For my money the current hive of corporate media censors, defense contractor goons, Silicon Valley techies, CIA operatives, and DNC flunkies pose a far more serious threat to our republic than anything Trump and his supporters have cooked up. Trump was a reaction to a government gone off the rails; what remains is a government gone off the rails.

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Still ongoing Russia-gate, the scam of the century, is far more dangerous than anything Russia can ever do. A solution, including for journalism:

Who will be the first current or former Democrat Congresswoman/man or Senator to publicly acknowledge and confirm the Obama's scam of the century -- the Russia-gate hoax?

There is no "unity and healing" until that...

Please listen to : Traitor to torture -- Scheer Intelligence

Five years after his ABC interview about CIA’s use of torture, narcissist St. Obama ordered Kiriakou persecution -- to protect his legacy

Host Robert Scheer hears from Kiriakou the inside story of how the torture program started as part of a cynical power struggle between the CIA and FBI, why torture does not save lives or secure better intelligence, and how, while the program was started under Republican President George W. Bush, it was a top appointee of President Obama (Obama’s favorite, John Brennan, himself a key architect of the torture program, who chose to prosecute him five years after his interviews with ABC which should have made him a national hero instead of a disgraced felon.

Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/scheer-intelligence/id1054586928?i=1000534891456

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I am actually less afraid of the hard right in the US after 1/6. That was the most inane attempt at "insurrection" I could imagine. It was like an episode of Gilligan's Island. I thought the right wingers had it way more together.

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The greatest false flag ever. When will the walls come tumbling down? Or do we need thermite to achieve that🤔

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IMHO as a former "leans Democrat" voter, all the Democrat, Deep State manipulated events of 2020, starting with the scamdemic, fear-mongering and corruption of voting processes, continuing through the Democrat condoned and encouraged "94% peaceful" urban riots, the suppression of the Hunter Biden story and clear fraud of Nov. 3, 2020, were more profoundly dangerous than even the secessionist movement of 1860-61.

They may indeed mark the end of democracy and the Bill of Rights in the US. By contrast, the Jan. 6 event was an anticlimax, planned and manipulated by FBI "assets" and allowed to happen by the blob in DC, very similar to the Whitmer kidnapping entrapment.

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Over at the World Socialist Web Site, there are many who claim to be lone socialist voices crying in the capitalist wilderness by... echoing the corporate media and Democratic party talking points about the riot on January 6. Or the 'fascist insurrection', as they call it. They are now full supporters of the apparently embattled, underfunded Capitol police, CIA, FBI and the entire mainstream political establishment. Apparently the USA was a workers' democracy which is now under threat.

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Well done Caitlin. I was worried when I read the headline and I was relieved to see your ironic take.

The people in power truly hate Trump supporters. It’s pure bigotry, they despise uneducated blue-collar white trash working class NASCAR Americana culture. Hate!

Reagan and Clinton de-industrialized America and gutted the social safety net. The people left behind by globalism, those who lost out, found a saviour in Donald Trump. I would say it was more stylistic than substantive. Trump gave voice to their concerns, he didn’t do much of anything to help them, he couldn’t do anything to help them, that ship had sailed. Trump acknowledge them and their plight plus he made great sport of the elite with their twisted logic and blithe hypocrisy. My Lord they take their superiority for granted and when they are proven wrong, they pull all the strings, they control the debate, they simply gloss over inconvenient and embarrassing elements of the story, so very certain are they in their own correctness and our stupidity they bequeath themselves the right to lie - in the name of truth and stopping us the unwashed.

That’s why enjoyed Trump’s rudeness, he was so funny, it was colon hydrotherapy for the oh so deserving ruling class - their anger was palpable, buzzing and brimming over.

I wonder if we will see Civil War?

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I have a theory about why some people genuinely believe this. (Others like Schmidt are probably arguing in bad faith.) And (apologies for the shameless plug) I wrote about it on my own Substack. But the gist of my theory is that the people who believe 1/6 is worse don't actually care about American lives first and foremost.

They care about America the country.

For them, "...it was never 'OMG they killed 3000 of our people, those monsters!' But rather 'OMG, those monsters attacked my COUNTRY! I can handle 3000 people dying if they die somewhere ELSE. That happens all the time. But not here! Not in New York City!' [...] In 2001, a place that was supposed to be safe from attack turned out not to be. In 2021, another place that was supposed to be safe from attack turned out not to be."

Also, since Blue MAGA really IS a cult, members look up to Democratic politicians the same way cult members look up at their leader or leaders. So for them, the idea that their gods and goddesses were hiding from a scary mob that wanted to kill them (according to MSM) is enough to send them into fits of crying and apoplexy worse than anything they felt on 9/11.

I couldn't agree with those sentiments less (which again, I'm only guessing at, but it's the best guess I can come up with and seems to be supported by some of the quotes here) and I would love it if all of humanity stopped placing such a high value on things like countries and Important Buildings and the Important People In The Important Buildings, and valued other humans' lives and their well-being regardless of who they were or where they lived.

I'd love it if that happened and I'm likely to go to my grave still wishing it would happen.

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Yes, but that guy putting his feet on Pelosi's desk and sitting on her chair is probably 10,000 times worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki and 9/11 and all the wars including WW1 and WW2 and the 100 years war all put together....and the Spanish Inquisition...oh the humanity!

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1/6 was worse than 9/11 because it is evidence (slim, admittedly) that even the MAGA crowd is waking up to the fact that the 'war on terror' is really a war on Americans, as well as 99.9 percent of everyone else on the planet.

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Oh, wow... this is a first. I don't know quite what to say... I think I disagree with Caitlin for the first time ever. Both 9/11 and 1/6 were huge tragedies. 9/11 was a tragedy because of the 2,977 deaths, but also because it was intentionally allowed to happen by Bush/Cheney AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT because Americans are easily manipulated by the msm. 1/6 was a tragedy because it showed how weak "the left" is, to such a degree that a bunch of neo-nazi lunatics can storm the capitol and succeed. And while some of the 800 or so invaders just wandered about like tourists, many others WERE intent on usurping power for their would-be king. It took a police officer shooting one of them to stop them from breaking into the House chamber. Some of them were serious about executing traitors such as Pelosi and Pence - I actually do agree that both are traitors but for totally different reasons than the invaders. I don't think we do ourselves any favors by downplaying 1/6. I do recognize that the establishment neoliberal democrats are trying to use this to divert attention from their own evil actions, but pretending 1/6 was not a big deal helps exonerate the right-wing extremists, and I don't want that.

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Media hype aside (which you are spot on about), there really is a second civil war brewing here in the USA. Jan 6 was not even close to the most alarming manifestation. Charlottesville or Portland, Oregon street fighting since George Floyd wrongful death protests are the events I would cite. Also, COVID is being used by oligarchy to further divide and conquer us here.

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