So why did the Times decide to bring this story forward when, in the past, it has willingly gone along with numerous major lies and coverups? I have a suspicion that the Deep State now wants to disentangle from Syria and the greater Middle East. Allowing this massacre to become public knowledge may help nudge neocons and liberal hawks in that direction. No one will want to have their names associated with this atrocity or the Syria regime change project.

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Could it be because in 2019 Trump was President? It will be "interesting" to see what comes next.

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"What the public doesn't know won't hurt them," should be the motto of the US military. #FreeAssange

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A few things come to mind:

Absolutely nothing has changed about the US war machine since Vietnam, except those who participate in its carnage now do so willingly. There is zero honor in this.

The military rot runs deep, and is clearly not just confined to its civilian leadership.

Civilian oversight is ineffectual when those doing so are regularly lied to, or what I suspect more likely, lie to themselves while eyeing cushy jobs as board-members upon their retirement from what is still grotesquely referred to as public service.

Corporate print media's role in covering a wide array of official malfeasance is spotty at best. Broadcast media is even worse. Investigations take time, but wrongdoing -- when we do learn of it -- is too often presented as only happening in the past.

The current regime of democrats are totally incapable (unwilling) of rectifying this situation. Donald Trump likewise proved to be not up to the task. Anyone continuing to vote for either "option" is only embracing these problems, not fixing them.

Who, when their country was invaded, wouldn't pick up a weapon to defend themselves? Such people are not my enemy.

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"...if I were a more conspiracy-minded person I'd say the paper of record appears to have been infiltrated by journalists." -- priceless.

Wait, what? Our military actually bombed ISIS? Our allies against Assad? Oh, I see, it was the "last bastion," so it was mostly the families of low ranking fighters equivalent to our enlisted personnel. The important commanders had already been ferried out to Afghanistan, so it's probably OK.

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As if this particular massacre were a one-off.

The only thing remarkable about the NYT piece is that the NYT decided to publish it, after decades of non-stop cheerleading for endless war, everywhere.

So, why?

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