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Caitlin expressed exactly what I've maintained for a long time. Illusion of freedom that rules over the western population makes them fun to observe but also is the cause of great concern as they are essentially the enablers of the empire's deeds.

To any prospective challenger - when you tell me you're freer than someone in China or Russia I expect you to enumerate those "freedoms", especially the ones that matter, and specifically the one that empowers you to influence your rulers. I don't care to hear about one that allows you to show your naked butt during pride parades. Monkeys have those freedoms for free.

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What you describe can be summarized as the "Deep State".

Every winning candidate since arguably Bush 1.0 (“Kinder, gentler America”) has run for office as a non-interventionist, and then morphed into John McCain immediately upon taking the Oath of Office. Not only that, but each president has arguably been a more reckless imperialist than his predecessor.

I don’t pretend to know how the process works, or even if it is the same for every president, but the results speak for themselves. I suspect without any real evidence that what actually happens isn't a fat bribe or being locked in a room.and forced to watch the Zapruder Film over and over in a continuous loop. Rather, it is much more prosaic, like something out of "Yes, Minister".

Hell, look at Obama, who was elected in large part on a platform of ending the stupid wars. He not only failed to end a single war, he gave us a bunch of new and stupider ones.

And then there's Trump. He was arguably an even more explicit non-interventionist than 2008 Obama, and he also hasn't ended anything and has brought us into new conflicts in Venezuela and Niger, as well as expanded our wars on Ukraine and Yemen.

About Biden’s slavish take, the less said, the better.

TL:DR: unless and until the Deep State is eradicated root and branch,  it matters not who is elected.

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Love Moon of Alabama! Often gets the scoop on new and pertinent info.

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It's been obvious for some time - if not forever -that the Democratic and Republican parties have always supported each other and their common donor base on key matters - war- internationally, and domestically, keeping the minimum wage and social programs at a minimum. They're Siamese twins joined at the hip, but wear different colour booties, red or blue, -just to keep the populace hopeful and confused. The inanities coming out of their mouths are staggering: Pelosi offered up as a sign of unbiased good will, that as a child playing with children, they'd dig holes in the sand and say they were making roads to China, or some such absurd malapropism. This she said gave her a feeling of kinship with China. What can you say? China is used to this US shit, and they have a keen sense of humour, but what does it say about the West? About us?

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Those that create the money make the rules

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

- Henry Ford

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You're so right. There's no freedom anywhere, but in the US the presidents are just actors, they want us to think they're idiots but they know exactly what they are doing. It's by design it's all a performance and they're all in on it for profit. It's a psychological game they play with our minds. It's clear to me that it's very wealthy men running the military for profit and everyone else in government is just there to keep us arguing & battling with each other. No one really knows who they are but I am pretty sure that it's a very small group really running things around the world. They want us focused on specific people as if they weren't all a part of the sham. It's one great big act, and they got most of humanity fooled into giving their power away.

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That bureaucracy that Putin refers to is the deep state, the thing some weirdos claim doesn't exist.

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Has BJG joined Rising? If so, is it now worth watching between her and Iversen, and notwithstanding Ryan Grim? (Edit: Never mind, I just looked at YouTube and saw that The Grayzone was in the middle of a livestream with Kim Iversen "...on leaving The Hill, defying corporate media censorship", so I guess it's probably not worth it.)

Also wondering if there's a piece in the works about Dick Cheney doing a campaign ad for his daughter, describing Donald Trump as the greatest threat to American democracy ever and praising Liz for trying to make sure he's never president again. Don't be so modest, Dick; you not only threatened, but actually damaged, American democracy (such as it is) WAY more than Trump. You deserve that top spot much more than him.

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Yes, well I quite agree. Democracy is a sick joke.

It may be that in principle the ability we in the West have to hire and fire our "masters" every few years is a liberating one - at least to a degree. We can kid ourselves that for one day in every 4 to 5 years we escape from the unremitting powerlessness that dominates our existence.

But as you say these people we elect have only partial control over what happens in our lives. Their constituency is no longer the people (if it ever was) but the powerful vested interests, lobby groups and corporations who seduce and manipulate them.

A more pertinent question may be not who is in charge, but is there anyone in charge? There are so many people these days pointing fingers at people and organisations they hold responsible, but I'm quite often never quite convinced.

For sure, the "security" services are influential, also the MIC. They are very high on my list of unelected but powerful organisations whose (sadistic) interests predominate. But many point fingers at the WEF. Some blame the bankers. Many look at the WHO and Bill Gates. George Soros. NATO. Big Pharma. Big Oil.

The list is seemingly endless. Joe and Josie Public don't get a look in. But is there anyone in overall charge?

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Exactly right once again Caitin.

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There must be minions of the Empire seeking ways to silence MOA and the millions of other truth-lovers like me. Great forces scuttling about the underworld.

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I think its the kangaroos who are in charge. Why else would they be so bouncy?

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Here's an example of "freedom" in the west:

Ex-Austrian FM Karin Kneissl to RT: There is more freedom of speech in Lebanon than in Europe

While first in France she said:

"“I had umpteen death threats in Austria, but also here. Death threats from Austria and Germany have reached the prefecture here. Mostly in e-mails, but things were also thrown into my mailbox in Austria. And none of that was done taken seriously.”

And Kneissl lists some of them:

“The Russian sow must hang! You Putin whore! You should be slashed open and buried alive!”

Strange that neither in Austria nor at the new place of refuge in France do the authorities want to take action against the perpetrators of these threats. There is also no public support for the former Foreign Minister from society, who sums it up:

“When I’m threatened to burn down the cabin, it reminds me of Chicago in the 1930s.”


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This is your best article ever! I appreciate you telling it like it is. There's no need to maintain the "farce of freedom" that is perpetuated in the West any longer.

I often feel like an alien from a '50s Sci-fi B-movie: "Take me to your leader--your REAL leader!"

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I had the same discussion with a buddy who is kind of a gun nut. I support his gun ownership by the way.

He figures he could protect his land I say they wont fight you. They will simply drone you or robot dog your ass. And you wont even know who gave the order. It could be neighbor, a health official, a mayor and you dont even know.

No matter how many guns you have or how many bullets. You need a 7.5 billion person protest. That will work.

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> "You can study it your whole life and at best you'll come away with a list of opaque government agencies..."

Some people have studied it for much less a whole life and came away with a lot more than that.

For example, Michael Hudson, whose Super Imperialism which is in print since 1972 and now in its 3rd edition because it's so good that the bureaucracy in question uses it as a training manual, despite that Hudson is a good and true Marxist.

Or, on the younger side, try Aaron Good, author of American Exception, Empire and the Deep State.

It's not so hard to see through. People manage it all the time. But it's a minority and those who try to educate others are kept marginal so they don't affect popular consent of the empire's citizens.

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