Great article! Putin bad, all Putin's fault - Ok but did you not see the rising inflation before the war started? Silence

There won't as much silence in a few months when food becomes more scarce.


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the majority of americans want to reap the "benefits" of their imperialism without its consequences. they blame the victims of their imperialism for its consequences. then, Putin bitch-slapped them into reality.

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Russia’s oil is banned. Europe is running out of petrol supply. Where will there get their oil? The USA

Russia’s Nord Stream gas project for Europe has been cancelled. Where will they get their gas supplies now? The USA

Russia’s wheat market has come to an end due to USA pressure. How will they make their bread? USA wheat

Biden has his instructions……..

- don’t get involved in a direct war against Russia

- ramp up supplies of oil and gas and wheat to Europe…..at the new increased pricing. Control the marketplace

- paint Russia as another Third Reich with Putin as a heartless dictator

- continue to control the media output to suit the USA Grand Plan, World Power.

- encourage BlackRock and Vanguard to increase their media control by adding to their 28 million shares in the New York Times and other media groups and

-keep expanding NATO’s military bases to totally control and limit Russia’s European economic expansion, therefore its ability to recover

Does Ukraine ever think about the recent history of NATO, with the USA in the drivers seat….here then is a short list of NATO’s accomplishments:

The destruction of Yugoslavia

The destruction of Afghanistan

The destruction of Libya

The destruction of Iraq

The destruction of Syria and

The possible destruction of Ukraine through NATO's ongoing encirclement of Russia and the hegemonic ambitions of the USA

Zelensky, once a comedian, now a naive fool…..a pawn for Israel and America

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As always, thank you for the sanity.

“Schrödinger's Putin: Simultaneously a crazy deranged lunatic and also much too level-headed and rational to respond to western escalations with nuclear weapons.”

Great! People are caught in a series of hypnotic double “binds.”

Here’s an interesting one by RD Laing. He, along with Gregory Bateson and all those fun MK-Ultra Tavistock circles took great interest in schizophrenia.

Today, when I look at the messaging, the countless doubles binds and illusions of choice” that cause people to sound schizo, I start to wonder about why they were really so interested in schizophrenia…

“ They are playing a game. They are playing at not

playing a game. If I show them I see they are, I

shall break the rules and they will punish me.

I must play their game, of not seeing I see the game.”

R.D. Laing — Knots

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Who gets rich from the price increases caused by removing Russian export products from NATO-member markets? Hint: they bought out our democratic institutions years ago. The most important (and indirectly profitable) privatization projects were not commemorated in historic IPOs but in court decisions, the most famous being Citizens United.

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Try explaining to neolibs that the gas in the tanks at their corner gas station didn't come from Russia AND it was processed and sold several months before this proxy war began, so the price couldn't be affected by Bad Man Putin fighting the Neo-Nazis of the Azov Battalion is so much whistling into the wind. They just won't have it. The neolibs just wanna throw temper tantrums and cry about all those "refugees who look like us with blue eyes and blond hair." (All Brown, Black and other non-white refugees obviously don't count as such, in their opinion.) It's disheartening when you realize how human empathy has become an endangered species.

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Fun fact: US inflation was at 7.9% before Russia invaded Ukraine. Blaming the Russians for it is a desperate attempt by Democrats not to get totally clobbered in the November midterm elections.

It will work as well as Democrats have for the people who voted for them.

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Well, The States has cut COVID assistance to hand drunk Nazis Javelins & Stingers (for Pootinz volunteers to capture and dispense) while BA.2 hits MASKLESS mouthbreathers, in NooYawkCiddy, screaming directly into our faces, that "it's OVER! I'm SUPER Immune! Follow the SCIENCE!" Cough, COUGH! A-CHoooo...






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Bleating about "whataboutism" = hypocrisy.

I guess I'll have to stop using DuckDuckGo and migrate to Yandex, for as long as that might last.

There are no "massive antiwar protests" in Russia. Putin has a massive approval rating that has increased 10 percentage points since 8/24.

I frankly do not believe the reports of massive arrests. I was in Moscow in 2019 and saw a single woman on Old Arbat Street holding a sign protesting Russian involvement in Donbass. She was free to speak and nobody harassed her. If there is ANY repression since Feb. 24, I'm sure it is nowhere near the extent of interning millions of innocent Japanese in WW II.

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I wouldn't mind most any sacrifice if it was in service of some noble and beneficial end, but glassing the planet just so the Psakis of the world can continue to reproduce in their fetid little bubbles? Hell, no.

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Yep. But the only thing I can find to connect Biden, Putin, all the world's major leaders, and - to a lesser degree - Zelensky, is their fawning allegiance and creeping servitude to the dominant globalism. A globalism which would be literally and metaphorically cast into the furnace by a nuclear holocaust. So I won't be doing *whoever they are's* bidding and crouching down, quiet, compliant, and fearing it. Because it's less likely to happen now than it ever was.

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`As a toddler I would crawl under the table with my Mother on the nights the Germans bombed Belfast in WW2 and that was the year I was told to hate Germans. This year I am told to hate Russians and these last years is it the Iranians; Syrians; Libyans o at least their leaders? Sometimes it is hard to keep-up with this 'Hate Thing'. But the E.U. must have expected a lot of 'Hate' as they spent billions on arms, never mind all those poor refugees fleeing from the 'Hate Places', confined to their misery. Who will I hate next year that is if there is going to be a next year. John-Patrick Bell Ireland.

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Iran is testing USA after USA just sleazed one of their tankers, by hitting Israeli site in Ibril, Iraq, next to USA consulate there. They know the USA isn't sincere in it's negotiations, and as to Venezuela, it will take years to undo the damage the USA inflicted on Venezuela's ability to produce oil. There is no center, and so any step to solve one problem results in moves to undo it by those who profit from the status quo. All of this is vacuuming wealth at an ever increasing rate to the 0.01% and their servants in the PMC will get enough crumbs to keep powering the vac.

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Why does Putin think he can ignore the Imperial Ring kissing ritual? There can't be exceptions to this rule because it undermines the whole idea of absolute goodness, truth, authority, and, well, destiny. Bush openly admitted God spoke to him the eve of the attack on Iraq, and told him "go for it". It doesn't get more official than that. So, right: there is no sacrifice too great to venerate and promote this view of the world. It's a privilege, really.

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