I got over the notion that bombs were better in 1966 when I was at an anti war rally in NYC and they had a life size picture of the little Vietnamese girl running naked down the road with napalm on her back. And another with a young boy, his skin on his face melted down around his jaw and neck. I nearly collapsed in horror. The depravity of those bombs is beyond endurance. And then you remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There seems to be no end to the things the military industrial complex is capable of in my country. And all you booby countries that so tritely go along with us.

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When I am talking to people, I find that many are stuck on the idea that Israel has a right to defend itself because Hamas killed about 1400 people and kidnapped another 200 on October 17th, which I have to agree is an atrocity. But they don't hear about the 75 years of oppression that Palestinians have endured. They don't hear that about 10,000 people in Gaza have been killed in the past 3 weeks. They don't hear that Israelis are killing one Palestinian child every 15 minutes. I don't think they hear that it is bombs being dropped on hospitals to get to one member of Hamas. I don't think it would really make a difference if the Israelis were going into hospitals with swords and guns and stabbing and shooting everyone. I think they just hear that Israel has the right to avenge itself. Just like America had the right to avenge itself after 911. Never mind that they avenge themselves against people who have done nothing to them.

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One of the fundamental reasons this atrocity is happening is that the US and Israel are used to acting with impunity and have done so for decades.

"As America is determined to wage war on the world, the world must be more determined than ever to wage peace and civility, up to and including sanctioning the US. A good starting point is for governments around the world to sever diplomatic relations.

Bullying empires will continue to bully until such time as they are challenged and held to account. Unless the world community shows great solidarity and indignation in response to this atrocity the worst is yet to come ."

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I have deliberately looked at as many photos and videos as I can of the body parts and horrific injuries of the dead, of burnt infants and a couple of little toddler's legs that were all that was left of the child to be buried. I have shared some of them. The mainstream news media all say "we can't show you these videos because they are too graphic". Well they SHOULD show them. People need to see the results of massive bombing. Especially here in the west, the public is too sheltered from the results of their politicians' wars. Show the pictures. Show the videos. Force people to look!

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Netanyahu, Biden, US Congress, immoral beings!😡 NOT IN MY NAME IS A CHILD HARMED, GENOCIDE DONE!

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It's the Distant-Death-Machine, or Death by Distance. Remote Control "sanitizes" the killing field, especially when the slain are seen as people of an inferior race, which is almost always the case. Hints of pushback here and there in the West. People need to realize that "We are all Palestinians," and what's happening to them today (not to mention for decades) will happen to you tomorrow.

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Biden sez Cluster Bombs are A-Okay when used responsibly.

And emptied US stockpile into Ukraine.

Now he can order more and take 10% Commission.

What a Jack-Ass.

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If beheading babies with blades is bad, how is beheading babies with bombs any better?

(Rhetorical question)

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It was very uncomfortable!

I woke up, and

a dead child

was beside the bed.

At least

I think

it was

a child.

On the way

To the kitchen

I had to step over more.

Then more, more, more, more

Even there at the table -

A whole family

face down

in their cereal.

It's all for peace you know!

The white doves, olive branch, girls on knees praying!

But what an awful mess in our house



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..saddest part of all of this majority 'westerners' don't care about killings!, they will go to Bar, Restaurants, Airports fly and watch on TV news sport and continue eat, drink and blahber : what, where and sipp another beer with slice a pizza or chicken wings, oops BBQ ribs... but it will change one day and then............I'll stop here, it is too much already!...

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Caitlin, you still don't get it: the Jews claim they suffered during WW2, in fact they claims they suffered even more than they did (that's another story), so "israel" as the self-proclaimed and never endorsed representative of the Jews claims to have the right to do anything it likes.

Don't believe me? Here is what Golda Meir said to the late Knesset member Shulamit Aloni:

“After the Holocaust, Jews are allowed to do anything.”


International law? That's for others, most certainly not for the Chosenites who are ruled by Yahweh only.

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Living here in the heart of the beast, and you nailed it. Intelligent, gritty analysis. Alexis de Tocqueville has nothing on you. What a voice.

from Portland, Oregon

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Very interesting from Finkelstein this morning https://rumble.com/v3tqszy-norman-finkelstein-on-israels-brutal-war-on-gaza.html the cause of Gaza is almost certainly lost. we are watching a genocide in front of our eyes. But we still speak, because it could be the rare occasion when right beats might but also because we cannot pretend, and still live with ourselves, that we didn't see what we saw.

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100% correct.

Look at what happened on 9/11! I was there! Americans went crazy and out came all the flags.

American's don't get bombed OTHERS do by Americans.

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Nov 5·edited Nov 5

you forget the main point

. . . bombs are the most effective at making giant profits for the arms manufacturers . . .

The profit margin for one dead Palestinian child is enormous & obscene.

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I think we'd all agree Britain is one of the most evil, violent nations on the planet.

But during the Ulster "Troubles" when Irish 'terrorist' bombs were killing civilians in London and Manchester, nobody said carpet bomb Dublin or Belfast to get to the RA.

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