I think a useful observation can be made here: the fact that the Western empire and its technocrats are going so hard on the propaganda and playing an Information war is actually telling that they essentially believe in their own lies. By that I don’t mean they believe the actual lies, but they believe that these tactics can actually get them across the finish line.

The culture wars and info war are in many ways the fake war. The real war is economic. And they have done everything to destroy the industrial and productive basis of the countries they rule, such that now Russia, China and co are actually bringing online a completely new operating system. Only delusional deep staters and a delusional financial oligarchy believes their info wars and propaganda will actually stop what the Eurasian powers are doing.

And thanks to people like Caitlin, more and more see the info war for the fraud that it is.

In this respect, the establishment has in a very real way fallen for its own lies, and the belief in the power of their own lies.

In reality, their entire system is sitting atop a quadrillion dollar derivatives financial bubble—the Big Lie—and it will crash. They already let the cat out of the bag with digital currencies and the Canadian government (one of the “Five Eyes”) freezing bank accounts.

If people have a choice between converting all their funds and savings into digital currencies, all while the entire system sits atop a bubble, and are told they have no choice and we’re getting rid of cash, people will simply frantically move to convert their money into hard assets, precious metals, etc.

All that to say, the closer the Great Reset crowd gets to their end goal, the more quickly things will unwind and individuals will behave less and less like the predictable random particles in some game theory simulation that they believe everyone to be.

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I can think of a couple of other explanations. First, the thesis of Curtis' Hypernormaization was that public confusion is useful in social control. If people are so disoriented that they don't know which way is up, the result is chronic anxiety and fear which is useful for advancing authoritarian power. This is somewhat plausible but I'm not sure the current ruling elites are well enough organized to actually do it, which leads to the second thought. The lies are being exposed all over the place and they are starting to make the liars and their media supporters look pretty foolish. So maybe this is just a reaction to that.

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Apr 7, 2022·edited Apr 7, 2022

One only has to remember who sold, sold for a profit to people associated with the administration, chemical weapons technology to Iraq ala Chemical Ali , and gave Iraq training and field intel on how to use it against non-combatants / own citizens as well as Iran military. They left a huge paper trail, but still deny it happened, and then used these sales as justification for their own war against Iraq when their own reports clearly show Scott Ritter's UN team had disarmed Iraq of WMD.

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So many brazen examples of media manipulation that it really is time for those enlightened American citizens to revolt. That's unlikely to happen, however as lies and false information seems to be so easily controlled with the media ownership, known to be in the hands of easily manipullted investment companies or pseudo Americans (Israelis) after they have freed up some time and adequate resources from neoconning the likes of feeble presidents and politicians extremely anxious to keep their seats warm in the well paid Congress.

Even in little Australia, an island just off the coast of Asia, we note today that the ABC, the government starved national broadcaster, credible almost all the time, asked for donations for Ukraine under the heading “Standing with Ukraine. Donate”. Never once did they ask for donations for Yemen during the last eight years as America and its tame allies like Saudi Arabia, the UK, Israel and many others bombed civilians on a scale in excess of Ukraine, or over the past 50 years as the US through their controllers, Israel, allowed Palestine to be bombed, starved, shot indiscriminately, jailed without trial, sanctioned , disconnected from water supplies and medicines and any number of other inhumane acts.

Why, you ask?

It’s called election time in Australia, one party the mirror image of the other, but both conveniently dancing to the US beat. The current government has starved the ABC of funding, so therefore it is politically wise to be seen to be embracing the 'let’s get with the US sponsored Ukrainian bandwagon’ with the object of influencing the new government (expected by May / June) to commit to funding a national broadcaster in an appropriate manner.

Remember, if you will that every night not so long ago we saw a highly qualified (and courageous) ABC correspondent named Sophie McNeill in and out of Yemen after criminal bombing attacks on schools, hospitals and civilian targets, at great risk to herself, displaying her close sympathetic association to those on the ground in places like Yemen and Syria. So the ABC knew of all these criminal US acts but never raised a penny to help then. Not a murmur.

