It is important tp point out, as Caitlin has, that those who say "capitalism isn't working and must be reformed" have it ass backwards, or ass in every direction but the right one. this is quintessential capitalism. And while it isn't necessary, and in fact, counterproductive to believe everything anyone says, it seems clear that Russia is way ahead on the truth quotient, as well as the closely associated ethics scale.

Putin made clear what he was proposing to do: cleanse out the nazi factor, a factor much bragged about by Ukrainian nazis themselves, who were slighted at not having their unrelenting brutality recognized as the essential element in the 2014 coup: and in the process have Ukraine emerge as a neutral state like Switzerland, and free of all US, British and EU finagling and manipulation.

This could have been done the easier way, but the West, in its own perceived interests insisted on the hard way. Zelensky insists the troops trapped in Mariupol fight unto death, and this will likely be the case, although amnesty was promised by Russia to all non-Nazis. That Zelensky's orders sound very Hitlerian will not be acknowledged by the West : its agenda is to smear Putin as a war criminal. I doubt this impresses anyone with any moderate historical knowledge of US political interference in and attack on non-submissive sovereign states, and the facts of Russia's initiative here.

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"a factor much bragged about by Ukrainian nazis themselves" - for those who didn't see the admission: https://rumble.com/vwb632-ukraine-neo-nazis-infiltrate-every-level-of-military-and-government.html

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We can only wish these creepers were entrapped in Mariupol and about to be crushed rather than the young, inducted, gang-pressed demographic. But I doubt that. They are only effective and "brave" as stealth sharpshooters against an unarmed, unsuspecting public.

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Zelensky is an actor, the world is his stage. The Military Industrial Complex's "arsenal of democracy" has "liberated" millions around the world from living peacefully. As HRC once said: "We came, we saw, he died." How To Wage War: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-wage-war?s=w

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Zelensky has $580M according to Panama papers.

How has he “earned” that money?

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I was kinda shocked, Biden & Kerry's kids weren't green-screened into glorious Right Sektor traitor round-up, or battle with orcs, beneath Azovstahl?


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“of course the propaganda cuts both ways. Obviously it does. Uncritically believing Russia-aligned sources about this war is just as sure to give you an inaccurate picture of events as uncritically believing US/NATO/Ukraine-aligned sources (i.e. all mass media). It's psyops all the way down.” BRAVO!!

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There are no "separate countries" in a one world government.

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Sovereignty of any kind--for nations or individuals--is now prohibited.

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Yes propaganda cuts both ways however in this instance (watching both play out):

(a) there is very little Russian propaganda because it has no platform, we de-platformed every dissenting opinion from the Western panopticon. all that is left is the cringe-worthy emotive (and often staged) scenes we are fed. When these scenes are proven to be out of context, lies, staged, etc,.. the media moves on to the next psy-op and does not retract the story - its job is done.

(b) what little you can glean from Russia appears to be far closer to the truth that plays out over the longer term - none of it is vaguely entertained in our media and its absence speaks volumes (e.g. the West breaking OSCE agreements on military proliferation by NATO expansion, the run up to the invasion: increased shelling of the Donbass, Ukraine forces increasing around Crimea, NATO and nuke provocations from Zelensky, etc.) All the spin is pro-Ukraine and never that the Russians may well have been acting in self defence and aligned to UN charter (legally) on defensive action and protecting neighbour countries.

Add to that the history of lies by the West around Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and their standard playbook on proxy warfare: arm the rebels, buy or threaten the opposition, funding, arms deals,.. they do all this in broad daylight (they just did it to Imran Khan) and we are expected to not even blink any more?

I think you just need basic awareness and common sense to work it all out. At the end of the day if enough people in Europe realise they are shooting themselves in the foot just to cosy up to the US (which will end up in mass inflation, hunger, cold showers and a colder winter to say the least) then the narrative will do a u-turn. It will be interesting to see how it does, if enough people wake up, and how the West will try to save face. Zelensky may well become another "hero" fall-guy.

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Curious that Caitlin, Glenn Greenwald, MaxBlumenthal, AaronMate, Chris Hedges et al. have not (yet) been thrown out of Twitter. Unlike Scott Ritter.

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Ritter provides a much better understanding of what is going on in Ukraine.

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the question that i keep coming back to is how is this going to end? i dont mean the proxy war, i mean the whole psyops, how do we take back control? it wont be by election.

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It will end in a huge explosion. Seriously, how can it end?

If Russia loses then the deep state will go full blaze in to it's insane hell and drag humanity down with it. Look at all the propaganda it does and how it has almost every media outlet, the financial system, and politicians/government in it's pocket.

If Russia loses then what this means is that the deep state will control the world and over a generation or two they will have brainwashed the entire world. Kids will say to their parents "You are crazy, there was never any war between Ukraine and Russia, you are just making things up. I don't see anything about it on YT so it didn't happen!". [That is just hyperbole but not much, might take several generations]

If Russia wins then the deep state will not give up their power and of course will keep attacking and using whatever means necessary. The last resort is nukes and bio weapons. When all else fails this is what they will use. They are psychopaths.

It is no different than having, say, some insane person driving a car trying to impress the people in and thinks it's funny try and scare them. So he speeds up and drives crazy. When they tell him to stop he gets off on it so does more insane things which makes them more scared so he he gets off on it more and does even more insane things... eventually he wrecks and kills them and other innocent people and then says it was just an accident and not his fault.

