Lots of Truth here, Caitlin. You accurately point out the vile, unforced evil that Trumpsters ignore -- the assassinations which, had Iranian leaders been less stable, could have sparked a devastating war; the increased sanctions that are causing continued suffering in Syria and even more so in Yemen; the unforced appointment and maintenance of vile neoconservatives like James Jeffrey in Syria; the encouragement of a soft coup in Brazil, a hard coup in Bolivia and multiple failed coups in Venezuela.

Still, I take issue with your statement that "the Iraq invasion left Americans so bitter toward conventional war that any more of it would increase the risk of an actual antiwar movement in the United States, which would be disastrous for the empire." There was not even so much as a peep from anyone in the US when one of Obama's first acts was to surge into Afghanistan against the wise council of Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and precipitating the resignation of Matthew Hoh. Nor were there protests when Obama re-invaded Iraq and Syria with "boots on the ground" in 2014 after Obama "willfully ignored" the warnings of the DIA by continuing to arm jihadists in Syria in 2012 and 2013, arms they knew were making their way to ISIS.

I also wonder what the Trump Administration might have accomplished if Democrats had not continually prodded Trump to be more belligerent. Would Trump actually have withdrawn troops from NE Syria in 2018 or 2019 if Democrats had not screamed bloody murder over the "betrayal" of the Kurds? Would Trump have withdrawn all US troops from Afghanistan if Democrats in Congress had not spearheaded it prohibition in late 2020?

You do a great job of pointing out Trump's evil that Trumpsters ignore, and even of pointing the alternate evil inherent in a Biden Presidency. Why don't you present the full picture of the Trump-deranged war mongering of the Democratic Party in general?

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This is a perceptive and necessary reminder to the Left to keep up with reality. What I expect to see during the next four years is much of the Left praising Biden for acting pretty closely on foreign policy to how Trump behaved but with more decorum. Given that most Leftists were brought up in polite, middle-class households, they often tend to value civility in discourse far too much.

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this might be the first time war operations were called "sustainable", so that's progressive.

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