If I were a talented writer with a large audience who is anti-genocide, I’d write about it with ferocity and candor.

Just like Caitlin does 🙂

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Dec 3, 2023·edited Dec 3, 2023

And of course if you were going to commit genocide you’d also pay the worlds biggest gangsters protection money, so that they for instance, would send out a nuclear armed aircraft carrier to stop any of your neighbours from intervening and preventing your actions of genocide. I think in the minstrel media they call it “preventing regional escalation”:



Of course not that the U.S. “Department of Defence” is a mob racket. Or that “political donations” funnelled via AIPAC are intended to interfere in any way with the due course of national policy decisions in the United States..

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"I’d do exactly what Israel is clearly doing, in plain view of the entire world."

And the whole world just looks the other way--or continues to smear those who speak out in favor of Palestinians as "antisemitic". I'm beginning to think that maybe we should all just learn to take those antisemitic smears of our character in stride. We should just retort: "So what? I'm anti-genocide and anti-Zionist, too. And it appears you're a pro-genocide, pro-murdering, inhuman monster with no conscience. So there!" (A raspberry or a middle finger gesture would be appropriate at this point.) No holding back anymore... We're not going to let them kill more children in the name of racist colonizing! #FreePalestine! #EndTheGenocide !

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Genocide and politics are much the same; timing is everything:

Do it when Washington has your back and totally submissive and captive to your every wish.

Make sure your motive jives with Washington's: greater control of the Middle East.

Deaths don't matter, the Empire has been killing millions for decades.

Western populations accept war as the tapestry of our existence.

We are used to racism and violence, both are well rooted in our cultures.

Western democracies are broken, colonized, and the silence of our leaders is bought and paid for.

Wars and genocides are good for business.

Where apartheid is tentative, genocide is conclusive.

After all is said and done genocide is just war on steroids!

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Sounds like what the Wehrmacht did as they rolled through Poland and the Soviet Union in 1941.

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Zionists have ONE IRON RULE: Logic is an Enemy and Truth is a Menace.

December 2, 2023 Chris Hedges Report

The Zionist movement from its inception has used deception, violence, ethnic cleansing and discrimination to solidify its apartheid state. The genocide in Gaza is another chapter in this 100-year war.


Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi ✨ on Zionism's 100-year ☠️ war against Palestinians


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Regardless of who is guilty of attempting a genocide, I would like make a related point; another way to commit genocide is by denying the humanity of those killed by referring to them as "collateral damage."

If you mean to destroy a grocery store and you do, AND you take out the bowling alley next door, the destroyed bowling alley is collateral damage.

If an objective, such as killing murderers[,] is so important that you are willing to kill the innocents with them, especially if they are with them not by choice, then say so.

Have the [moral] courage of your convictions.

"Collateral damage" is the language of the reprehensible!

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Joe Biden is history. There is no way he OR the corrupt democratic party is going to survive backing this obvious genocide.

And I bet they will figure out a way to get rid of Trump. So one does wonder what fascist warmongering pig they will force upon the American people and the world next?

I don't think the world is going to just watch this continuing televised massacre much longer ...

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Yes, and if the madness is not stopped, the Settlers will eventually show up at YOUR doorstep, saying that their God told them your place is in reality THEIRS.

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The Americans destroyed cultural centres in Iraq. They killed civilians. Now they have imprisoned Julian Assange for reporting on their atrocities. They were a kind of beginning template for what Israel has developed into.

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I am a non-Jew. I don't like referring to myself this way as I'm sure Black people don't want to be referred to as non-White. However, it seems to be that we are in a storm of labels that need to be addressed.

I understand why Aaron Mate and Katie Halper declare that they are Jewish, as Climate Adam has done here, to emphasise that the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza is absolutely not in their name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vf7Bi6GdRY (wars account for about 5% of emissions and there are no agreements anywhere to reduce the use of fossil fuels- sustainable green weapons anyone?!) .

But I want to understand, as it seems very important right now, why identities are so significant. Some people like to declare that they can trace their ancestors to the Mayflower, but really, so what? Jewish people claim they are descendants (though thoroughly genetically mixed like everyone else; even with social pressure not to 'marry out') of people from Judea. Really, what's the big deal? Many do not practice nor believe all the Jewish customs or religious practices, some purposefully designed, I believe, to make Jews stand out in Gentile society, so it is not entirely religious nor cultural.

It feels from the outside a bit like the Masons, only you have to be born into it or are sometimes allowed to 'convert' to Judaism if you want to marry in, as Isla Fisher did to marry Zionist Sacha Baron Cohen.

