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The Ten Commandments of War Propaganda:

1. We don’t want war, we are only defending ourselves.

2. Our adversary is solely responsible for this war.

3. Our adversary’s leader is inherently evil and resembles the devil.

4. We are defending a noble cause, not our particular interests.

5. The enemy is purposefully committing atrocities; if we are making mistakes this happens without intention.

6. The enemy makes use of illegal weapons.

7. We suffer few losses, the enemy’s losses are considerable.

8. Recognized intellectuals and artists support our cause.

9. Our cause is sacred.

10. Whoever cases doubt on our propaganda helps the enemy and is a traitor.

Besides keeping the population riled up and distracting them from defeat and economic decline, crude war propaganda begs the question how can anyone *negotiate* with an enemy so *evil*?

As if there's something in the water on the Russian side of the border with Ukraine that turns people into monsters.

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Next up. Images of Russian soldiers huddled around a fire eating roasted meat, intercut with images of small Ukrainian dogs, which those barbaric Russkies are using as a food source -- after roasting alive, of course. With all the dog lovers in the US, that'll put a helluva shock-charge into the innumerable war-loving factions; they'll be out in the streets calling for Russian heads on pikes. I'm fortunately unable to verify this story.

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Very sickening, and a testimony to the fact some people will believe anything, but what is more disturbing is that "evidence" could be manufactured to support this insane accusation.

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Don’t they eat the babies after they’ve raped them..

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I once was the only civilian on a flight into Grand Rapids. The rest were all GIs returning from Iraq. They told me how Saddam would have the wives and daughters of his enemies raped in front of them. I didn’t have the heart to tell them the US promoted exactly the same BS about the N Vietnamese. Of course there was probably baby eating too. Who can prove there wasn’t!?

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a truth free media is leading us to a very dark time

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Pathetic. Despicable. But not surprising. It's all entertainment afterall, right? And what's more entertaining than insane fabrications of one-year-old babies being raped? How's that absurdity any different than accusations by QAnon of Dems being satanic pedophiles who seek the blood and adrenaline of children for sustenance and power?

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I'm suddenly feeling very, very tired.

And I'm wondering whether, if the Ukraine government went so far as to say "In addition all the baby rape (which by the way we under-reported the first time and is actually something that literally every single Russian soldier does because they're Russian), Russians are also torturing puppies to death because that's how Russians get their kicks", people would hear that and be like "Okay, I find THAT hard to believe!" or if they would accept *that* uncritically as well.

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When the media is resorting to using atrocity propaganda against Russia, and given the number of times this tactic has been used in the enemedia's history, you can tell Russia is succeeding in its objective vis a vis Ukraine.

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No surprises there. We've just seen two years of covid propaganda. We don't need to be told, we KNOW that our governments are totally mendacious. AND our mass media is the same. AND our population largely doesn't know/doesn't care.

Largely. Not wholly.

Those are the facts.

Well established now.

How to deal with them?

Well the growth of such as substack, scheerpost, eugyppius, lifesite, the expose, represents the creation of a growing number of 'sources of truth and reason' which are effectively networked, connected together, via their audiences, aren't they? Us.

Those and many more.

Currently we have no 'centres for the 'sources' but that will happen.

And they are building their reputations - some consistently good, some not quite so much.

It is a web within a web.

A distributed web of reliable and topical sources.

Eventually it will be very strong. And very widespread. You know it will grow across countries - across languages. With translation softwaren now ubiquitous this becomes possible. So it gets to be really global, really a thing of the people, all people.

And I reckon eventually it will become known to the wider mass of people - which is by far the majority, maybe 90% compared to those 'inside' this inner web, i.e. 9 times as many.

It will become known to them and they will come to see it as not a bunch of far out whacky space cadets but as definitely an authoritative, true and reliable source.

The masses will begin to turn to it.

As throughout the ages the masses have always turned this way or that seeking the sense, the truth and the way that will free them of irksome yokes, oppression.

