I don't have strong opinions about RFK Jr. either, but anyone that sends the MSM and spooks into a such a frenzy piques my interest,

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Ah the corporate propagandists(who are called media) smearing someone who has an anti-establishment message. The nuts who label Kennedy Jr are the biggest conspiracy theorists. They still push the RussiaGate conspiracy theory. Their pharma, corporate, right wing ideology is out in the open. Looks like those 'liberals' don't like one who questions corporate power or fascism.

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RFK Jr is another bait and switch candidate like Bernie. His own son is a mercenary fighting for the Ukrainian terrorists. He is a pro Israel Zionist, who blames Palestinians for their treatment by the terrorists calling themselves Israelis.

Unfortunately, Americans are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and never do the research.

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I swore I would never vote again after the Bernie Burnout when it became obvious he was simply a Dem shill.

That said, I'm convinced Bobby Jr. is NOT Bernie. Remember Bernie had plenty of press, and not all bad until it counted. This is different.

Bernie never went after the CIA or Pentagon except for lame nothingburger complaints about the lost money. RFK Jr. knows where all the bodies are buried and he hasn't pulled any punches about any of it, including his own journey and faults, which Bernie never did.

Last week I went back and watched his appearance on The Jimmy Dore Show from March, which I had missed. I came away from that believing that this guy is real.

And while he may have some ancient views on some foreign policy, notably Israel, there are a couple things that stand out for me.

Pardon Assange and Snowden Day One.

End Ukraine.

I know, I know, Day One promises are almost always bullshit, but for some reason, I believe him.

Those two things alone would be worth the price of admission.

And I liked what he said that while Trump promises slash and burn to empty the swamp, and that's one way to do it, but Bobby has spent the last 20 years suing many of the agencies that are holding America hostage. He knows the agencies and he knows the department heads, and he knows where the problems lie.

Again, he knows where the bodies are buried. And he knows that our biggest enemy is the CIA.

I don't know what's going to happen, and I can't predict how I'll feel toward the election, but what I did do was go to kennedy24.com and donated to his campaign.

I think he can make more than a dent, and I believe he is earnest and genuine.

And if the System hates him so much and is working so hard to disappear him, that tells me that I want to see where this goes.

If nothing else, it'll make great copy.

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Thank you Caitlin🙏

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I would say "duh!" but I realize that many people still don't get this.

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I am not enamored with RFK as quite a few in this forum are, but I appreciate his contribution in highlighting the role of the establishment in smearing anyone who's even in some tiny way is trying to challenge it. Maybe he'll help a few zombies to wake up.

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When government and corporations essentially merge, each covering up for the other's faux pas, each doing the dirty work necessary to support the other entity, it's called "fascism". The US is clearly a fascist state, but it likes to pretend it isn't, sadly to its own citizens' detriment.

This paragraph pretty much sums up US election problems: "This is where the most election interference will come from in this presidential race: not from Russia, not from China, but from the rich and powerful drivers of the US-centralized empire. The operation of a globe-spanning power structure is simply too important to be left in the hands of the electorate."

In other words, we the lowly American voters are not to be trusted. The government-corporation-complex can't be bothered risking its survival with the paltry interference of We the People. That's why it's time to take out the government-corporate establishment and re-establish a genuine democracy of the people. Anyone with me on this or is this just a fantasy of mine?

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What kind of an Election discontinues debates with the President of the USA, that is so Dementia riddled - he can't mentally do it? The Zionist are laughing at the Populace - the populace needs to bite back. Soon.

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I grew up, hating Kennedys. I was a Catholic child in the ‘80d and in Catholic school where JFK was constantly pushed as the epitome of Catholic virtue. His extra curricular activities demonstrated that statement was fraudulent to me. (I recognize now though I don’t know JFKs mind there is a difference between hypocrisy and mistake/addiction/sin). When I saw the JFK movie, it was not difficult for me to conclude that CIA killed a president, but it was probably still worth it since JFK was working against the United States.

I was too young to really understand who RFK was, but I eventually knew who Ted Kennedy was. I was part of, or friends with, people in the archdiocese of Boston, encouraging Ted Kennedy’s excommunication for his views on abortion.

Recently, RFK Jr makes his way into my news feed and I discover while he is a left leaning liberal, and I am not, he has been the legal advocate against various corporate initiatives ruining the earth. I refused the vaccine when my corporation required it, and RFK Jr was there, making sense on the internet.

As I see RFK, Jr, being systematically, isolated, and deplatformed, and all the lies being told about him to achieve those ends, I have had to re-calibrate all my thoughts about all of the Kennedys (except maybe Ted Kennedy who died a natural death after serving an ungodly amount of time in the senate, semi demonstrating capture by the government).

And assassination is so unnecessary today. Why kill a man when you can simply delete his existence in the marketplace of ideas?

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As a parallel to treason, "which never prospers, for if it prosper, 'tis not called treason"- conspiracies don't happen either, and can be rationally explained as "mutual interests, "birds of a feather" or "just business," economic or political: but if too bizarre to easily pass muster they are buried under the "top secret", "national security" file, with just enough coverage of facts to satisfy most people. The rest are relegated to the "paranoid" demographic, nut cases, who should spend more time watching Netflix.

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Hitting the nail on the head once again Caitlin!

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I don't care if RFK Jr is discredited, I think he is mostly wrong and merely an idiotic manipulator. BUT you described this messed up corporate influence and associated media structure well. The personalities are pretty irrelevant when the system only serves the organizations with the most $$$$.

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Great Article.

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Worth examining the history of Smartmatic Electronic Voting Machines.

The question - Have electronic voting machines been designed to enable fraud? may be found to be answered.

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Anyone telling the truth about the Biden/Nuland WWIII has my support.

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