Why is the American state a Disinformation Machine?

In 1948 the American Smith-Mundt Act allowed the creation a global disinformation media network which mimicked the British global charter of the BBC's 1927 World Service. But in the USA it was restricted domestically. (How you could separate them is beyond me.) This is the genesis of the CIA using the global media as an extension of their subversive activities globally - and helped the Anglo-American Empire to grow.

Repeal - In 2012 the Obama government repealed the part of the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act that prevented the use of disinformation on the American public - it is now "legal" - though it is clearly unconstitutional, but to date has not been challenged and so it is the "law." And this is a typical Democrat Party strategy that they call "one and five" - it will take one million dollars and 5 years to challenge unconstitutional laws.

The Bureau of Global Public Affairs -

"The bureau was formed on May 28, 2019, in a merger between the Bureau of Public Affairs and the Bureau of International Information Programs"

"The Assistant Secretary of State and Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs, Michelle Giuda, presented on the merger, claiming it will work closely with its media partners as it ramps up its mission to “better communicate,” assuring the audience that it is “perfectly aligned with Smith-Mundt.” However, Giuda neglected to mention that Smith-Mundt as originally legislated, is no longer strictly applicable."

The Bureau of Global Public Affairs is probably the beating heart of the American administrative states global disinformation and censorship machine working with government partners, media, and traitors all over the world. All for the benefit of what I call global fascist capitalism.

Ivan M. Paton

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It’s not democracy. That’s the message I’m getting, idk about anyone else...

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Jan 2, 2023·edited Jan 2, 2023

So far I like Musk, and lets not assume that because someone is rich they can't be trusted. He's working with Taibbi to evaluate just how instrumental Twitter was in pushing Biden for president while knocking Trump off Twitter. I was a registered democrat and would never vote for Clinton, just didn't vote, which brought a lot of flack from people I know. During Trump's presidency not only did I feel the democrats acted like a bunch of autocrats on a mission to remove him from office, but the mainstream press did as well. Many who wrote on left wing sites operated with the same lack of journalistic integrity. They shifted their allegiance to the dems. Greenwald left the Intercept which he got underway because they would not allow him to publish an article on Hunter Biden's labtop, and like Twitter they wanted a Biden win. Greenwald is a journalist.

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TL;DR the former free speech warriors got the whip hand.

Meanwhile, once they fell out of power, the Right became the rule-breakers, the transgressors, the pranksters, the folks who said outrageous truths, while the Left turned into hall monitors, snitches, and finger-wagging moralists that made The Church Lady look like G.G. Allin by comparison.

This is not because of any inherent puckishness on the Right or censioriousness on the Left, but because of their relationship to power.

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The solution to the censorship the biggest tech giants are engaged in is really very simple. Walk away from them. Just walk away and leave them to rot in the ditch by the highway in the middle of the desert. Never speak or write their names again. I did it. Why won't you?

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Funny how that works. The voices from one side illegally shut down voices from the other side and when it reversed the first side gets indignant.

Free speech is not hate speech. Logic is not hate speech. Truth is the truth. A lie is a lie.

If you stop reasonable debate, then you are a nothing more than a liar. Once you do that you become the only truth. It is then a short step to justifying criminal actions and a little leap to corruption and eventually murder.

Lies are not politics despite the fact the entire political class is full of shit on most issues and it is up to both sides to find the truth and come to reasonable consensus on most issues. They don't.

Seek first to understand and then to be understood.

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Exactly. Beautiful article. I'm Gen X, and many of us were raised to think the censors and book burners were the evil ones. We hated the Nazis and Soviets for these actions.

I thank God for Musk, and think he is doing good work, but he could be doing GREAT work. Let people tell the truth about Ukraine!

Some of us fought the censorship about how mild covid is, and therapeutics instead of injections, and the deadliness of the Pfizer shot, etc., and the censors de-platformed us, fired us, and de-banked us. Some of our neighbors shrieked like banshees at little kids to PUT ON YOUR MASK! Even though now we know masks do no good. Later, we questioned the war in Ukraine, and got the same treatment.

When you intimidate people into silence, you turn them into cowards.

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Big Brother … watching us all the time … regulating us all the time … thru big tech’s social media, billions of surveillance cameras, 100ks of satellites… everyone is being monitored continuously… every word we write and photo we upload on social media goes into the cavernous maws and stomach of the deep state and the over powering military industrial complex of US … which rules the world …..

Our digital personas are there in cyberspace… after we die .. the rich and cyberaties can be recreated in cyberspace… where they can live forever … as long batteries can power them … probably in the satellites encircling the planet with solar power ….

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"It's almost like democracy is an illusion and our rulers do whatever they want to us, up to and including restricting the ways we're allowed to communicate with each other, in whatever way benefits them and their agendas."

"Democracy" is in the eye of the beholder and we've all been blinded. "Freedom of Speech" means the government's freedom to tell us any bullsh*t they want and we're suppose to swallow it whole with no complaints or talk back. I keep pinching myself and I can feel it, so I guess this isn't an "illusion." But it sure feels like a nightmare some days.

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Bloody hell, you've done it again. Thanks Caitlin

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Reading "American Midnight" right now and the parallels to what was going on in the run-up to WW I and what's happening now are incredible.

US government used access to the mail the same way the internet is now being used to suppress speech and promote propaganda. The origins were in the Philippines war


US military intelligence was born there and used surveillance and control to repress and crush nationalists. Those tactics were then imported to US (by the same guy who originated the program in Philippines) and brutally expanded to crush US left, labor, and radicals like IWW and Socialists. The Espionage Act and the Sedition Act were enacted in 1917 and 1918 to crush anti-war dissent. Far more draft dodgers in WW I than Vietnam!

But now, the government doesn't even have to put activists in jail. The "left" either self censors or capitulates.

The current pathetic "left" is either ignorant of or ignores this history and once again got outflanked by the Right wing Fascist forces.

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Last year, as a repeat offender on Farcebook, I received 130 days in its virtual jail. The only reason I'm still on Fb is because of connections. Connections to family and connections to friends, friends going back as far as 65 years. Yes, I'm kinda stubborn in my old age and therefore stubborn in that I will not conform to the dictates of a captured government.

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In summary as offered to us:




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It's all so tiring now, trying to find the wee nuggets of truth in sea of madness and dis/mis-information with the seemingly mind-meld of government propaganda and corporate(MSM) media sources. It can be done but it takes a lot of time that most of us don't have. It has definitely changed(worsened?) over the last few years. SO..., I've mostly stopped. I now watch more movies on the streaming services, trying to not let their embedded propaganda detract from the enjoyment of the story. Besides I've now found it easier to not get so worked up on anything I can't try to change. I'll now leave that to the younger generations. Good Luck! Peace, All

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My ancestor fought in the Continental Army so he could have free speech. I'm sure he approves of this message. The entire American federal government simply has to be replaced. It is corrupt and tyrannical beyond reform.

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