It's definitely a FUCKING proxy war and our government could have averted this war but instead instigated it. Fuck our government and all the Fucking war mongers.

This is Fucking insanity. What is worse is Z doesn't give a shit about his citizens, he's fully in on this proxy war no matter how many lives he waste.

When you review what Putin asked for, he wants peace for both Ukrainians and Russians. Everyone knows this war is between US/NATO and Russia while innocent Ukrainians and Russians die.

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Reading Caitlin is like watching the Emperor ride by in a crowd admiring his new clothes.

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Thank you for giving a shit, Caitlin.

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That's a genuine 'Thank you' btw...not some passive-aggressive bit of arsewankery ...

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When I've said anything like this the mainstream psychotics keep shouting "whataboutism".

Oh look, another new term to cover up their lies.

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Mar 26, 2022·edited Mar 26, 2022

Why I focus on American crimes:

1. Even if Russia were every bit as bad as alleged, Russian military spending is 1/20 that of NATO alone. And they say that Russia is trying to take over the world?


2. Even if Russia still were every bit as bad as alleged, the War On Ukraine is but a pimple on the ass of the War On Iraq, to name but one recent American crime.

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U.S. WAR CRIMES started with the GENOCIDE of Native Americans and have continued ever since!!! EVERY war the U.S. has ever fought WAS based on LIES, so therefore, EVERY war the U.S. has ever fought IS A WAR CRIME!!!

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A question: Is in our beloved US (and oh soo free country) still legal to call Biden and his bipartisan War party cabal -- war criminal(s)?

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There is no need to apologize for circumvention of the usual molasses of the pervading psychologism, that substitutes geopolitical analysis of unbroken imperialism for the fast food of oversugared 'human touch' aggravation.

As natural as compassion and empathy turn into the practical desire to come to the rescue when fellow beings are in dire straits, a reaction that can be observed even across species when some predator attacks, as hypocritical is it to exploit this to turn these immediate reactions that take the role of the other in need into the monetarization sprees of the packs of payed propagandists who know very well what the purposes are they have been recruited for by the masters who's voices they parrot without the master having to utter them instead of the puppets through who's feeble and opportunistic minds he is speaking to the people who receive their 'attitudes and beliefs', according to 'middle class sociologists' since the fundamental work with the simple title 'Propaganda', the nephew of Sigmund Freud has delivered as the means to keep the rabbel in line, including the slaves, who were the pretext for the first total war and the looting that followed in the imperial project after the extinction of the Americans in North America and before the annexion of Spanish and Mexican territory from Miami to Los Angeles to lay the basis for a democracy whose Capitols are erected on the graveyards of the extinct civilization, as the foundations of the imperial project, that might be the manifest destiny of the world civilization as soon as somebidy determined enough not to go down without taking his deadly enemy with him.

There can be no doubt that imperialism is long gone just because it concentrates on Europe, since the beginning of the 29th century, when the British first turned against their own race in the ruthless conquest of what is now South Africa, where the end of apartheid does not in any way mean that things have changed, except that the most corrupt racketeers are now black like the people they claim to represent, such, that everything is as much the same there as it is true, that the slaves, that were used as the pretext to bring down the South of the US have become free in any meaning of the sense of the word beside its reduced consumer choice meaning, linguists might wonder about.

The war taking place in Ukraine is a war that is fought by the Anglo-Saxon empire and has been in the making since the announcement of the new world order and the demise of the UDSSR.

The EU is a collection of mercenaries with supportive functions, with Ukraine the immediate proxy and the Theater of tactical warfare, while the strategic field is covering Western Europe, the part that was so far conquered and brought in line since the turn of the 20th century, when the preparation started offshore to bring it under imperial control of the offshore seapowers.

For people with a memory that is informed and improved by study of the problems of European politics the role of 'the perfide Albion' since the Norman conquest of England towards the continent is a well known fact who's traces are winding through the history of Europe with an amplified impact since the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

To recapitulate all this is not the romm in a comment. But the attentive reader might be curious to go after the hints given to be able to see that what is going on is not what the everyday people, the pawns in this sick game, associate according to their 'socialization' in the primitive 'categories' of the all pervading psychologism of 'nongovernment' help organizations and human intervention or identity politics and other systemic distractions, just can't be able to 'think' in any qualified way beyond the associations that come to their minds when they are exposed to the stimuli that recall from the stores of their memories what they read from the billboards of mass media and schoolbooks that make them waving their flag when the signal comes.

The analysis of geopolitics is not identical with the presentism of the output of the journalism that suffers from a from of retrograde amnesia turned into the achievements of the qualifications they have acquired in years of thorough studies of the parlance of propaganda.

