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Maury Ballstein's Greatest Hit:

12 indictments against often former employees of a Russian clickbait farm for spectacularly laughable memes that will never amount to dick because there will never be a trial. One of the parties showed up in court and demanded actual evidence as part of discovery, causing Mueller to desperately ask for a continuance. The judge called bullshit by denying it. [Normally, the prosecutor never calls for a continuance. Soon thereafter, the much-hyped indictment of the Internet Research Agency was dismissed under threat of sanctions because the DoJ could not produce any evidence of any connection with the Russian government.]

Mueller didn’t have shit.

A paltry $150k was spent for online ads over two years, by Russians, they tell you. They also tell you that about half those ads didn’t run until after the election was over and that most of the ads didn’t endorse a specific candidate or policy. Yet, you insist this Russian social media blitz altered the outcome of your election somehow. With well north of $3 billion spent on traditional advertising, leave it to MSM to float a turd of such odious girth.

Next, Mueller indicts 13 Russian intelligence journeymen and it will never amount to dick. None of them will ever be extradited. There will never be a trial. Never a legal discovery process. No burden of proof that they actually hacked or colluded. No US intelligence agency has ever examined the servers in question.

Russians didn’t write the goddamn emails and Julian Assange is emphatic that Russia had fuck all to do with them. Yet, no one in our vast and vaunted intelligence community has bothered to do anything but work to muzzle and imprison him.

Everything, all of it, is based on intel supplied by a cyber security firm on the DNC payroll. You can’t make this shit up. [Said security firm subsequently admitting that it also had no evidence, either.]

The other indictments are thoroughly unrelated to hacking or collusion by anybody, much less Russia

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"...Most westerners don’t even know it."

That's why we can't let up on our anti-brainwashing activities. We've got to keep repeating the truth to these propagandized zombies until it starts to stick in what's left of their brains. If we don't, we might not last long before the nukes start falling.

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I've been saying this for years about the American left:

"Everything the western empire accuses its enemies of doing, it itself does far more egregiously."

Although not as well as Caitlin. And yes, I know the Uniparty is aligned so it's not necessarily and R or D thing.

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Caitlin's latest goes into depth about the Five Eyes Network being complicit in disinformation regarding China and Russia and the propaganda war being vomited up on the public generally.

As always, she hyperlinks all her sources. We never get that with the corporate media.

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I think it is actually much worse than this! All they do to other countries is now standard propaganda to be used here in the US! The truth has become a lie to these people! The fact that their own criminal court system proved that Clinton had all to do with RussiaGate has no one believing it and they are still claiming Trump was colluding with Putin to rig the election! I just saw this today in comments from democrats. When you mention the emails and what has been proven about them you are told that's a lie! I am at this point in the belief that these fucking democrats are far worse than the fucking Republicans! When I state the obvious truth about the war machine and how bought the politicians are I am automatically referred to as a Russian troll! These fuckers want blood so bad that any mention of peace means you are a Russian. I also took a "YouGov" survey and though it states its not a complete representation of the public I think it shows a sufficient number of people to be fairly accurate. 53% want the war to keep going until the end result is what these warmongering whores are after the defeat of Russia! The republican reps are also such warmongers that they are going to let Biden get away with the terrorist act of war on the Nord Stream pipeline! They also claim we don't spend enough on the military to properly defend our country against all these aggressors! As I stated in the comments on a different site, I view this filth as the lowest form of primates. They are like chimpanzees howling in the jungle who found a small monkey to chase down and rip to shreds! I can't believe we are the same species.

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This disastrous cancer of government propaganda affects the entire West. Here, for example, are all the headlines about the war in Ukraine that I collected yesterday in the daily newspaper "Le Figaro", an organ of the big press, owned by the arms dealer Dassault.

I quote:

"UKRAINE SPECIAL EDITION War in Ukraine: all our articles to understand

▸ Russia: what will happen, from Moscow to Siberia, if Ukraine wins?

ANALYSIS - Rarely has the risk of disintegration been so strong since the early 1990s.

▸GRAND RECIT - Ukraine, the war that shook up the world order

▸DECRYPTAGE - War in Ukraine: one year later, the impossible counting of military losses for both sides

▸DÉCRYPTAGE - In Ukraine, the atrocious litany of war crimes committed by Russian forces

▸Can the Ukrainians win the war in 2023?





86482 voters

▸War in Ukraine: a Russian society silent but affected in its depths

DECRYPTAGE - Distancing oneself. To withdraw into oneself. To batten down the hatches. This is the big deal for many Russians at the time of the "special military operation".

▸One year of war in Ukraine, why Emmanuel Macron is wrong - The head of state wants a "defeat" of Russia without "crushing" it to negotiate with it. But do the West, engaged by proxy for a year in the war in Ukraine, have any other choice than a crushing defeat of Vladimir Putin, locked in his refusal of any concession?

▸Volodymyr Zelensky, this humorist who became in one year the hero of the free world.

End of quote.

And this kind of talk is repeated in all the print media, radio or TV. And the worst thing is that there are hardly any alternative media, even on the Internet, that present a different narrative or, at least, denounce this propaganda. For real information, I have to turn to sites like Caitlin Johnstone's, Scott Ritter's..., still accessible German sites or, with VPN, Russian sites or the excellent "Strategic Culture Foundation".

And yet, the French government does not even have imperial ambitions, it is only the pitiful lackey of the American empire. Which doesn't bother most of my compatriots much, alas!

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While the press can't get enough of marking the first year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, they certainly ignore the 20th anniversary of the illegal Iraq war and its year-upon-year continuation. Alas, we need not worry much longer about Russian aggression as Zelensky has declared "2023 will be the year of our victory." I suggest he take a good look at what was possible had his country declared neutrality and implemented Minsk II. That, Mr. President, would have been victory for your country. Instead you have presided over its ruin.

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The best and safest approach is to believe nothing emanating from the US government, and as much from the MSM. And go from there. Seek reliable sources, and there are some, as in news from Russia and China themselves, if these sources can be verified. They just tried to tell us toy balloons were Chinese espionage weapons, and our governments went along with it!. Common sense and skepticism are almost our entire defense against this bullshit, but don't underestimate it.

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"The difference now is that empire managers are getting increasingly comfortable with publicly acknowledging this fact" - also because the populace is actually fine with this since it's against its perceived enemies - Russia and China.

So it's much worse than what Caitlin is saying - as if people don't know or once aware wouldn't approve of it.

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The US is the largest corrupter of information in the universe. We, the beleaguered citizens, must fight against our country everyday who is desperately trying to destroy us or enslave us.

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It's disgusting what they are doing. But the vast majority of people don't use their brains either, and swallow up all nonsense they hear, completely uncritically.

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Fake news. And projection. It’s been used for a long time. As you know.

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Read Nikkei Asia website to see an example of this “information” warfare. That newspaper just pours out endless “China menace” storylines while championing the remilitarization, and even nuclear rearming, of Japan. Shameless NATO propaganda being fed into the minds of businesspeople.

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BBC and NPR are off to the races - my only "news" takes are from the radio, and it's getting hard to listen.

Meanwhile, in a move out of Kafka, check out this true story: no doubt that if they could, they'd put my ass in jail too!:

OLS seeks to 'silence a political critic' by removing him from agenda distribution list, activist claims - New Jersey Globe


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"Lampshading", when the bully Mobster gets called out for her deception and replies, " Yea? So what are you going to do about it?". It serves to intimidate and at the same time offer an opportunity to cull the protestor or further indoctrinate them by adding that it's for their own good. So many options. Curing Cancer takes a change in behavior for all of us together : not apart.

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