Why now, ABC? Why now Australia, UK, Canada, and the pathetic and toothless United Nations, all in the process of removing Russia from the UN Human Rights Council.

Now, if that’s not blatant hypocrisy, what is it?

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The only thing worse than a liar is a proud liar, like "National Security Correspondent" Ken Dilanian. Fortunately, just as the value of money declines with inflation, the value of lying suffers as the quantity of lies increases. Telling one too many lies ceases to deceive even the most gullible among us.

For Dilanian to openly flaunt how lying to the American public is heroically helping win the war in Ukraine and make Putin cower in a corner is obviously utter delusion.

What is going on here is not heroic anti-Russian misinformation warfare; it is plain old anti-Truth misinformation warfare. The notion that Dilanian’s or Joe Biden’s public lies can trick Vladimir Putin is on a par with believing Wiley Coyote will catch Roadrunner. It is cartoonishly preposterous.

There is only one reason for a government to lie so often and so badly, and that is out of absolute desperation.

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The message is that it is okay to lie to us because those lies are hurting Putin's goals. Therefore anyone who exposes the lies is helping Putin.

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Will they at least stop lamenting the "lack of trust in our institutions?"

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I wonder if any of this is really news to anyone who is paying attention. (Not many do, but there are some.) It really surprises me when people I consider to be reasonably intelligent do something like cite the _New York Times_ (for one of many examples) as a reliable source of information. _Admitting_ that one is producing and consuming propaganda (not just lies; the best propaganda is sprinkled with truth) probably reflects an urge to impress a sort of middle tier of cognoscenti. These people have been around for a long time, as have the most blatant propagandists, as a sort of higher rank within the power structure. But I would not expect this higher sort of naïveté to be as widespread as it is.

Perhaps it's too frightening to consider that all the authorities, from the emperor down to the janitor's assistant, are lying and the only people telling the truth are eccentrics, madmen, and outcasts. One doesn't want to be an outcast.

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Thank you !!

Interview w/Scott Ritter, April 6, 2022, By Don DeBar -- Bucha



Scott Ritter’s tweet – April 6, 2022 (he was immediately banned from Tweeter – soon reinstated without explanation). Scott courageously fought US bipartisan War party’s WMD fraud in Iraq.

“The Ukrainian National Police committed numerous crimes against humanity in Bucha. Biden, in seeking to shift blame for the Bucha murders to Russia, is guilty of aiding and abetting these crimes. Congratulations America…. We’ve created yet another Presidential war criminal !!”

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Found on internet: "Our purpose in accusing Russians of doing things that they are not doing is to prevent them from preparing to do things that they are not preparing to do. I get it, I think."

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Anyone who CALCULATES ECONOMIC & RESOURCE CONTROL & PLANNING CONTINUUM needed to establish such as the recent destabilization war in Ukraine or COVID-19 Plandemic & roll-out, or the last 400 years of genocidal colonization wars of N. America (Turtle-Island) & worldwide realizes an coordinated centralized oligarch agenda & capacity, unavailable at lower trickledown levels. These are very long planning cycles & infiltration for system's control at every level.

HISTORICAL REVELATION: Settlers came as economic-ecological refugees from oligarch mismanaged Europe, however financed & shipped as desperate peoples, by these same oligarchs to conquer, occupy & genocide. Before the conquest of 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') Celtic & Slavic Europe by Babylonian & Assyrian colonized Rome & Greece, the very same centralized mismanaged extract & exploit cycle against successful indigenous people & biospheres following the indigenous CIRCLE-OF-LIFE. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/home/indigenous-circle-of-life

The same despondent schizophrenic oligarch false 'money' (Greek 'mnemosis' = 'memory') lineage from failed empire to failed empire, continually creates failure & exploits the export of failure & desperate refugees through devotion of whole colonized nations to arms manufacture & perpetual war for the past 7000 years since Babylon.

