This the main reason I voted against Biden in 2020 - I knew if he won we'd be at war with Russia probably before the end of his first term. Feckless faux-gressives running MSNBC have been stoking this conflict for years by convincing viewers Trump won with Russia's help.

I've read recently someone saying that both Biden and Pelosi are old enough to not care if they burn the world down on their way out. Whatever their reasoning, there is no excuse for fomenting nuclear war, even if Putin were a "HItler" as they paint him to be. Hate Trump all you want but he'd already be sitting down with Putin to "make a deal" - and even if he were Putin's bitch I'd rather have peace with Putin's bitch than nuclear fallout to deal with.

The anti-war left has been conveniently neutered by how all of this has been framed, BTW. In many ways, it's nefariously brilliant....if you want to see the world burn.

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From the beginning I screamed WHERE ARE THE PEACEMAKERS? Where is the diplomacy? The response from DC was shocking, yes, the failure to negotiate anything, then, to so swiftly create propaganda, was scandalous for certain. When the I STAND WITH UKRAINE movement went viral and psychotic, it sent my C-PTSD into a spin. But for 40+ I have been an anti-nuclear and peace activist, what else would one expect from me.

Humans are collectively getting more stupid and sociopathic. Remember when we used to think humans would become more enlightened and if properly informed they would act in their own self interest? You can smoke that pipe dream.

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Blessed are the war-mongers, for they shall realize war profits... Blessed are the corrupt politicians, for they shall have their palms greased... Blessed are the brainless mainstream media pundits spewing propaganda, for they shall be hired by the Ministry of Truth one day... Damned are the poor, the oppressed, the peoples of Earth the military-industrial complex seeks to profit from, for theirs is the luck to have to suffer Biden and his lot forever--unless we get the guillotines ready. Soon.

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Well that makes us the worst public in history.

From the common voter to our top 'pundits'.

Doesn't it?

Because we've always known Biden is doing nothing. He's a puppet.

Why are you saying 'Biden the worst President' ?

When are you/we going to call a spade a spade?

Call out those who're running this show.

Home in on the real target.

Prime, inform and prime, the people and then let's use our democratic machinery to get the bastards out and a return to some kind of sanity.

This has been going on for more than two years now.

And all through it we have done nothing, generally speaking, except call for mass rallies and convoys and 'protests' and cry that 'someone should do something'.

Well it needs the REAL manipulators identified and then voter democratic processes to get at them, remove them, incarcerate them for the criminals they clearly are.

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He was the worst before Ukraine, but this seals it permanently.

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This has been a long time coming , more than a decade. The sniffing around Ukraine began at least a decade ago, then regime change, implantation of the obligate puppet, the consequent puppeteering, the baby potatoes Russiagate fiasco, the very dubious Navalny and Skripals incidents. the flouting of Russia’s lines in the sand, and then the proxy war now.

No vote was ever taken on the proxy war, any more than there were public votes on Nam, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Some democracy!

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A healthy press would be grilling him every day on why he wasn't working towards peace.

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Not sure what’s scarier - that he still has 30% approval rating or that Kamala is a heartbeat away with even lower ratings. 81 million votes is a bigger farce than 14 days to slow the spread.

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A president who brings on the apocalypse, the end of everything on this planet, is by definition the worst. And it's not like he's brilliant or anything: he's been playing his cards like a drunken gambling addict. But he will not have done it all on his own, were the worst outcome to befall us; the world is soft on Nazis and other fascists: that is the hard fact we refuse to acknowledge, and it is the key.

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An OUTSTANDING new interview:

Scott Ritter; Ukraine, Finland and Nato, a Warning to the People of Finland – May 8, 2022


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A deeply corrupt war criminal

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I was riding home in a car this morning when I read Caitlin's article and I started to wonder, what bumper-sticker-political slogan might we adapt here. What do you think?

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This is a very good, well argued article. I'd like to add that, our fears of annihilation in nuclear war aside, people in eurasia deserve, as much as we do or anyone else does, the freedom to live their lives in safety and to feel that their friends, neighbors, families, and communities are adequately secure and provided for.

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The president is doing nothing as promised

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"Biden's refusal to attempt to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine is the greatest scandal in American political history."

I would be the last one to question Scott Horton in his statement about Biden and “scandals”.

However, if one wanted to take this further, with a cast of hundreds of events competing for that prize, I would have to question his choice based of the well engineered fictional world of 9/11 leading to Afghanistan, Bush and his "shock and awe” in Iraq (for no reason at all), the deaths due to Nixon and Johnson and Co in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and the two unnecessary atomic bombs in Japan in 1945 designed to win a war, already won, the introduction to the world of things to come, US-style.

But Chile and the after effects of that outrage is a hard one to beat with so many competing for that prize but the winner being Kissinger by a large margin. Still a respected US hero figure.

Well, I am still going. Cuba and the US intrusions in that little country, still living in the 1960’s with not a lot of progress for 30 years thanks to US sanctions and devious deeds of mischief.

Let’s not identify all the Neocons of the Bush era, Colin Powell’s visit to the UN, the multi millions dead over decades through the inhumane process of sanctions, the list of public servants such as Albright, Clinton, Pompeo, Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney, Nixon and Bolton The list is endless. Yes, hard too believe but the US started with a George Washington. Remember?

Current day shame would be the pursuit of Julian Assange which could end with just one word from the current feeble-minded Biden.

Who has the time to list American crimes over 70 years but they make the centuries of British exploitation around the world read like a like a friendly travelogue.

But for sheer bloody-mindedness and international corruption, Israel and its dirty tricks history through bribery and corruption, .......exampled by the total control of the whole US Congress.....being the biggest success to date, the corruption that made all UN Resolutions passed for Palestinian justice since 1967 a collection of waste paper, the infiltration into western governments around the world while there in Dimona it sits waiting with 400+ nuclear warheads on hand (thanks to the covert cooperation of the USA again), and you can see the future, just waiting to happen…..and just around the corner.

Biden is a naive fool when compared to the long range plans of Israel. He is a willing part of their plans together with the BlackRocks and Vanguards, the controlling investor bosses owning half the world as well as all past and undoubtedly all future US politicians. The US system encourages such corruption.

A scandalous country, indeed.

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ABC would do the American public a favor by airing The Day After

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