Your comment on anarchism doesn’t make sense.


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On the contrary, she describes exactly what "anarchists" do in practice.

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"...opposing the war machine of the US-centralized power alliance should be the very foremost priority of any leftist."

s/leftist/human being.

But this leaves us with a conundrum.

Caitlin rightfully identifies the Evil Empire, but that Evil cannot exist without Evil Human Beings being in charge. How should these Evil Human Beings be contained so that they don't harm the rest of us? Considering that they are suppose to be sociopaths and psychopaths, would't they have to be removed from society somehow and controlled.

Try making a (what seems to me to be a rational) point on some of the comments sections for various substack commentaries. The vitriol will rise and slurs of "tankie" or "commie" will quickly fill the pages. Another breathless epiphany on Operation Mockingbird will be embraced naming the culprits of the MSM who participate in the CIA propaganda. But should you point out something like the Evil Caitlin lists here, those same MSM outlets will be used as proof that the Evil either doesn't exist or is necessary to "protect Americans".

When Madeline Albright was asked if killing 500,000 Iraqi children was "worth it" and she replied "yes", isn't this a confession of her participation in Evil? Why isn't she in jail?

Seems to me that the majority of important leaders through out history have always been Sociopaths and Narcissists. That is certainly true of every President since George HW Bush. I can say this because I was watching them more closely than those prior to him.

Gun advocates keep reciting the right to self-defense. Is this an "inalienable right"? Then how should Human Beings protect themselves from Sociopaths? Is there an Organization to Rid the World of Sociopathic Leaders -- ORWSL? Which Sociopath would we choose to lead it?

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Cuba's totalitarian regime is strangling Cuba. That the US has an embargo on trade with Cuba - though rich Americans go there all the time, from Beyonce to PitBull - is meaningless. China, Russia, Europe, Latin America are all vacationing, trading, or investing in Cuba whenever they want. There is no blockade. It's so hard for socialists to admit they are in an abusive relationship with the statist ruling classes.

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The reason so-called "progressives" are against private space research is because they don't want anyone to have a hope they could ever escape.

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"Many leftists shy away from speaking out against western imperialism because they see international dynamics as too complex, when really it's the least complex part of the capitalist empire."

I would say that many leftists shy away from speaking out, because facing up to western imperialism would force them also to criticize their sacred cows.

Look how many goodthinkers simply cannot bring themselves to admit that St. Obama was an unmitigated eight year long catastrophe. (It would also require them to agree with Trump's positions when he was a candidate on some issues, not that Trump followed through in any meaningful way once he was elected.)

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Quite so. The bumbling inadequate Trump was soon corralled and contained by those the deep state surrounded him with. Anybody who might have helped Trump to resist was quickly sidelined by one method or another.

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Is it not written that "personnel is policy"? Well, look at the clownshow that was Trump appointments and it is clear that Trump had little in the way of actual, thought-out policy. In fact, it is likely that Trump didn't expect to win in 2016, and he certainly didn't have much of an idea what to do if he did actually win.

This also blows up the russiagate conspiracy theory, as anyone half as intelligent and determined as Putin is supposed to be would have a list of appointees, vetted and compromised and ready to go on Day One.

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Russiagate was obvious nonsense right from the off. The compromised ones were those presumably delivered up by Epstein and co.

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