Name change for the Washington Post: The Pentagon Post.

Why? It just makes sense.

"...Its hovering over sensitive nuclear sites in Montana was no accident..." How does a weather balloon (or any kind of balloon) "hover"? If strong winds knocked it off its original course--which it sounds like the US military is willing to concede--then how does it "hover" so well in the same strong winds?

The US should be declaring war on the Climate Catastrophe for messing up the Jet Stream instead of trying to start a war with China over a lost weather balloon. But the US seems to have a thing about "Streams" (i.e. Nord Stream) in general lately.

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What’s wrong with sending up billion dollar planes to shoot down escaped party balloons? You let them float those and there’ll soon be inflated condoms ( keeping us safe indeed) or pig bladders or other dangerous dirigibles. But to be fair what is one to do when there are temporarily no weddings to bomb or children to napalm?

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Anyone claiming the western press is "free" should be smacked upside their heads. Just to feel better, as it'll be of no use to those dummies anyway.

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Maximum distortion. Maximum cognitive dissonance. Maximum misdirection.

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Airborne Surveillance Device is a good band name.

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Nothing surprises in the Great Satan. Shooting down a balloon must have cost a couple of million dollars. Hey maybe ask meteorologist. Any idiot with a brain could follow the balloon using the jet stream. Where they shot down each balloon shows the polar jet stream pattern.

Worse the government just lit fire to a massive toxic spill to an even larger environmental disaster, spreading this poison eastward to Chinada, south and east around the USA.. It's like watching a two year old cleaning up spilled milk off a coffee table.

Everything about HAZMAT procedures has always been contain. Dont let it spread. Never burn it. Fire just changes the chemical composition and creates a bigger mess. Contain and clean it up.

Are the people in charge of this disaster called the USA in kindergarten?

These idiots are extremely stupid. Give an organization a three letter acronym and all common sense goes out the window. FBI, CIA, EPA, CDC, IRS are all run by morons. Just when they really need science.

Maybe Joe Biden and his antifa gang are running the show.

The only idiots dumber than these clowns are to the north.

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If we actually tried to make ourselves look stupid, we couldn't have done a better job. It was all so obvious to all but the most absorbent, impressionable brain, as to make earnest discussion ridiculous. A shoot down? By plane? Maybe a pea shooter would have set the appropriate tone. But the idea was to associate China with mysterious, unpredictable and nefarious action and this likely worked among the easily influenced demographic.

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Meanwhile, the media "didn't notice" Sy Hersh's article on Nordstream nor did they notice the worst ecological disaster in american soil in, like, ever...

Just any given Sunday after intel captured the "free press"...

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I don't know which is more outrageous, the fact that a Chinese weather balloon wanders into the backyard of a terrifying giant power on the wings of the winds, which is comparable to when an elephant gets a panic attack from a mouse, or when Samantha Power of USAID prepares a "color revolution" for an ally in Hungary, which is not least a NATO member ! Yes, we Hungarians remember very well Hussein Obama's words that we will break the arm of anyone who does not fall in line ! It seems that our overseas "friend" wants to break our arm now ! Of course, standing on the solid ground of law and democracy :) of course not like a pirate republic standing outside the law :) what a hypocritical gang, and you whine that no one in the world loves you ! You celebrate with great noise every year that you have freed yourself from the hideous clutches of the British Empire, but there is no reason to celebrate because you have become the same as the former, now fallen, British Empire ! You will probably have the same fate ! Before you condemn me, I would like to note that I was your friend (perhaps I still am) because I believed that your country was made up of decent people who had times when they could set an example for the world, but presumably these people have also become hostages of a vile dark power !

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Well, you have to take into account that the CSB (no legitimacy without a good solid TLA, I always say) was "hovering" over Montana. Not floating, dears, "hovering". Yes, flapping its balloon wings like a hummingbird, so fast they were actually invisible even to our most sensitive military cameras. My theory is that the balloon was indeed a commercial craft, loaded with uncut fentanyl and bound for Mexico, from where it would soon cross the border illegally and head to ... wait for it ... Montana! The balloon was "hovering" over Montana as its owners were contemplating cutting out the middlemen. When news of this development reached certain high executives at Goldman Sachs, they sent an immediate communication to the White House, with instructions on how to handle this, including all the media spin. Eventually the cargo, as you know, was gently eased into the Atlantic Ocean, where its contents were retrieved by the same special Navy Seals squad that blew up the NordStream pipelines, and delivered to its rightful owners somewhat to the south and west. Wall Street stock values should surge somewhat now, if my analysis is correct.

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As I’ve said before and I’ll say again, what can a spy balloon do that a spy satellite cannot?

It’s a fucking weather balloon. I’m sure China has satellites spying on us, just like we spy on everyone else.

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From Caitlin today

"If the US insists on its right to conduct aerial surveillance on foreign nations, it's a bit silly for it to throw a tantrum when foreign nations return the favor. It would be even sillier to throw a tantrum over a surveillance mission its own intelligence says was accidental. It would be even sillier for the news media of the western world to assist it in doing so."

Add to that, if you consider 39 bases surrounding China and the thousands of US satellites observing the world from high above as the US continues on its hegemonic path, then the "spy balloons" brouhaha is just another example of the mentality of the US leaders and their foreign controllers and financial sponsors as well as the total control the US military have over the media.

As if one needed any more examples of today's media climate.

Sadly though, it also means that the competition that was rumoured to be in train for the best "Balloon" story together with a possible movie on the same subject, may not come to pass. Now that is disappointing. That seemed to be a grand opportunity for a new, imaginative and exciting level of creativity, lost forever.

We'll see what opportunity emerges tomorrow...or the next day...or sometime soon.

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Of course the political figures, policy makers and spooks know this. They track every large moving object in flight.

The media should know this. But are in see no evil mode. Because they are court jesters.

And collectively they are all engaging in a big distraction and gaslighting act, to shift attention from a horrible terrorist action that resulted in the destruction of Europes suppy of cheap gas, which was BTW also the single biggest single time emission of co2 ever on this planet.

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China owns the lifelong groomer and grifter, Joe Biden. Let's just change his name to Chiden.

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BRAVO Caitlin and - once again !! Also-more good items:

-- OUTSTANDING – Feb. 13 -- #1940 – Joe Rogan – Matt Taibbi

-- Outstanding – Feb. 14 -- "America Is A Failed State Run By Psychopaths" Jimmy Dore Weighs In On The Decline Of The Empire -- https://rumble.com/v29ksmq-america-is-a-failed-state-run-by-psychopaths-jimmy-dore-weighs-in-on-the-de.html -- @ Kim Iverson

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And tonight on Pentagon News....

It has a nice ring to it.

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