#31 You fail to see the USA, Canada and all other NATO member are being cannibalized economically and culturally as slave states to wars the empire cannot afford and is "asset stripping" them for corporate wars for corporate. profits.

#32 You are ignoring the atrocious economic indicators that show collapse of the West is on the horizon.

#33 Colonization of the mind and soul is a degenerative condition which ends with the sociocide we are now living through.

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How did you limit the list to just 30?

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33. You think Julian Assange stole secret documents and endangered US national security and should be shot as a Traitor after conviction by a military tribunal at Gitmo.

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31. You think that the irrational domestic policies of federal agencies like CDC, FDA, EPA etc. have no connection to foreign-policy empire-simp propaganda. When, in fact, the lies, censorship and crushing of free speech promoted by these federal criminal agencies are all integral parts of the brain softening necessary to sell a foreign policy of silent acquiescence to psychological enslavement to the perpetual violence and unlimited mendacity of war.

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32. You think "BRICS" is an album by that anti-Semitic Nazi sympathizer Roger "Red Floyd" Waters.

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You hate Besos but love Musk

You love Besos but hate Musk

You hate Trump but think George W Bush is cuddly & misunderstood, same for McCain.

You believe Trump is battling the swamp & fighting for the working class

You believe Trump is a Russian agent

You believe Biden is paid by the Chinese gov

You want to prosecute Trump but ignore Biden conflicts of interest

You strongly support gender fluidity

You’re strongly against gender fluidity

Abortion rights are your biggest concern

You think people concerned about mask and vax mandates are selfish & stupid

You think Obama cared about poor people

You believe we have fair elections

I could go on..

It would be an interesting SurveyMonkey survey. I say do it!

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#99. You honestly think that the reason the US federal government hasn't implemented universal healthcare is because it can only be effectively implemented by each individual state

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# ___ You live in a “democracy” that Sacrifices more Human Lives, than any other nation, to MILITARIZED POLICING and FOR PROFIT PRISONS yet do nothing to end the Militarized Policing of your Political, Economic & Judicial Apartheid State, except celebrate JUNETEENTH.

#___ You believe Government Of By and FOR ThePeople is “democracy” but insist YOUR Nation is the most respected democracy on Earth for its obliteration of any domestic group or “Backward” foreign nation that LIVES by that credo “because they’re Socialist.”

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Oh I just love this one! I got all the way to 29 and then found 30 was the clincher! This is so spot on because seeing that Ukrainian flag in "Xweets"? will bring up any number of these 30 "Simp" responses IF NOT ALL! Ha!

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Excellent! How do we get that list in the hands of every senator and congressperson in the US. Mostly Just for fun, I'm pretty sure the cognitive dissonance for most of them would be so great they either wouldn't understand it or more likely they would think it's from a conspiracy nut.

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31. You believe corporate media is the "free press".

32. You believe free speech must be "protected" from "disinformation".

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47. You believe that Hitler was correct about eugenics and the existence of a "Master Race", but he just picked the wrong one.

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Aug 26·edited Aug 26

21a. You believe that modern terrorism in the Middle East was begun by Arabs.

21b. You've never heard of the USS Liberty.

21c. You believe in the official Holocaust narrative, despite verifiable historical records, are absolutely terrible at elementary school math, and believe that about 3 million minus 6 million equals over 5 million.

21d. You've never heard of the Lavon Affair, the Deir Yassin Massacre, and so many others ...

21e. You really believe the official narrative/fairy-tale about 9-11.

21f. You don't understand that Lahaina is the same exact thing ideologically speaking as 9-11, and serves the same exact ultimate goal and purpose.

21g. You have no idea that most of the highest positions in our government are filled by people possessing Israeli citizenship.

21h. You've never heard of the "Dancing Israelis."

21i. You don't know what the Balfour Declaration is or who was behind it.

22j. You're gullible (or stupid, choice here) enough to believe that entirely oppressed Palestineans are actually a threat to a heavily militarized Israel.

Etc., etc., etc.!!!

Funny how 21 has so much to do with just about every other item on the list. But nothin' to see here as it were.

As the rallying cry goes, "We're all Palestineans now!" That's getting closer and closer and closer to home by the week now, soon to be by the day.

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I think I passed.

My Russian friends would agree.

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Imperial Simps also parrot the line that Putin's plan is to conquer all of Ukraine, when in fact he quite clearly declared his objectives from the start. Also, these Simps often fancy themselves Putin mind readers.

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50. You think that the woods (forests) and oceans are inhabitant and ruled by evil spirits and that nature is man's enemy and must be tamed and controlled by man.

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