine.

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Holy cow. The most Freudian Slip of All Time seems to herald that we are doomed no matter who is (s)elected. I want to add that no one could vote for any Despicable Democrat unless they have not been paying attention but . . .




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it really saddens me you have so few likes on your posts. you’re doing some of the most important work that can be done in our time but you’re yelling into the wind of a haboob.

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This is the biggest political own goal EVER. After seeing the US press laugh about Bush looking for WMDs under furniture, I am not at all surprised that they laugh about this.

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Isn't interesting that the "truthers"(us) are the ones derided in the press. Then once in a Blue Moon the man peeks out from behind his Disneyland curtain, and the gimp lets slip with an unintended truth, or, as Mr Green Jeans used to say on Captain Kangaroo,(yes, I'm pre-Sesame Stree); "It gets funnier and funnier", and the fools laugh along with him. Yes, folks, monsters do exist. One must learn to laugh at it; or go mad. Peace

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We did this in thePNAC/ Killary/Bush/Biden runup to the invasion of Iraq. Please re-post! Thanks in advance!!! - Tom Laney

Workers for Peace

We invite everyone in our world to sign this call for a conversation about peace. It doesn't matter if you are a housewife, farmer, teacher, office worker, union or nonunion or unemployed. We are all Sisters and Brothers here and we must rely on each other to get the Solidarity World we deserve. Please share!

In our workplaces and poverty lines across our world, plutocrats and corporate royalty and their union hacks collude to persuade us to see other workers as competitors and enemies.

We are pushed by powerful, corrupt labor Bigs to believe that it is now the business of trade unionism to put our brothers and sisters out of work.

We see how this dog eat dog attitude towards all workers -- with whom we have everything in common -

We see that in war, soldiers -- the production workers of war -- lose not only their jobs but also their lives while the rich profit.

We say that war is the eventual endgame outcome of worker against worker, dog eat dog competition which workers lose so the rich can be richer.

War is the ultimate, evil competition.

We call on workers everywhere to stop the competition between us and to fight for a world based in solidarity.

Everyone can at least talk and we ask that our talk include what we can all do to make the world a safe and happier place. We call on workers to simply talk about the traditional direct action tools of the labor movement.

Can we call for and have international conversations about redeveloping our traditional weapons -- slowdowns, sitdowns, and strikes -- to bring down those who kill us, and to equalize wages and working conditions at the highest possible levels throughout the world?

If we must fight, let us fight against those who constantly divide us and play us against each other for their own profit even to the point of forcing us to kill each other.

If we must fight a war let it be a war against selfishness and poverty.

Let us fight to unite all workers against the destructive, dictatorial greed of corporate moguls. Let us fight to see that those who have the least gain equality in wages, health care and education and the right to a happy life.

A simple conversation started amongst workers who believe in the working class values of solidarity, equality and democracy can change the world.

Let our war begin with the peaceful exchange of words and ideas.