1st Nations of the America's were welcoming to refugees. 1st Nations responded economically to refugee invasion in a loving & compassionate way, by facilitating the use of the ancient Wampum String-shell time-based equivalency integrated value systems. These same String-shell Cowrie systems had once been an integral part of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & all islands. Multiple colonial Governor mismanagement of economies was so drastic & obvious that by 1700 AD 85% of economic trades & ownership was established on the Wampum system, leading settlers to greater & greater integration with 1st Nations in intermarriage, trade & joining multistakeholder participatory progressive ownership in 1st Nation Production-Society-Guild enterprises & communities.

Each violently colonizing nation such as Spain, Portugal, France, England & Netherlands were somewhat oblivious to this successful 1st Nation welcoming economic integration. However, the Finance oligarchy, which controlled & still controls all of these superficial 'nations', panicked & commanded each in a coordinated way simultaneously, across all colonies to send military to attack & destroy the Wampum & Quipu integrated value systems of the Americas, which the colonists were thriving within. This same multinational oligarchy instructed its client nations to violently destroy the successful String-shell adoption by colonists & 1st Nation hosts in Africa, Asia, Australia & all islands. We are living with the same oligarch system of command & control failure today. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/relational-economy

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I guess the spooks have figured out the American zeitgeist all along--we just LOVE being lied to! So come on, CIA/NSA/MI6/Generic SpyMasters! Give us your best "fiction" and entertain us with your creativity... Hey, why not a story about an asteroid coming our way that's going to land smack dab on Putin's army in Ukraine? That should be popular. There was a movie about an asteroid recently, wasn't there? I'd look it up, but I don't have the time...

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"... as I can figure the only reason the US government would release this story to the public is because they want the general public to know about it. And the only plausible reason I can think of that they would want the public to know about it is that they are confident the public will consent to being lied to." This is what I call a transparent conspiracy. It's why they made such incredibly stupid "mistakes" on 9/11, and earlier in the JFK assassination (as Vince Salandria pointed out long ago). It's a way of telling us: We've got you by the short hairs and there's nothing you can do about it, so just grin and bear it -- or don't grin but you will have bear it anyway.

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Apr 7, 2022·edited Apr 7, 2022

No one here will have lacked opportunities to hear from friends and relatives about the absolute certainty of some of these lies. This is a great link to rebut the pernicious disinformation campaign so characteristic of the US.

I once was the only civilian passenger in a plane into Grand Rapids, otherwise filled with returning soldiers from Iraq. What an eye-opener. I was both regaled and struck by the BS which had been fed to these poor innocents. They told me how Sadaam had routinely raped the wives and daughters of his enemies in front of them and forced them to watch. Knowing they had lost colleagues, I did not have the heart to tell them I had heard the exact same BS story had been fed to Viet Nam soldiers to whip up their fury and pump up their feeble justification for Nam. (It still doesn’t excuse Mad Dog Goldwater and other war sadists from wanting to nuke the peasants of Nam). But the Domino’s pizza theory of Nam was not enough to have even the poor “ heroes” risk their lives. The lack of public inquiry into Nam and Iraq remains a festering carbuncle on America’s backside.

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Gaslighting Government Goons. For another perspective on the Ukraine War, follow Patrick Lancaster on Youtube and Intel Slava Z on Telegram. Not for the faint of heart, but better than NPC uniparty propaganda.

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The main stream media reports (scripted by the CIA, et al) are so cartoonish and full of traditional memes that only children and very unintelligent people would take them at face value anyway. I'm waiting for the "tossing babies on bayonets" meme to be circulated. I think that's the only one not yet used. These stories are so badly done that even Joseph Goebbels would be embarrassed to take responsibility for them. The sad part is when true atrocities are reported we may discount them as more propaganda.

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