The US started this war when it backed a coup to put Nazis in charge of Ukraine & on Russia's doorstep. Russia has a right to defend itself. @BarackObama and @POTUS are a POS. https://consortiumnews.com/2022/02/24/what-putin-says-are-the-causes-aims-of-russias-military-action/?fbclid=IwAR1LWAYd7FVnbzMJNZ7CyDBHdswr9IZAePeafIz9ucRz3T2a3mtN6FmZhWk

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Been my argument for weeks leading up to military action...people continue to stammer when I bring this up.

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If you mention anything, remotely contradictory to what they're told they believe on TV, they look as though their brains just shot out their ass. It's exactly the same as COVID not being "over, and everything's back to NORMAL!" Like that insipid, drooling "Outer Limits" robot, with the plug pulled out, dead-eyed face Colbert made when Hillary lost?" We're not able to HANDLE any truth!




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Unfortunately, I'm alienating everyone with my fact based arguments. Troubling the amount of opinions coming from sheer emotion rather than judgement.

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Actually, it's not coming from sheer emotion when dealing with Americans. Rather it's dealing with TOTALLY BRAIN DEAD ZOMBIES, who are just programmed to blurt out whatever they have been programmed to say, like a windup doll wound up and let go, which is why the zombie movies and tv shows are so popular in the U.S.. I think deep down in the subconscious of the average American they know they are nothing but a BRAIN DEAD ZOMBIE, but all they are able to do, is just keep playing the part like a windup doll doing the exact same thing every time it is wound up and let go!!! I AM SO ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN, AND IN FACT NO LONGER CLAIM TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!

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No, they don't in any way realize they are brain dead zombies. They think they are well informed as they recite the propaganda they've been told to believe. They are firm believers in American Exceptionalism.

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JFC, go be a douche in Canada or Chad. You are not as smart as you think and you are clearly more boring...in fact, you seem like the quintessential American.

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All this pushing newsmedia stories about Russian aggression and none of them mentioned the US coup of 2014 and Victoria Nuland done in Ukraine. Over and over again they show maps of Russian troops all surrounding Ukraine but never show the maps of over 800 military bases of the USA surrounding Russia. US foreign policy is total garbage. Why does Biden have all the perpetrators of this running his foreign policy. A third grader would be able to tell which country is the real aggressor if an honest map is shown.

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The majority of media is state garbage at this point. Those that are not are notable as exceptions.

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Biden is a PUPPET of the Military Industrial Complex and Bank of London, just like ALL presidents since JFK have been. JFK was the ONLY TRULY GOOD president the U.S. ever had and the CIA killed him for it, and his brother Bobby just 5 years later, when he was a popular anti war candidate for president!!!

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The CIA, huh? Based on what I'd like to know. As far as I know, Oswald was the only shooter. And Bobby was killed for America's support of Israel, a fact I'd wager very few Americans realize.

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Thank you, Caitlin. As usual you are focusing on the heart of the matter and leading us away from divisive distractions towards what will further the cause of peace.

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Putin is clearly an authoritarian who may or may not have launched his designs on Ukraine regardless. But I have no way of fairly judging this given the obvious ongoing actions of Washington and NATO which have contributed to the current crisis.

To pretend that this raison d'etre of western power doesn't exist merely intensifies my skepticism of and disgust for everything that emanates from Washington-aligned mouthpieces. This in no way rehabilitates Putin, but it does constitute the latest chapter in the dreary and dishonest "they hate our freedoms" playbook which we're never suppose to question.

Caitlin, you've been especially clear and consistent during these rapidly decaying times.

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Yes, I agree with the comment on Caitlin's effort today.

In these times, it is not easy to be honest and truthful as we all know and finding others who want to follow suit seems almost impossible. Caitlin's ability, in quoting the likes of Chris Hedges and from many years past, John Mearsheimer and StephenWalt, at times like this, supports the thinking that so many commenters on these pages reflect and in my opinion, rightly so. History, in the years to which she referred for both Walt and Mearsheimer, show clearly their conclusions then, are still very real today. Accurate too. Remember, now nor then, did they had any axe to grind on this subject. Credibility, never questioned.

By contrast, the comments today from the US politicians quoted by Caitlin, mirror all the others of like mind with their jaundiced opinions that favour Biden and his criminal henchman and which get air time everywhere, assuring them of their continued membership of their political parties. Toeing the line, being the name of the game.