--Signed, Workers for Peace

Victor Reuther, UAW Pioneer, Washington, DC * Jim Emerick, Recon Infantry 1949-1957, Korean Combat Vet, 1950-51, 2nd Infantry; 1952-53, 40th Infantry, (CIB, 2 Silver Stars, 5 Bronze Stars, 2 Purple Hearts, 2 Unit Citations - mailed medals back to Dept. of Defense during 'Nam as protest of that war) Veterans for Peace (VFP), Former AFSCME Bargaining Chair, I.W.W. * Dennis Serdel, 11th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Div., Vietnam 1967-68 , UAW Local 5960 Pontiac, MI * Gregg Shotwell, Editor Live Bait & Ammo, UAW Local 2151, Grand Rapids, MI * David Yettaw, Vietnam Vet, Strike Leader, Fmr. Pres (now retired) UAW Local 599 , Flint, MI * John Kiel, Pipefitter, UAW Local 1111, Indianapolis * John Martinez, Editor, UAW Local 22 * Trish Staiger, Anti-Poverty & Peace Activist, Hastings, MN * Al McKinnis, Fmr. USMC, UAW Local 879, St. Paul, MN * Barbara Laney, Commercial Closer, Mpls. * Vern Gagner, 1st Cavalry, Vietnam; Mechanic, UAW Local 879, St. Paul * Tom Laney, Fmr. 82nd Airborne, UAW Local 879, St. Paul * Caroline Lund, Trustee and Exec. Board Member, UAW Local 2244, Fremont, CA * Barry Sheppard, Steward IAM Local Lodge 1781, UAL Mechanic, Oakland, CA * Nancy Schillinger, Fmr. Committeewoman, UAW Local 879, St. Paul * Wendy Thompson, President, UAW Local 235 Detroit * John Spritzler, New Democracy, Boston * Doug Hanscom, Editor Disgrunted Autoworker, UAW Local 239, Baltimore * John T. Cabral, New Democracy, Chicago * John E. Lewis, U.S. Navy 1945-46, Vets for Peace, Traverse City, MI * Dale A. Richardson, USMC 2nd Battalion, Echo Co., 1st Marine Div., R.V.N. 1969 * Bruce Sanderson, WWII, Svc. 1st ARMD Corps (Patton's own) N. Africa, Sicily, Later Okinawa, President Veterans for Peace N. MI, Jordan, MI * Dave Stratman, Editor, New Democracy, Boston * Maria Josefina Saldana, PSC City U. of New York AFT Local 2334 * Greg Mondry, Fmr. Bargainer, UAW Local 879, St. Paul * Ben Moore, Tri Level UAW Local 879, St. Paul * David Payne, TriLevel, UAW Local 879 St. Paul * Mary Henehan, Foreign Exchange Trader, US Bank, Mpls. * Martin Schreader, Local 707, National Production Workers Union, Detroit * Vic Roberts, UMWA Local 1981 * Joe Callahan, Peace & Picketline Activist, UAW Local 879, St. Paul * Ken Little, Carpenters Local 1144, Seattle * Pete Bennett, UAW Local 2093 * Matt Lammers, Teacher St. Pius X Catholic High School, Atlanta * James Ketola, UAW Local 467, Fmr Paratrooper Infantryman, US Army, RVN 1969-71, Burlingame, CA * Steven Saelzler, UAW Local 372, 4th Division, 3/8 Infantry Vietnam, Vets for peace, Michael Gramlich Chapter Brownstown, MI * Vic Roberts, Ret. Coalminer, UMWA Local 9819 * Neil Chacker, UAW Local 1700, Ret. Sp/4 3rd Cavalry, US Army, Ret. * Shiffi Bluestein, Student, Melbourne, Australia * Steven K. Shotwell, Grand Rapids, MI * Elly Leary, VP & Bargaining Chair Ret., UAW Local 2324, Boston * Paula Murray, UAW Local 424, Rochester, NY * Erwin Bauer, UAW Local 306 President Ret. * Carlene A. Crnkovich, Foreign Exchange Trader, US Bank, Mpls. * Margaret J. Rickerson, Fmr. US Navy WAVE 1968-71, US Bank, Mpls. * Maeves & Allan Martin, 1/1107 TGWU, Ford Dagenham, UK * Buck Buchanan, Quality Control Inspector, UAW Local 879, St. Paul * Paul "The Champ" Elliott, Brotherhood of Railway Carmen, St. Paul * Joel Gobats, Chassis Worker, UAW Local 879, St. Paul * Bill Hanline, (USMC) FLC, FLSGA, LSU-1, 1968-69 * Rob Funk, Social Worker, St. Paul * Carmel Funk, Legal Secretary, St. Paul * Barbara Gibbs, Activist for Workers' Rights, UAW Local 2209, Ft. Wayne, IN * Doug Fuda, New Democracy, Boston * Roman Dietinger, Youthworker, Austria * Konrad Stein, Dortmund, Germany * Lloyd Overfield, Editor, Union Times * Peter Rachleff, Labor History Professor, Macalester College, St. Paul * Hermann Westveld, Ford Volvo Worker, Belgium * Terry Engler , President , I.L.W.U. Local 400, Vancouver B.C. * Jurgen P. Kuhl, One Big Union, Scotland * Einar Schlereth, Journalist * Sarah Beamish * Dave Prodrick, Ford UK Worker * Rebecca Burrill, Boston * Khaled Hamam, Doha, Qatar * Irma Ponti-Cowperthwaite, MSW, Recife, Brazil* Paul Phillips, President, Quincy, Mass. Education Association * Libby Pappalardo, Social Justice Activist, Chicago * Susan Ohanian, Writer, Charlotte, VT * Judy Wraight, UAW Local