We can't take back control. Too many people are clueless. Not enough people willing to die to save themselves(as it is kind of pointless). This is what happens when you let power accumulate in the hands of the few. A few people(probably around 1M or so worldwide) can control the rest of the population through controlling goods, services, minds, etc.

E.g., if you have a hierarchical organization(which all governments, corporations, military, cabals, etc are) then all you have to do is corrupt and/or take over the a few people at the top and you control the entire thing. e.g., that is fundamentally what mind control is, they control your mind they control you(your current actions, your thoughts, your interactions with other humans, your future actions, etc).

It is a fundamental issue with the design of society. Our systems empower psychopaths who are willing to do whatever it takes for that control. Lie, cheat, steal, murder, etc. Sane intelligent people are not in to such insane and primitive things(by definition) so they won't spend their time trying to subvert organizations and people to control them. They find joy in non-social things(science, engineering, teaching, building, music, art, etc). Psychopaths find "joy" in control, power, destruction.

So to stop the psychopaths you have to become a psychopath... and that defeats the purpose. That is, you have to exterminate them(else, if you don't, they will multiply and subvert). It is much easier to turn someone in to a psychopath than to cure them. Hence when you allow psychopathy to co-exist in a society it will eventually overrun it... and it has.

Once the lunatics take over the asylum what can you do? By definition they have it taken over. Sure, if enough people could mount an offensive and were willing to die and kill to take back control it could easily be done but that requires a lot on the part of the "inmates". If the citizens were intelligent, organized and motivated enough they could do it but they are not.

So what do we do? We do nothing and watch it all crumble. That is, you can't stop it. What you can do that has some meaning is try to build a small sanctum that is not vulnerable to what is going to happen. If you can make a sustainable system by working with other humans who all understand what is going to happen so you will be somewhat immune to the collapse then you will provide a small seed of sanity and stability in the world that can grow.

Think of a fire that is blazing through a forest and you as some animal understand this because of your higher intelligence to the rest of the animals(maybe you've seen it before and learned). But you can't flee. So either you are consumed be the fire or you some how try to build a fortification that can protect you.

You can also try to speak up. Maybe you can get the other animals to understand what is going on... but talk is cheap... but it's better than nothing. Best to do all things possible.

Once the fire ravages humanity the psychopaths will have less control. Why? Because psychopaths will turn on each other to get that power(that may already be happening). As things crumble each one out of their own fear will drive them to want to be in control more and so all their evil that they turned on society will turn towards each other as they become paranoid, delusional, and full of fear. This is sort of like a game of chicken played between two psychopaths who, feet from crashing realize they are about to die and understand what it then means. Of course the biggest psychopath usually takes over so ultimately nothing is solved.

But if the masses can educate themselves, learn to work together, and realize that it is psychopaths that are the problem... and more importantly systems that empower them and learn not to build such systems(any form of government that isn't going to end up this way has to make it priority that psychopathy cannot infest it. This is more important than food, shelter, education, etc... but all those things are necessary too. But they will be taken care of once you get rid of psychopathy).

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I'm old, I've never ONCE voted for a winner in ANY general election. At least, in the US of A, if you're not a delusional, white, connected PMC, in certain corporate city-states; you have NO say, meaningful vote or any real input (eg: even DNC™ LLC's slumlord superdelegates in NYC can only wait to see which state or local gangster family member will be collecting graft & kick-backs as tens-of-thousands more die & they have to flip unlivable rent-stabilized apartments to new undocumented PASC victims, indentured into 1099 gig-serfdom MASKLESS, yet again?





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It's absolutely insane. Try to find real footage of the "war" and all that comes up on youtube is Pro-Ukraine videos about how easily they are destroying Russians and how dumb and weak the Russians are. There are many videos that make the footage seem like call of duty.

1. Is the propaganda simply to extract $$$ by building it up. The "content creators" get a cut from the deep state, the deep state gets their $$$ from tax payers and weapons sells, etc. Is it that simple? YT gets paid to push the deep state propaganda?

2. Something else entirely is going on. Sure a lot of what is going on in 1 but is this a cover up? Wars generally are coverups for failures of governments who use them as a distraction and a way to steal $$$ from society. But is there more?

The fraud market is even more insane than the war. It was going on well before war(remember GME?). It has the same footprint as 2000/Enron/dotcom, 2008/Lehman/VW squeeze, and now 2020/Covid/Ukraine War.

Don't forget Epstein is somewhere in the mix.

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One obvious proof that the entire Western "Corporate-bin-Laden" media is propagating and/or cheerleading the US/NATO proxy war is the fact tbat, among the thousands of fotos and narratives depicting the horrific civilian casualties, I have yet to see a SINGLE picture or story showing a wounded or dead Ukrainian soldier! Wow, what a miracle, ZERO Uke troop killed despite Russia firing hundreds of missiles and tens of thousands of artillery shots! Is that a video game I'm watching, or what???

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For those with strong stomachs, check out Patrick Lancaster's youTube channel.

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Democracy as a weapon of war


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hilarious and 100% on the nose

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I hope that posting this link is okay, but for those who have not seen it, this is a documentary on Donbas, giving another perspective on Ukraine.


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Alarming – Where is courageous journalist Gonzalo Lira ??


The Daily Beast Is Trying To Get Me Killed – March 21, 2022


Is US Security apparatus working, together with Daily Beast, WaPost, NYT, on locating journalist Gonzalo Lira in Kharkov?

Have they contributed to his “disappearance” by Ukrainian Nazi government secret service?

Mr. Lira just published a list of other “disappeared” prominent Ukrainians…

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Cui Bono. When examined in detail explains everything.

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