It really has become a competition to see who can be more outrageously supportive of the decades of what has been the disgraceful US bear-baiting of Russia, which apparently must now be supported by so many journos just to survive, as survival requires them to "follow the leader”.…. that is, sub-editor, editor, owner, or more likely, shareholders such as BlackRock and Vanguard. What better example than at the New York Times where they control a combined share portfolio of well over 28 million shares. Now that is a lot of weight to throw around at times like this. “Jump, journos”. "How high, Mr. BlackRock?.

As a lifetime Rationalist, I feel I can better describe the current US political and media climate (in a literal sense rather than a religious sense) as... "all we like sheep…….have (definitely) gone astray”.

With respectful thoughts to the memory of George Friderick Handel

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the zionists thought they had Russia sewn in their bag in the 90s as their to own and exploit for perpetuity. Putin came along and took Russia back right out of their hand and threw some zionist thieves into prison, while many fled with bags and bags full of looted Russian wealth and settled in london or new york.

they took Ukraine as their consolation prize and groomed it as a foothold from which to launch another attempt to take Russia back, like a pedo would groom a child. then Putin can along and took it back again.

small wonder that they call him Hitler.

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This reply sent to Texas Republican Senator Cornyn Tuesday is self explanatory. Whether it does any good or not remains to be seen?

Good Day Senator Cornyn,

You are the 11th Senator to reply to the Message 'Signs Of The Times' sent to all US Senators at the beginning of the month writing from CanaDa.

Metaphorically speaking, I knew I was taking it to Daniel's Lion's Den with my POV going against the grain of US Indoctrination, Propaganda and Policy since WWII vis a vis Russia.

As I read your paragraph starting with "the Russian government has become increasingly blatant in its disregard for the rule of law and human rights........"

The Rules Based Order SoS Blinken touts as long as the US sets the Rules, already exists as Represented by the United Nations Charter and International Law.

The US went to the United Nations Security Council, using FAKE US Intelligence, asking for the Legal Authority to invade and remove Saddam only the UNSC can give.

That Legal Authority was denied, but with the delusional belief in it's own exceptionalism, the US invaded anyway, in violation of International Law, undermining the Global Rules Based Order as represented by the United Nations since WWII, ushering in the Law of the Jungle in the Middle East and this World.

Even the Pope did not acknowledge the Red Flag Warning Sign God gave the World in 2014 when he went to Iraq last year, when ISIS blew up the Islamic Mosque in Nineveh, Iraq, containing the Tomb of Jonah in the whale fame from the Jewish-Christian Tradition.

God sent Jonah to that "World City" Nineveh some 3000 years ago, to WARN the People they were on the Path to Destruction if they did not change the Direction. What happened in Nineveh 2014 makes that ancient Biblical record CURRENT.

As if to confirm it, 2014 is the same year the US orchestrated the Coup/regime change of the Elected Russia friendly government the majority Russian speaking Ukrainians in the East and Crimea VOTED for.

They were under no legal or moral obligation to accept the US coup that started the sequence of events that led to the impasse the US and Russia face TODAY.

While I do appreciate you writing Senator Cornyn, I could provide an alternate view of Reality to everything you believe in your reply. The old Rule still applies to this very Day to Nations and Individuals, 'Let the one without SIN cast the 1st stone.' I have taken note in my 77 years, the US casts a lot of stones

I answered Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein's reply to the same Message you are. I have nothing more to add as this World just might be at the point of the War to End All Wars and Human Civilization itself.

Half of the Senators who replied, used an email address I can actually reply to, not having to go through the restrictive embedded email systems in Official Senate Websites.

Character limits here prevent me from posting the exchange of Views with Senator Feinstein, but you can see it in the latest post to my Blog on the 13th,


Regards with Peace and Blessing


Ottawa-Hull, CanaDa

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The same old Reverse Midas Touch of the US.

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Thank you, Caitlin. I've studied Russian history off and on since I was a kid. Most existential threats to Russia have come through Ukraine. One need only look back to World Wars I and II to see this clearly. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why no Russian leader would tolerate a hostile Ukraine on Russia's border.

The immediate trigger for the Russian invasion may have been Ukrainian President Zelensky's statement four days before it started. He said that Ukraine had the right to join NATO and to have access to nuclear weapons.

All I had to ask myself was what the US would do if Mexico's president said something similar about entering a defensive alliance with Russia or China, complete with nukes. The events of October, 1962, provided the answer.

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Yeah. I've always wondered about the basic morality underpinning the 'Monroe doctrine', which appears to be not so much a guiding principle as an unquestionable axiom of U.S. foreign policy. It makes sense that an 'exceptional' nation could see such a doctrine as something to which it was exclusively entitled.