Of course people should be able to 'identify' however they wish. But that should not give a man the right, for example, to enter a women only space on the basis of his 'identity'. Nor the right to a genocide because of what happened to one's ancestors. Identifying with a group history as victims, as we have seen, has led to devastating consequences.

Of course we all have the right to be proud of our heritage, though the more we identify with a religion or a national past as winners or losses, oppressor or suppressed and internalise these personalities, the more work we have to do in therapy and meditation to dis-identify with them and learn to live new in each moment!

Of course we all have a right to our beliefs and cultures. But if that belief is that we are chosen by God ahead of others or that it's our culture to massacre families of whales, then in the words of Richard Dawkins- it's time to get a better belief and a better culture. People should be respected, it's open season on their religions, ideas and cultures.

Children live in the moment, in their bodies, in self-sufficiency and innate compassion. They have to be taught through years of education and conditioning that they are better than others, or lesser than others, that war and killing to get their own way is OK, that factory farming sentient beings and environmental destruction to have nice things is OK.

The way forward is less stereotyping. Less identifying. Less social constructs telling us how we should behave. Less I am this; you are that. Less faith schools. Less nationalism.

More we are all earthlings hurtling towards climate meltdown so let's at least come together for the finale!!

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I am really sick and tired of these people who stick up for Israel and always accuse anyone who speaks out against what Israel is doing, as being anti-Semitic. I am not anti-Semitic, but what I am against is the mass murder of innocent women and children and any innocent civilians, for that matter. And when some bring up about the Jewish people being on this land for 3,000 years before the Hebrews were scattered among different nations and that this is in the Old Testament, well I say to them that I was not aware that God and the Old Testament were real estate agents. The fact of the matter is that the Palestinians had been living on that land for so very long when Israel became a state in 1948. I am quite sure God did not mean for one ethnic group to just come and take this land from another group, especially when that group throws the other out of their homes and massacres them. It wasn’t the Palestinians fault that the Jewish people were scattered among other nations at whatever time that happened. There are many Jews who are against Zionism and this GENOCIDE Israel is committing in Gaza. Just because I stand for Palestinians doesn’t make me a Jew hater, Holocaust denier or any of those horrible things Israel apologists accuse people who see this as atrocities being committed against an innocent people. Like many JVP(Jewish Voices for Peace) activists say, “Never again means never again to ANYONE.”

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The only way Israel survives, in its current construct, is by way of genocide. Today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank. And then the Palestinians in Jerusalem. Israel will *never* have peace or security.

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A damning new report from +972 Magazine published on Thursday exposes how Israel has been deliberately striking civilian targets in Gaza as a matter of policy because they believe it will “lead civilians to put pressure on Hamas.” It makes it clear that the IDF is very much aware of where the civilians are, and that when they kill children it’s because they calculated that it would be strategically worthwhile to do so.

Boy, that sure sounds a lot like terrorism....

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Listen, that is very insulting to call me that. I learned about the Holocaust from my mom and I have always stood up for the Jewish people when it came to what the horrific Nazis did in WW2 to the Jews. I’m the last person you want to call anti-Semitic, but never again should mean just that for ANYONE and that is exactly what Jewish Voice for Peace is saying. A lot of Jews don’t support Israel fyi. Regardless of what happened in 638, the Palestinians were living in what was Palestine, now Israel, and 750,000 of them were ethnically cleansed from their homes and off their land in 1947-48(Nakba). So, because the Jews were there 3,000 years before they went to other places around the globe, the Palestinians that were there in 1948 should’ve just sucked it up and been glad to give up their homes/land that they had lived on for centuries?! I’m sorry, but something about that doesn’t seem right to me and I would say the same if the situation were reversed. But you don’t get to call me anti-Semitic just because I don’t go along with Bibi’s genocidal rampage in Gaza. I know what the Nazis did to the Jews in the 30’s and 40’s. I have read many books on the Holocaust and studied things about it, so I know what real anti-Semitism is and that’s not me. If I’m not mistaken, Palestinians are also a Semitic people. “Not in our name” is what many Jews are saying at these pro ceasefire protests and I have listened to some who have family members who were murdered in the Holocaust and/or are survivors themselves(very small children at the time and lost their whole family in the death camps).

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If I were going to commit genocide, I would not bother trying to copy 1933-45 German Nazis, I'd jump straight to the more efficient ZioNAZI method that is now proudly shown to the world, esp. since, contrary to the German Nazis, the ZioNAZIS have full, unquestioning, fawning support from the West.

Yeahhh, that's how I'd do it.

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