What we've got right now is a population that largely doesn't see itself as oppressed.

Is the problem.

They have faith in vaccines.

They even have faith in masks.

They believe the narratives.

But the results over time will break the news to them. I think that's unavoidable. Here, there and everywhere, about this and then that and then the other.

And they'll begin this paradigm shift: to turning to this 'inner web' for the truth, the facts and the way.

So I reckon we just keep going.

And each one of us tries to build a library of unassailable facts, of real data, of excellent dissertations, of illuminating conversations, discussions, videos, whatever.

To help build this 'web within the web' and make it stronger and stronger.

Build indexes to it, guides to it, directories of the inhabitants of it.

We are totally, absolutely totally and completely in our tiny infancy at the moment, there's so far we can go, we have not yet begun to fight.

For instance the best we have for mask refutations are perhaps the graphs and charts in the book 'unmasked' and similar that have been published in many of our 'source' areas.

But the public see none of that.

And if they did it wouldn't appeal to them much.

But there's the whole world of high tech and advertising smarts out there for us to employ did we wish and did we get activist enough.

Those charts could be presented in dynamic videos of great appeal that just pounded the message home.

Just like the govt propaganda does but better by an order of magnitude.

And with a crucial difference: our perhaps flamboyant and populist presentations can be accompanied by sober and authoritative references backing up and demonstrating every thing we say.

We have a tremendous stock pile of ammunition: we have the truth. A vast world of data and logical reasoning.

We have a tremendous innate ability amongst us in all fields. The sciences, the arts, the humanities.

We have it all.

And we haven't yet started. Not at all. I contend not at all.

Where I live in two years I have not seen one single public presentation designed to get truths across to the people. Not one flyer handed out. Not one piece of paper posted up anywhere at any time. Not one tiny bit of graffiti. Far less a bombardment.

So what I'm saying is that yes the problem is huge but it is being addressed, the troops are signing on, the army is a-building, the ammunition is being collected and stock piled, the weapons of 'war' are being assembled.

We all ought to know that because we all should be part of it.

The covid

The Ukraine war


Abrogation and theft of democracy

Denial of truth and reason

Dissemination of outright lies

Wholescale malfeasance

It's all got to go and it will.

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Without a sneeringly obsequious, dead eyed hive-minded PMC, programmed by gleefully brainwashed yuppie liberal parents; intentionally blatant große Lüge would be mistaken for a bad taste "Onion" wannabe. It's like Tea Party 'Baggers or crankhead MAGA Nazis: this ridiculously obvious BS is like those films of monkeys, hitting a switch for a methamphetamine fix; electrodes sticking out of where their brain used to be? Little WHITE lies & TV dopamine fixes are now trying to trigger adrenaline, like Fallschirmjäger turning GREEN upon death?

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Stay Calm - and Support Russia against Ukro-Nazis

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Why do we bother with making fictional entertainments when we can just have these insane fairy tales made up by the mainstream media thrown at us? What's next? "Russians raid Kiev Zoo and barbecue rare white rhinos?" "Russians create food trucks serving roasted baby-meat delicacies?" "Russians wake up each morning and drink the freshly squeezed blood of Ukrainian virgins?" Atrocity propaganda by its very nature reveals the over-zealousness of its creators. Let's hope the public can smell a rotten story by the scent of its rotten writers.

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Speaking of Ukraine War atrocities, have we had any status updates from the International Commission Investigating the Bucha Atrocities?

I was hoping that by now that the Commission's forensic experts would have at least published a preliminary list of victims, with cause of death and estimated time of death.

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Yeah, like, "we're not Nostradamus, who knew?" But they act like they know, and the idiot Bush even claimed God instructed him, gave the high five. But, as pointed out, they did know: Scott Ritter told them, and if Colon Powell wasn't obviously full of shit, shit exists nowhere.

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The weird thing is that this type of propaganda always works and has always worked. I doesn't much change over the centuries because it doesn't need to. People always believe it.

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