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Spot on, Caitlin. People like Mearshimer and Walt have been excluded from the all presidential administrations even though they've been correct. Instead, Obama and Biden appoint Victoria Nuland and Trump appointed a string of Zionists and Jame Jeffrey.

Perhaps that's because the prevention of war has never been a goal of US policy. The MIC needs chaos all over the world in order to justify its budget. That explains the appointments of both Democratic and Republican presidents.

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Feb 25, 2022·edited Feb 25, 2022

It's remarkable how the absolute worst human beings inevitably float to the top. If it were only one or two, or only limited to one party, excuses could be found, but as it is, it's a feature -- not a bug. In addition, destroyed lands are in need of IMF and World Bank loans, and thus the hook is set.

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My father told me when I was a very young man, that in our system in the U.S., people are promoted to the HEIGHTH of their Incompetency!!! That is so true, but I have to add an EVIL character flaw requirement of those in positions of authority in the U.S., and that is they HAVE TO HAVE A VERY SADISTIC NATURE when dealing with other nations and cultures!!!

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Many of us have figured out over the years that the USA's economy is propped up by 2 major industries, which they ensure keep growing:

$ -chronic disease creation and treatments

$ -military expansion and armaments sales

The "pandemic" and "vaccines" are a prime example of the first.

Their years-long political and military provocations (active shit-stirring) in Ukraine is the latest proof of the second.

The end of the Cold War in the early 1990s was a major disaster for the military industry (profiteers and careerists).

They NEED a large and powerful enemy to convince the public (worldwide) that we could all be attacked at any time (FEAR!!!)

And so a large % of our national resources must be used to prepare our countries against invasions by these dangerous and aggressive enemies.

So the NEED leads to CREATION of threats.

Russia has been busy building up their domestic economy since the 90s and has no need or interest in creating rivals or enemies.

But the USA-led NATO has not allowed Russia to feel safe as they have surrounded the country with military bases (armed with long-range missiles that can quickly reach Moscow) and stirred up conflicts in bordering countries that used to be part of the USSR.

I hope thinking people see the latest "invasion" of Ukraine as an American-provoked DEFENSIVE action by Russia.

If you do, that means you have rightly ignored all the hyper propaganda currently filling the airwaves and cyberspace.

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Good observation, but I would add a third category to your list, and that is DEBT SLAVERY of the Public to the Usury Based Private Banking System!!!

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Thank you !! Also:

Glenn Greenwald: Video and its transcript -- The War in Ukraine


Rumble Live Transcript: The War in Ukraine (substack.com)

OUTSTANDING – GG discusses the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the debate over what role the U.S. Government should play, if any, in its outcome.

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The Mearsheimer talk is essential, imo. I fear he is crrect in that the current state of (US Foreign) affairs is such that only a kick in the tits by China will likely do anything to correct our disastrous path of the past 25 years. Hopefully rational, strategic, unemotional leadership will reassert itself over the nation.

Until then, enjoy John Kerry about the real RUS/UKR catastrophe, its impact on climate or your new SCOTUS imagery prop, or whatever else the mediocre un-serious people in control are up to - probably sexual issues or whatever else it is they do to avoid real debate about about real issues.

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Thank you for starting with Chris Hedges, who is a living legend and a guiding light for many of us on the Christian Left.

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I love how people are dying: for Democracy, Sovereignty, Independence and FREEDOM (for neo-Nazi Sturmabteilung thugs, Obama, Victoria, Hills & Kerry implanted, to burn locals alive for defending their homes). While to the rest of us, it all smells of radium-flavored PA fracked gas being compressed? I couldn't help but notice, even Russian natural gas equities jumped right back from yesterday's plunge & Schlumberger is kicking gas?

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The "dishonesty or laziness" juxtoposition near the end of the article led me to the realization that it's part of the larger pr game and per great narrative, it's the gaslit Overton window game where it's an intentionally provocative laziness, as an even more insulting form of dishonesty. That this is core evidence of a widely orchestrated event by the real card holders , the de facto power structure that moves weapons and armies around irl and the cacophony of mass prints, teaching matter of factly each beloved point of dishonesty as its foremost weapon. Belief is the key human power and power always encounters hidden risk from the deformation of perception caused by its gravitational lensing. Once we stop believing in scrip it's game over, the black hole evaporates. Like a fever or a dream.

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On a somewhat unrelated note, the CIA and Zionism still represent unaddressed problems we have yet to confront.

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