Perhaps the problems stem from a human delusion similar to the "god loves you" stronzata (BS). In other words, believing that the Wall St./Big Corporate masters of finance are drivers of an economy that actually works for most of us — rather than the reality that they're self-aggrandizing sociopaths — might be akin to believing that prayer will stop the pandemic, because god loves us. Today's NY Times features a column entitled "What’s Happening to Our Economy Is Like a Natural Disaster." No it's not, shit-for-brains. The biosphere preceded us and it's an intelligent self-regulating system. Conversely, human economic systems are contrivances, and financialized Capitalism means that human themselves are the unnatural disaster because they're inured to the scientific reality that the ecosphere, not the bloody economy has primacy (ecological economics). Someone who's truly a lover of Nature is, like myself, justified in hoping for human extinction, to allow what remains of Nature to recover over the millennia subsequent to that purge of Homo. Meanwhile the sociopaths will strive to bring their disease to other planets, offering direct evidence of their socio-pathology.

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A few points...

Virgin media (UK) blocked this site

I needed a VPN to access this!

Brian Rose, prospective mayor for London was singled out and arrested just for campaigning legally!!

Lawyer, Lin Wood has been cancel cultured by almost everyone just for defending President Trump- same for Sydney Powell.

The powers that be hate the truth.

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