Israel represents such glaring injustice in so many areas while enjoying such glaring immunity from any of its atrocities that only a well-funded propaganda machine has kept things going for as long as it has.

Israel deserves to go the way of South Africa, and for the very same reason. There is no Jewish exception to racism and ethnic cleansing, as defender's of Israel would have us believe.

I am so happy to see you speaking up for the Palestinians, who have no lobby here in the states, nor control billions of dollars. It's a horrible reality that these two factors alone are enough for my government to render a people invisible.

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You're doing great work Caitlin. Keep it up. I'd like to see what you come up with when you research the war toys industry's leading role in accelerating climate change. Without a global cease fire and greening of the military, most of the industrialized world is going to be either underwater or scorched by 2050.

If you're not already aware of her, Alison Weir's www.ifamericansknew.org has the most comprehensive library anywhere that I know of on the history of the genesis of the Zionist Project in Occupied Palestine or as I call it , "The Great Schnorr", . Ilan Pappe is another excellent source and the archaeological findings of Israel Finklestein are very important for debunking Zionist mythology. Miko Peled, is without doubt your most credible native Palestinian Jewish voice of the non-violent resistance to the Zionist Project in Occupied Palestine (As a Jew faithful to Torah law, I refuse to dishonor my ancestor's name and will never call that state by the name they claim).

The "Overton Window" on Palestine shifted for American Jews when we saw white phosphorous raining on civilians in the world's largest open air prison during Operation Cast Lead in 2009. My rabbi, Louis Binstock, was one of Elmer Berger's associates in the chartering of the American Council for Judaism, formed in protest to the CCAR endorsement of the Brit's Jewish army in Palestine, standing today at www.acjna.org as the anti-Zionist voice of the reform union rabbi.

Dr. Binstock clearly taught the distinction between the Hebrew faith and the so-called Judaism of the Zionists. Zionism a national socialist political ideology that exploits the vision of the children of Israel's return to Zion led by the Messiah, using a lot of highly questionable Talmudic passages as their justification for creating this industrial fascist state that is nothing more than a settler colonial project of the Rothschild-Morgan cartel as a special place to dump their excess Jewish underclasses on the indigenous nomadic and agrarian population. He took a wait and see attitude to give them a chance to create a state that actually conformed to Torah law. The WP bombardment in 2009 made it clear to many of us that the Zionists would never be able to peacefully coexist with their neighbors or treat native Palestinians as anything but dirt.

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