"Biden 2024: Eh you know you'll vote for me anyway ya losers."

"Biden 2024: Because fuck you, that's why."

Can I put these slogans on bumper stickers? On t-shirts? I mean, they make just as much sense as what the Dirty Dems are planning to put on the t-shirts and bumper stickers...

My personal fave slogan: "Vote Biden: Because only a walking corpse can destroy the Earth and all living things with any sincerity."

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Apr 26, 2023·edited Apr 26, 2023

I wonder if there are any billionaires happening to read Caitlin's substack in this little digital world here (still without censorship, for how long who knows?) - that realize a war with China will probably not only ruin the lives of millions, but will likely ruin their Gatsby parties in their gold plated mansions? I mean, you gotta believe some billionaires realize war with China isn't a good idea. Someone needs to reign in the neocon nutjobs in DC, they're out-of-control - including Murdoch.

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Apr 26, 2023·edited Apr 26, 2023

The election is just kabuki. No matter who people vote for,

- three letter agency bosses like Nuland and Power will be running a foreign policy of war, coups and intimidation, not diplomacy or engagement

- and private bank cartel tools like Powell and Yelleen will be running a domestic and global financial policy impoverish the masses to pay for it

Which everyone should have known already in the decade since this research proved it:


“….. Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism…”

Those hard fact are more important than all the theatrical personality “political news” stories in the papers or the tall tales spun by political pundits and “ex generals” that generate consent on TV.

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Carlson, should you choose to accept was a tool used by whomever to spout propaganda for them. Recently, he came to a realization of exactly what he was doing.

He often pointed out truths that everyone else refused to speak.

Ukraine bad, the Bidens, the vaccines and other things that MSM refused to entertain.

He admits to being used and wanted to do things along a path.

His guests on his show weren't suits, but people who dressed differently, weren't physically perfect and at times seemed uncomfortable. It just wasnt bullshit. Real people.

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No primary debates? They sure aren't shy about autocracy any more.

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One reason you might be getting pushback on your criticism of Tucker Carlson is because your analysis seems to be consistently way off.

A "virulent empire propagandist" yet regularly rails against the military industrial complex, calls out defense contractors and pro-war politicians by name and regularly invites his audience to hear from guests like the following:

Jimmy Dore

Glenn Greenwald

Aaron Mate

Michael Tracy

Tulsi Gabbard

Dennis Kucinich

Jackson Hinkle

Russell Brand


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The WWE has far more dignity AND integrity than the Washington election swamps, even with the rampant PED use acknowledged and even celebrated. Th

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They have high school student council elections, too. Of course, this is permitted, because the student council has no real power.

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Tucker Carlson is a Christian (Episcopalian). Russians are Christians. Chinese are not.

That is why Tucker went after China and not Russia.

It's not complicated.

But perhaps for leftist atheists they just don't get it.

Look at the other person's motivations.

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Ok, Caitlin, I do have to make this point, despite your comment that “Don't cultivate parasocial relationships with rich TV pundits, it's gross.” Let me be clear, I am NOT Tucker Carlson’s admire but I do recognise that he had opened up an alternative space to the dominant MSM narrative. As Gilbert Doctorow and Alastair Crooke noted, in the USA, Carlson, at least, offers an alternative, which does not exist in the EU, or, as we know, in Australia, for that matter. Now, that space disappeared, closed, it was shut. Here is an interesting analysis offered by Jonathan Cook, which I think, is worth reading: https://open.substack.com/pub/jonathancook/p/tucker-carlsons-firing-reveals-how. And he also provides a link to Carlson’s episode with Jimmy Dore, where Carlson also critiques the war with China. Well, yes, that is right! And I watched Democracy Now and their analysis is just appalling, keeping the same old ‘leftist’ tropes.....to dismiss Carlson. Anyway…. I think that one should give a due where it belongs.

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Biden's record should give the game away: getting a Ukrainian judge fired for his interest in investigating a crooked oil company, and his son's crooked interest in it: supporting the Ukraine war with immense monetary backing, all the while knowing it can't possibly win. And so much more. The prospect of a shitty pants episode is not inconceivable. Yet, they'll chance it. Can the public of a democratic country be that stunned, or indifferent, and can its movers and shakers? That's the truly mystifying part. There is something here that doesn't add up. Some card held under the table.

Something they hope to blame Russia for, with no chance of cooler heads taking over?

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Biden slogan? How about "They've got the limos and you don't."

He really said that.

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And they want that war with China because China is economically and globally doing so much better than the US. I truly do not understand the why of this war with China.

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'Vote using paper for Trump, vote electronically for Biden!'

'The greatest autocracy on earth! Vote Biden 2024!'

'If I had the brains to represent you and challenge my handlers, I wouldn't be a Senator, let alone President!'

'Slaves work for freedom, I work to put them back where they belong!'

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Apr 26, 2023·edited Apr 26, 2023

I appreciate your brutal honesty and even your cynicism; the Western world is a truly mad and frustrating realm. However, as someone who used to buy into great delusions and slowly shook out of the hypnosis, there was a time when your language here would've caused me to scoff and close the browser tab along with my mind.

I'm not suggesting you switch to honey instead of vinegar, but if you want to reach people, then please consider the Matrix not as an array of gross subjects who need a hard lecture on who they admire, and try to instead give them a reason to admire you more and more.

I went through years of refusing to listen to certain sources who didn't seem to be arguing in good faith; they opined, lectured, and too often were so cynical and unbelievable that the result was a car accident where nobody agrees on whose fault it is, and doubting each others' motives, when the more immediate point is to check on each other and to be respectful.

The Matrix has tranches. I believe there are few true demons. Then there are the puppets and minions (note these may also be victims, the corrupted). Lastly, most of us are the hypnotized; all victims. We get older, we resist, we don't want to be "freed". What we need, however, is someone who can show us behind the curtain, and that someone must first have our respect. We have to believe, on some level, they're sincere and don't have an angle.

Your greatest tool is the great weakness of evil: exposure. But you must convince people to hear you out. For me, it was only after years of observation, an erosion of trust that allowed me to see bare truth, when the façade no longer made sense. After the pandemic and Afghanistan, it was maddening to me how so many people jump to Ukraine and China as if nothing happened. Still, I can only lament how it was once me. All of my previous sources of information had failed me. I only blame myself for not being more assertive, as I'm quite passive and non-confrontational, and so I go along to get along too often.

Perhaps these words are lost in the Matrix, seen by nobody. But if they do reach you, I hope they're also taken sincerely. I share your frustrations and value your insight and raw voice of sanity, however, in a house of mirrors, it's easy to lose sight of, well, everything. Let's try to find each other and get through to each other. Inform, expose, and reach out as if you have something to show everyone. Cheers.

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"Yeah unfortunately it looks increasingly probable that I'm going to get into a fight with the guy sitting in front of me on the plane, he really takes exception to the way I keep slapping the back of his head"

sheer fandom not really my thing as you may have noticed but dammmmmn you funny

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