This article is infuriating; our congress-members are infuriating; our corporate owned media are infuriating; and Hillary Clinton's never stopped being infuriating.

The only invasion we should be discussing is of the people on Washington, Langley, and the corporate offices of the media.

Hey republican and democratic congressmen: instead of wagging your dicks on national television, how about providing Americans with fucking health care for starters?

Yeah, it's infuriating.

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Regarding "Pax Americana," "They give the lying name of Empire to robbery and slaughter; they make a desert and call it peace." -- Galgacus, a leader of the North Britons, describing the Romans, as reported by Tacitus in "Agricola."

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hegemony (dominance) and independence (soverignty) can't co-exist.

hegemony, by definition, is threatened by independence.

the parasites (capitalists) can't survive without the host body to suck on.

but the healthy body (is healthy because it) has no (need for) parasites.

you can imagine the existential threat the parasites must feel

when one host body after another poops the parasites out and flushes the toilet.

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I love the part about US ships standing off in the Black Sea, raining down destruction upon Russian forces. The military reality is that Russia possesses the most advanced anti-shipping weapons in the world, including hypersonic missiles, against which the US has no defense whatsoever, as in nada, zip, zilch. I wonder how the senator will feel when those stand-off ships lie at the bottom of the Black Sea along with most of their crews. That such an ignoramus sits on the Armed Services Committee is emblematic of the utter lack of competent leadership at all levels of government in the United States.

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I believe being an ignoramus is a prerequisite.

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Copy-past self-quote here:

"Why should Russia agree to "demobilize" its own army in its own country, and even if there were talks and an agreement were reached, what on earth would make Russia think that the United States would keep its word? Anyway, the United States does not want peace in Ukraine, except as an American controlled satrapy. Which is why the bulk of the Ukrainian Army and various paramilitaries are positioned near Donbass. This is the worst possible place for them to be if the goal were to defend against a Russian invasion; trapped between the Russian border and the Sea of Azov, a Russian lake.

Rather, Ukraine is to go on the attack against the Donbass Republics. One of three things can happen:

1. Ukraine wins; ethnic cleansing ensues, Ukraine joins NATO, the United States takes a victory lap. Sanctions are handed out and the Ukrainians start champing at the bit to attack Crimea. This plays out similarly to the hoped for outcome in Georgia in 2008.

2. Russian intervenes. Ukrainian military is slaughtered. United States demands that Germany cancel NS2 and hands out sanctions. The United States is not positioned to intervene. This is more like what actually happened in Georgia in 2008.

3. Russia doesn't have to intervene; Ukrainian incompetence does for them what it did twice in 2014-15. Russia is blamed regardless and the United States demands that NS2 be cancelled.

Once NS2 goes online, its cancellation will be much more disruptive and costly, and Ukraine will be even more vulnerable to gas shutoff, and consequently even more of a liability to Europe than before. Therefore, from the United States' and Ukrainian junta perspectives, the time to attack is now."

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Brilliant -- thank you !!

Remember unspeakable horrors in Indonesia started shortly after CIA's JFK assassination.

Unlike Vietnam -- in Indonesia the US victory was total - "The Jakarta Method" -- the population is terrorized to this day...

And Obama’s mother, as a honey pot to Suharto’s colonel, was a part of this horror…

The Murderous History and Deceitful Function of the CIA


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There's this episode of Hate Thy Neighbor on Viceland where they show a far right Ukranian torch march. The Obama administration armed the far-right factions in Ukraine. Similar to the ones interviewed in the docucomedy.

Then came the Charlottesville torch march. All this happened in 2017. Seems the US important Tiki-Nazis

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Wicker is an insane asshole, as Tulsi Gabbard says on Fox News (!). Tucker Carlson seems to like her, which makes me (almost) like him. Ted Cruz is equally nuts and a menace to humanity. The official Russian "read-out" is here: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fkremlin.ru%2Fevents%2Fpresident%2Fnews%2F67315%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0FJIBGPDB2yLoltoMnRDYh2QLB-CxzqwvqcMHEbLEBmA6I7jY_x0ImGY0&h=AT1jr2Jeyo4IUCda264jgWC58ZYo7XpDFxpp6yZW-jnHe9s8YDUFsKOsClEaX1VhjG5YhXgYgSzu5WY54MrUP1rdHCNwKKFO5RtS6A_Eu6YuWBDKkGhzgPKpCHbpQSD6O2sX_4cskFvTYW6yKEd_&__tn__=-UK-R&c[0]=AT340cCLiNDXkFMWTWq62NDkBmBg4gsbAoY4vuDF5OqjuIQSwcUs4YBQa2b6bB2WX0Rq8r_CrxN6eijrG7hPysS5BN3J-873c3ZiJUCah6fb5w6WKpOI3UpMrQYt2Twitr9V64OhrrwKsvaBPcBUOk4eRg. Should be a button for the Google translation at the top.

The US attempt to use Nordstrom II to pressure the Russians -- and force Germany to buy dirty US fracking gas instead -- is maddening, but I'm afraid the new German Trampoline Master Bärbock will not be able to resist since she is a US puppet and (therefore) a Russophobe.

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If TC would cut the shit with the overt racism he's got points on the lockdowns, gender norms, dems and woke twitter.

He's just way to racist but yeah it's good to have Dore, Gabbard, Kucinich, Parampil et al on his show.

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MIC-IMATT (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think-Tank) strikes again. 16 Billion per flat top, and they, MIC-IMATT are using huffed up conflict to sell 8 more of them to the empire, and like any good capitalist complex not only do they never let any opportunity go to waste they seek to use any form of advertising to create new demand for their products. The profit motive for the win, to hell with humans.

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