This is obviously an obstacle for those who worked hard to achieve the goals to qualify for the job and to please the recruiting officers of this huge army equipped with paper and pen or computers with word processors and picture manipulating software and the urge to 'shoot', as the direct witnesses, the iconic picture of the war and to get the Pulitzer price of the year for their bravery, whether they survive the shooting or posthumously, not to mention fame and monetarization for the mibd boggling documentation of the heinous atrocities of the foe.

The veil of this fog of War over the battle field of (dis-)information must be blow away by means of an analysis of the geopolitics that might determine the expectable results of this policy on its way to ekpyrosis.

I can't do this here, but I can do so much to give some hints to how this can be done. But it needs categories instead of molasses of felt aggravation, primitive partisanship along the notorious friend/enemy-schema that occupies all space as soon as the fire is ignited and leaves no room for an analysis that is in no way something in between, but the perspective of an ovlbserver that can't be partisan if she wants to be more than just a wagon in a train heading for ideology driven by a machine and powered and commanded by forces that must become the object of the analysis.

And that's why any analysis must start with the identification of the opponents in any conflict.

This in turn means to understand the Brexit as a sign for a change that took Britain out of the EU, to recognize the fact, that Ukraine was systematically armed and its army trained to fight the war now openly acted out on European soil according to the plans of the offshore seapowers who are determined to complete the conquest and control of all of Europe from the Atlantic to the Pacific, as usual at the cost of the Europeans not capable to fend off the garrison of the polis in its Akropoleis who obey as mercenaries the commands of remote masters.

Just compare with India and China. Both were able, so far, to fend off the invaders, if only because the gem in the crown of imperialism is Europe.

Take your time to think about it, dear reader. Sapere aude! And maybe reread 'What is Enlightenment', written by a tiny man named Immanuel Kant who lived in a town that is now situated on territory administrated by - Russia.

If you would postulate that a German, as a competent speaker of the language of Kant, is somebidy who is able, has read and understood Immanuel Kant - thus dies not mean that you simply 'learn' and memorize what he says - you would have to oust almost the complete population of the country to an unknown island in the ocean, but you would be able to find some 'Germans' in this sense in academe in the USA, Australia, Russia, China or some country in South America.

That is part of the diagnosis of the state of the civilization of Europe after the 20th century. And now reread the embarrassments about the fact, that 'this war can be possible in the twenty frist century. The presupposition here obviously, that all of the 20th century was nothing but progress and modernization.

Of course it was modernization, and that is exactly what this war on European soil is in line with the offshore masters of all modernization. Imperialism has only changed the name and comes from a place more remote than the isle in the north of Europe.

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Thank you for illuminating this situation. Thank you for your courage.

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OK I understand that you have a lot of knowledge about the US, its politics, social order, NATO.

But how much do you know about current Russia, its social order, Putin's regime, about Putin, his ambitions.

If you are lazy to learn something about it, at least listen to your Russian friends on the left because you seem to belong to that circle.

Or you can read or listen to Putin's speech again where he says there is no Ukraine. That this is Lenin's invention, and the Ukrainians are only Russians, and normally Ukraine belongs to Russia (translated: instead of Ukrainian oligarchs exploiting and appropriating Ukraine's wealth, it is a natural right of Russian oligarchs). You may learn something about Putin's imperial ambitions. About his grief over the collapse of the Soviet Union and his mission to rebuild the Russian Empire within its old imperial borders. His ambitions have nothing to do with NATO policy. All this about some threat to Russia comes to him only as a good excuse.

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There is no doubt this is proxy war aimed at ousting Putin, allying with some patsy elitist element in Russia, dividing it and the spoils among the elitists, and in the process and outcome, wrong-footing and marginalizing China, and making it and Europe subservient to its interests and domination. This is imperialism writ large, and giving the US the benefit of the doubt is no longer a good bet, in fact that's where we all lose big to the house. Russia hears the message - in spite of the bells and whistles: It will not back down, and we, those of us who are vested in justice, true democracy, and freedom, should be forever grateful to them. Because we are all potentially up for grabs, if that suits the empire's objectives and worldview.

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I honestly have as little influence over my government as the average Russian has over theirs, and the results are obvious.

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It is a proxy war because the people behind it are the Rothschilds. See this new blog and video! https://www.brianruhe.ca/worldwide-declaration-of-freedom-the-magna-carta-of-2022-by-steafan-deasun/

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empires eventually go too far and bring about their own demise, this is what is playing out.

Russia, China and India are too many opponents and the US has made itself reliant on China who have their own agenda to be the next big empire

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I love the Pentagon Ukraine flag...love your tweets....I am anti-war myself. Keep up the good fight you have my support...plan to read your article!

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Really good.

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