Oops. Guess I better hide -- or burn -- my modern English translations of Tom Paine's "Common Sense", Rousseau's "Social Contract" and Antonio Gramschi's Prison Notebooks (oh no, wait, I read that one in the original Italian). If discovery of an Arabic translation of Mein Kampf can justify a genocide, heaven knows what my Fascist government might do to me for harboring these works in my personal library of rebellion. Democratic Republic. The Bill of Rights. Representative government. Spazzatura! (Rubbish)

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We are seeing living proof of just how urgently we need to establish the multipolar world where there is balance of power, reciprocity and accountability--the unipolar world has been an absolute disaster and we are seeing the end result. No single nation can be allowed to dominate the world as this is a recipe for fascism and everything that goes with it . There must always be countervail and accountability, a balance of power among major powers where no single nation can act unilaterally.

The 60th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination is November 22; his legacy is still with us and we need to act on it.

He said wisely things don't happen, they are made to happen and we all bear responsibility accordingly.

He also said Mankind's problems are self-created, and therefore we should be able to solve them.

His legacy is completely available to us and is more urgent and relevant than it was in his time .

The insurrection that killed him and so many others is still controlling the US agenda.

America and the world today might be very different if he had served two full terms. He foresaw then what is happening now, so too did Martin Luther King and so many others.

Unfortunately for America there were dark forces after WW ll that fell in love with war and fascism and still prevail today. They are the ones that killed the American Dream.

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“...powers that rule over us...”. Thank you for not calling them ‘our leaders’. The former is what they are and calling them “leaders” is a legitimization of their true nature.

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The moneyed-mighty within try to keep truth out of their inn

by keeping the entrance selectively thin.

"Oh, what a sin", they say with a grin. "It doesn't fit in."

Turned away again and again, truth starts to spin.

If it can't get in making a point needle slim

it'll have to go as a furious wind.

Goodbye inn.

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Supporting Israel at this point is simply another form of white supremacy.

Them saying anyone who doesn't agree is an anti-semite is their tell.

Like if there had been a slave-uprising back in the day in the U.S., and the authorities responded by killing all the slaves -- if you disagreed with that they might say you were un-American or anti-Christian.

It's the same level of hypocrisy.

The more they try to shove it down everyone's throats the more obvious it becomes.

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Exactly. What's going on now in Gaza will be seen like Germany in the second world war.

For Americans, instead of voting for Democrats or Republicans -- more of the same old war machine -- why not vote for Cornel West? I wish we had someone like him to vote for in Canada.

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I found the “Mein Kampf “ episode hysterical.

Was any proof offered that it actually WAS a copy of that book translated into Arabic? No, we must take IsraHell’s word for it …ah ha ha ha ha!

I have a copy of Mein Kampf myself. As a history buff, I thought it important to read it. My forte is actually the Civil War; I’ve read many volumes on Confederate generals, but that doesn’t mean I support slavery.

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Israel and Jerusalem of old were destroyed completely in 70 AD! What is left is a contrived secular culture connected at the hip to the money whores that exist in good ole USA. Follow the money trail.

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The Mein Kampf farce was on the Sunday morning BBC flagship politics programme, fronted by establishment stooge Laura Kuensberg- last seen being caught off camera giving her opinion on Jeremy Corbin. I never watch this program or any of the other neo con promos for imperialism, and now genocide, disguised as political shows on the UK media.

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Wait 'til they find yellow cake, the original batch of the Wuhan virus, the third nuclear bomb that was not dropped on Japan, etc...

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Caitlin so clearly recognizes the insanity and depravity that is being shown to the world. I have posted here before about this, but the matter is too important to not do it again. I think we must change the dominant narrative, otherwise we just continue on the path of destruction and hatred. Given the craven behavior of the western governments, we have to look to alternatives to stopping the bombing of Gaza. It might not work, but maybe it's worth trying. I came up with this petition, that is outside of the current narrative, that I hope might have some effect in stopping the bombing in Gaza. This is not instead of whatever else we are doing to try to change this situation and stop the killing. Please sign and share if you can.


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How dare you read that filth . 🔥books🔥books🔥books. ok enough isnt it the Point to See the sausage being made so we dont make sausage from people ever again ? Or something like that ?

Im only flipant because this is braking my brain. Ive been antiwar since Vietnam 🤷‍♀️im fuckin exhausted w/ these monsters. Destrtoyed desecrated Baby’s body parts do not stop them. I dont want to be a part of that club.

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Caitlin a person who does NOT hide what she thinks and I am glad. I have always been honest and had some bad times. It is up to everyone to be honest and brave now. It's about not being trampled on and knowing who you are.

Sometimes it's hard to be the lone person crying out there but it does work.

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The Israeli government is and has been a master of psyops and propaganda. Consider the large swaths of Americans who still buy into the Israeli narrative of 911.

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Well said Caitlin. Thank you. I was watching college basketball on TV last night and saw several pro-Israel commercials. They were scolding us for increasingly hating Israel and instructing us to support Israel by displaying a blue square on our correspondence. They made a minor mention of hate increasing in other areas, but it sounded like a token attempt to make their commercial sound like an anti-hate message in general instead of a pro-Israel propaganda piece.

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Nov 15·edited Nov 15

I was watching some vid segments Tuesday evening on YouTube; Alex Christoforou and Theduran with Alex and Alexander Mercouris, and some others, some of the ones I was watching were “political,” some not. A new ad, first I had seen it, kept popping up, talking about October 7, Hamas beheading babies, etc etc, and bashing my House rep for having voted no on H.Res. 771. There was a number to call and tell them to “stand up for Israel,” etc.

The sponsor was something called “United Democracy Project,” which a simple search immediately reveals is an offshoot of AIPAC. I am going to try to call the number today and express my SUPPORT for my rep, as I did with the online contact form the other day. As I’ve said before, I don’t know much what else to do.

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