600 Tool & Die Exec. Bd. and General Council, Detroit * Ron Lare, former UAW Local 600 Guide, Detroit * Karen Falder, Chemainus, B.C. Canada * Moana Soto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil * Dave

Sellinger, Student, Stanford U., USA * Dennis Otterstetter, Shelton, WA * Paul F. Charbonneau, Toronto * Nina Holmes * Danny Bourne, Firefighter IAFF Local 3888, Toronto, Canada * Dennis Perrin, Educator, Hutchinson, KS *

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To be honest, when I first read the GWB quote I thought it was fake internet snark. I can’t believe it’s real!!!

And here I thought the best thing GWB did was take up painting.

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May 19, 2022·edited May 19, 2022

That is f*cking priceless. The hypocrisy is so stark, so thick, you need a diamond-studded chain saw to cut through it.

Yes, Shrub, you're right, Putin's invasion of Ukraine is substantially similar to the Coalition of the Willing's invasion of Iraq. "My violence is greater than your violence, 'collateral damage' be damned." That's the rationale behind each invasion at its core. God loves violence, afterall.


Shrub, you looked into his eyes and said he was a good man with a good soul. What happened? Why have you reversed course? In fact, your invasion and occupation of Iraq, Shrub, ended up benefitting Russia more than it did America. Research it, folks, it's the truth. China and Russia have benefitted more from the Iraq war crime than has America, at least directly they have. Indirectly, Western defense contractors made huge bank and the military expanded its burgeoning budget tremendously.

Putin is an enemy of the people every bit as much as the West's oligarchical wealthy elite and their political whores and sycophantic PMC minions are enemies of the people. They are birds of a feather.

Meanwhile, the Great Replacement Theory. What it really is.


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I saw the beginning of this posted in the saker.is

You have arrived

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"There are not enough shoes in the universe to respond to this correctly." For you youngens and memory impaired, here's a reminder:


Yes, "...our news media and our politicians are lying to us constantly. They lied to us through 2002 and 2003, and they never stopped lying, and they are lying now in the year 2022." That includes the entire Covid-19 scamdemic and most other events of 2020-Jan 6, 2021. Hydroxychloroquine, the "seeding" of nursing homes with infected Covid-19 patients, "mostly peaceful" riots damaging black neighborhoods tolerated by Democratic mayors and governors, a "racist," "white supremacist" youth who shot 3 people in self-defense in Kenosha, the Whitmer kidnapping entrapment and 2000 mules that are proven to have existed whether or not they affected the elections. They were lying long before 2002-2003. We saw it in Vietnam, Iran-Contra, incubator babies and even the Balkans. I'm sure it started before I was born in 1947 as well.

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You give a lot of credit to the public. They're certainly fed a lot of propaganda but I'm not sure there'd be a great uprising if everyone suddenly "knew" Iraq was an illegal invasion enriching a few oligarchs at the cost of millions of murdered civilians.

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Preaching to the choir again. Tell me how we move the needle on those to busy or stupid to understand the consequences of your valid assessment. Or are we just fucked?

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John Fetterman’s stroke:

( ) PennsylTucky, Amish apple smoked peppercorn bacon wrapped kishka & scrapple

( ) Cured pork cheek, pickled artichoke & Scamourza pizza with goose-fat french fries

( ) John’s Pork Philadelphia: Cheesesteak, pulled pork, Whiz, onions & sopresatta

( ) McKees Rocks: venison kielbasa, halushki, borscht & chanterelle, horseradish pierogi

( ) Mossad hit team

( ) PASC symptom

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Fantastic, thank you!

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