I've been reading a 2021 post by Pepe Escobar called Requiem for an Empire: A Prequel. It's remarkably prescient. It talks about the US taking desperate measures to break up the Germany-Russia-China alliance. Michael Hudson made the same point early on, that actions in Ukraine are aimed at weakening Germany and punishing it for disobedience with the pipeline and increased trade with China. I think that can't be dismissed.

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And yet - "brutal war of aggression" against the people of Donetsk, shelling and killing civilians since 2014, calling ethnic Russians "orcs" and dehumanizing and murdering them, has been literally encouraged by the US. When I was working overseas, in various countries, I was always told that other countries did not really associate American people with their murderous government. I hope this still stands.

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Oct 12, 2022·edited Oct 12, 2022

Written in April, 2022.

'That message was delivered most clearly on Monday, when Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told reporters after a trip to Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv that “we want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.”

A National Security Council spokesperson said that Austin’s comments were consistent with what the US’ goals have been for months – namely, “to make this invasion a strategic failure for Russia.”

Many things disturb me about Austin's remarks like the one above which is to weaken Russia so it can't do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine. We can say this after killing no doubt well over a million people if not many more in our middle eastern wars in the 21st century alone, which should be defined as a genocide. This doesn't include the millions injured, the destruction and the hardship imposed on millions due to the destruction of their countries. We supply weapons to Saudi Arabia generating a holocaust in Yemen, and one could go on and discuss our continued support to extremist groups in Syria in that dirty war started under the Obama administration. I know I left a lot out but I just hate our self righteous holier then thou attitude when we condemn Russia, over a war we made happen.

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I'm sure Lockheed-Martin and Raytheon as well as numerous other arms makers have put the Kibosh on any idea of peace talks.

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"Pants-on-head gibbering insanity" is exactly right. Exactly the same is true of the German "leadership," who I would have hoped have more sense but they don't. They refuse to. They prefer to bury their heads deep in the ass of the doddering fool in Washington as they go down. Not a single German (or other) politician I know of has even mentioned the recent surprising news that one line of Nord Stream 2 is undamaged and can be used -- except the so-called "far-right" AfD. It's a conpiracy of silence to accept the US sabotage of the pipelines as part of the general commitment to economic suicide and nuclear brinksmanship left solely to the crazy idiots in Washington.

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Russia has never been a threat to the United States of Arrogance.

But the false convictions notwithstanding, the biggest threat to America is, frankly, it's own dumbasfuckasss self.

Fuckallmamas Blinken, what foreign policy? We have none.

Joey BidenHo? The walking dead ghost shaking hands with death how Dee Doo?

ScKamala banging Hunter yet?

They will help the fake war.

Russia has never been a threat to US. Unless we make it one, and ScKamala is trying hard. Attagirl

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Tulsi Gabbard, Orban, Trump, Tucker Carlson, and many others have called for talks, deescalation, and detente. But we have a puppet who does what he's told.

Lockdowns? Check.

Forced medical experiments on people? Check.

Spend trillions we don't have in an effort to move to hyperinflation? Check.

Provoke the Russians? Check.

Flirt with nuclear war? CHECK.

I've been saying from the beginning that this is what you get when you accept an election with obvious cooked books, and when you accept a "president" who shakes hands with ghosts, and babbles incoherently when he isn't on adderall.

There are evil, evil people behind the scenes. But to be fair to Joe Biden, he's always willingly done the worst things possible if that means he personally can be rich. Look at the permanent damage he's done to his children.

For more information about the depths of trauma that Biden inflicts, read THE MYTH OF NORMAL by 78-year-old lifelong psychologist, Gabor Mate.

In the meantime, I would prefer an honest America. I've read Putin's speeches of Feb. 24 and Sept. 30. He's very clear on what motivates Russia. NATO was not supposed to expand east of Germany, but since the collapse of the USSR, NATO has added 16 nations. The Russians have said for decades that Ukraine joining NATO scares the hell out of them. We chose to ignore this. I originally celebrated the end of the Cold War. I am shocked and dismayed how our globalist presidents: Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama--have thoroughly blown the peace. Even Trump, who signed five peace treaties, let himself get bullied into withdrawing from the INF treaty, whose passage in 1987 many thought marked the END of the Cold War.

We have gigantic problems at home that we should deal with, without causing the deaths of 5 billion or more people. Our population is depressed, isolated, propagandized, drugged, and fat. After a certain point, you realize: they probably want you unhealthy and alone. They will milk you for every last dollar--eat the bugs and live in the pod, alone!--before they have you killed.

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Yes, it's a common habit that neocons and hawks use to accuse their enemies about the misdeeds they do. Kind of a mirror, see?

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February, 2021, Obama: “People of conscience around the world need to loudly and clearly condemn Russia’s actions and offer support for the Ukrainian people. And every American, regardless of party, should support President Biden’s efforts, in coordination with our closest allies, to impose hard-hitting sanctions on Russia — sanctions that impose a real price on Russia’s autocratic elites,”

This from a president who made it very clear as to why he supported the coup in 2014 assisting a bunch of Neo-Nazis which was to take a hard line approach with Russia, and said there are not going to be any compromises at all, and expects President Putin to throw in they towel. Very few if any, even those of the left, are willing to point a finger at Obama and his role in the wars during his presidency or what is going on now is Ukraine.

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What if the purpose of this war against Russia is to actually destroy the majority of the population, and for the ruling cabal to horde their plunder, and govern a planetary wasteland from their bunkers?

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‘’In fact, in 28 of the thirty scenarios I have run since the war began, some sort of nuclear exchange occur’’

The ‘’important’’ people in Washington running the war and dismissing peace talks have bunkers they and their families can go to in the event of a nuclear war. The leftists who support the war have no bunker to go to but I don’t think that’s occurred to them, not exactly the smartest bunch.

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The barage of lies coming from talking heads is typically distracting from the real issues here.

The act of international terror on the Crimea Bridge has forced Russia to unleash a robust response. Anything less would have been seen as weakness.

I think that the issue being overlooked which is most dangerous is that the regime in Kiev & THOSE SUPPORTING IT are now considered legitimate targets.

In his article published yesterday, Pepe Escobar has chosen to use the phrase Shock & Awe, which I, personally, would never choose to use to describe either the events in Iraq OR this scenario. For me there is neither shock nor awe. Just disgust at my own country, UK, which is conducting war crimes by proxy on foreign soil, just as it has always done in its colonial and imperial hubris.

The terrorism that has been directed at Russia is entirely 'Made in Britain' and it puts a target on the back of our entire country plus all allies and colonies.

Once again, the City of London drags these islands into a hot war to assuage its desire for revenge. It is time for Brits to 'storm the Bastille'...... but 95% of them do not even know that we have an alien monster in our capital city.

An invisible hydra that will never die.


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100% waist of time!...Americans never accept Taliban offer to give up Bin Laden if ''they '' present EVIDENCE....and 20 y. later ''we'' are in ukraina!

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You could almost say the US and West want a nuclear war, couldn't you? Isn't it time the adults of the world take over before this goes completely out of hand? It is time for serious sanctions against the US, the purveyors of this war, and moral condemnation in the strongest terms. The UN has no business in this world, is utterly useless and more, a factor in the very possible worst crime ever committed, if it doesn't act now.

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I am dismayed by this report that the US is supposedly willing to negotiate some sort of peace with Russia, however only the opposite is true. Just why does the US think that NATO can be used to instigate conflict, especially after boasting about the sabotage on Nord Stream in the Baltic. This is a dangerous game when the reverse is reported always making the US seem obstinate of anything do with peace negotiations.

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Peace table Now!!!

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