"It's not just that 'the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence' as Bukowski said." That's his generic version of Yeats: "The best lack all conviction, and the worst/ Are full of passionate intensity."

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The only reason that these common-sense observations have been relegated to a voice in the wilderness is that powerful forces spend all their energy manufacturing that false distinction.

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Let's be fair, nobody really thinks that they can "push Biden to the Left" or "hold HRC's feet to the fire." The fact that such statements are couched in metaphor should be telling.

Instead, what they are doing is using a vague promise of future resolute action as a rationalization for falling in line and voting Team D, no this is really the last time, I really mean it this time, really, just one more cookie and you have to go to bed.

Of course, 2024 they'll do it all over again, if not sooner.

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"To be a good businessman you have to harden the humanity out of you. "

It also demands that you buy into the preeminence of productivity for profit, while natural systems elevate efficiency at the level of ecological communities, with productivity emerging from symbiosis, rather than from half-blind individual action by the "assholes" to whom you allude. Hence, in our hardheaded ignorance and refusal to engage in ecological economics, we have cluster-fucked ourselves down the river of human waste, rapidly flowing to the sea of extinct species.

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When Buddhist monks protested the corruption of the Vietnamese government they doused themselves in gasoline and lit a match.

While I often entertain thoughts of dying (I’m surprised at how old I am), I don’t think I’d have the courage.

I wonder if someday Tim McVeigh might be viewed as a hero. Just 30 years ahead of the time he was needed.

Sure does get confused now.

The legacy of Kent State hangs over us all while we hardly remember it. We surely never tell our children about it.

Jackson State was 4 days later. Who remembers that massacre at all? Yet it silenced the boomers totally.

Now we celebrate General Smedley Butler and Guy Fawkes to convince ourselves that we are not cowards. We read THX1138 and watch Star Wars to pretend we are really heroes.

Hope requires a dream Our dreams are mere fantasies. We are trapped. How can we wake ourselves from this nightmare?

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I think that it would help immensely for political liberation if everyone could unlearn the suspicion that you are a 'bad person'. Smears have so much more power over you when some voice deep down suspects you are that.

Unlearning this is a huge task for the individual and even more for a society. But 'bad girl/boy' *is* the interface that the powerful use to control us. We would all do well to unlearn it.

I read Charles Eisenstein and he claims (tho I know he's not the only thinker who says that) that authoritarian and guilting parenting causes a life-long suspicion of 'I am bad'. Different parenting styles would lead to a freer and more rebellious society.

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Notes from a captive of a Nation formed from slave holding, genocide demanding, witch burning assholes: isn't life wonderful here in the USA? Sorta. Until one peeks a bit behind the veil of hidden horrors and views things as they are; not as Disneyland as portrayed 'as seen on TV'. Caity to the rescue; to keep some honesty afloat in a sea of fluffy idiots all vying to preserve the 'establishment' while appealing to the fools thinking we'll ever move to the left electorally. Well put. Peace, TO'H

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