Wow, I'm in the UK, but I'm laughing so hard after listening to those 2 clips that you'll probably hear me all down the east coast. With your top 3 in command and all the WEF retards leading the other five eyes, it could not be any clearer that they are having the biggest piss take on every single one of us. The black nobility must be rolling in the isles.

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My neighbor is an LPN. She said most assuredly Pelosi has Parkinsons. These dangerous people need to be ousted. What the hell are the California voters thinking????

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"Insider trading and vodka enthusiast Nancy Pelosi delivered its last commencement address right after her husband was arrested for DUI."

The "elite" universities are where the worst ideas and people of the empire spawn from: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-rank-the-top-npc-universities

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When the downfall of the US Empire arrives, I'm sure it's going to make my life more difficult just as it will make the lives of Americans more difficult. I'm hoping that I'll remember how whatever inconvenience or economic trouble I end up going through is nothing compared to what people in the global south were subjected to when the Empire had yet to die. That if I have it worse in the future, it's worth it if the wars and sanctions all end and the people who currently have it worse than me end up feeling safe.

As for the main subject of this article, it's kinda scary that between the president and the second and third people in line to succeed him, Kamala friggin' Harris is the most qualified of the lot, simply because her brain works well enough that she probably wouldn't say "Good morning, Sunday morning" out of nowhere or talk about how America will "accommodate" Russian oligarchs while apparently thinking that "accommodate" means "stop". She's a terrible communicator and also a terrible person, but she's still able to clear that anthill-high bar.

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I am not looking forward to the downfall of the US, but would prefer a big change in how it acts out its foreign policy. The US has a lot to offer the world. The key word is offer, not force, not coerce. This regime change stuff is getting old.

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The mental deficits of those who have secured their sinecures at the highest reaches of the US government are nothing less than breathtaking. My god, the decrepit fools should be safely ensconced in a retirement facility, not setting our nation up for World War III.

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Great piece, Caitlin. The US is now breaching its formal undertakings to China. US/Chinese relations were established in 1972 by the Shanghai Communique. I have cut and pasted two paragraphs from the communique below:

The Chinese side reaffirmed its position: the Taiwan question is the crucial question obstructing the normalization of relations between China and the United States; the Government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legal government of China; Taiwan is a province of China which has long been returned to the motherland; the liberation of Taiwan is China’s internal affair in which no other country has the right to interfere; and all US forces and military installations must be withdrawn from Taiwan. The Chinese Government firmly opposes any activities which aim at the creation of “one China, one Taiwan,” “one China, two governments,” “two Chinas,” an “independent Taiwan” or advocate that “the status of Taiwan remains to be determined.”

The US side declared: The United States acknowledges that all Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China. The United States Government does not challenge that position. It reaffirms its interest in a peaceful settlement of the Taiwan question by the Chinese themselves.

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The most powerfully insane and delusional country on Earth.

Yes, USA. You are exceptional.

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Seems like a lot of people feel the same way, this is what John Kaminski had to say the other day;

"My worst fear — our worst fear! — is coming true, just as I said it would almost a decade ago.

That worry was — much like what happened to Germany — the reputation of the United States would become so disgustingly disreputable that the community of nations could not help but arrive at a consensus conclusion that all the countries of the world had to gang up on the USA and put it out of its sack-of-shit lying misery before it could do any more damage to everyone else.

(Except Germany never deserved the bad reputation it was given by worldwide Jewish media, whereas the United States more than obviously does, given its never-ending string of invasions under phony pretenses during the last 200 years.)

(And Americans have become so comatose that they watch in stupefied incredulity as their lives are being destroyed by obvious lies they are simply too immobilized to contradict, never mind resist, and too stupid to even understand.)

Somewhere between bogus wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that fatal point of self-destructive no-return has now been passed. All the foolish histrionics about Ukraine are merely more dirt covering the coffin of the corpse of the USA. What still astonishes me is that the worldwide invasion and mercy killing of America has not already happened, given the level of demonic abuse and exploitation the U.S. has wreaked on every nation in the world for longer than any of us can remember.

Then I started thinking, especially given the rapid and chaotic destabilization the U.S. is now undergoing, that maybe this final destruction already has happened or is happening as we speak, and we simply haven’t realized it. I mean, the deliberate sabotage and erosion have been so clumsily obvious.

Count the atrocities if you wish. Phony election, poison vaccines, deliberate destruction of the food supply, telling us we must eat bugs . . . the list is long.

A military that prioritizes buggery over national defense? The world laughs at this with an apoplectic hysteria. A president who needs a male nurse to wipe his ass at a moment’s notice and a wife ready to feed him drugs to keep him awake does not exactly look like the hero who will save us, does it?

But then a further epiphany revealed the more likely scenario.

Why would all these countries bother to invade America when the perverted leaders of the United States, bought and paid for by the international bankers, are effectively conducting the tortuous task of destroying America from within?

No foreign invasion necessary, thank you, for a decaying country that has been sold out by the psychopaths pretending to defend it, wouldn’t you say?

Most Americans with eyelids that still lift would conclude that is exactly what’s happening. America is being deliberately disintegrated by obvious treason from within."

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Your dislike--even distain--for America is quite clear in a lot of your writing. And admittedly, you are often on point. I just hope you recognize that there is a difference between our government and the people it is claiming to serve. And that to hope for our country’s demise condemns a lot of innocent, powerless people as well. In fact, many of its people--including myself--do not like what our government has become and where it is now taking our country. America has never been perfect. No country ever has been or ever will be a perfect. But where we are right now--is even shocking to many of our citizens. I, like many other Americans am saddened, ashamed and embarrassed by what is going on in our country and by what our government has done and how it is currently operating. But I wish to remind you that it absolutely does not reflect or represent ALL of us. 😔

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Lol I love reading all things Caitlin. 🙏🏽

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I don't think the idea is to star ww3. It is to turn China's unification from a peaceful process (trade, employment, education, investment, etc.) into a war with Taiwan.

It's idiotic.

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Thank you !! An obligatory word in US corporate media when mentioning the relentlessly provoked Russian invasion of Ukraine is to add -- “unprovoked”…

The killing of Azov POW by hi-mars missiles was certainly ordered by US CIA overseers – dead Nazis don’t talk. US government knows exactly who Zelenski’s Ukro-Nazis government is… -- as always US supports extreme right-wing fascist side.

Russia is fighting for ALL of us – US population is in a death grip of uni-party War party where Dem versus GOP are identical but offer a three ring-circus for US population. It is 1% versus 99% -- Stand with Russia !!

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At the end of the movie of Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest", the Chief, seeing Jack Nicholson's brain and human dignity gone, smothers him with a pillow and sets out for the mountains.

Pelosi needs a pillow moment.

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I’m afraid Biden is not far behind her in losing the plot during an interview, both start rambling and have a vacant stare into the distance. I do sincerely have empathy for those with mental health problems but they should just not be in these positions of power. I’m ex MoD and an ex lawyer now disabled at 54 with several chronic health conditions. I wish I could be an outward bound instructor gain but know it’s not realistic, why can’t they or those close see the reality?

The trip to Taiwan was stupid, pointless, arrogant and inflammatory. Shall the Chinese start sending representatives to Cuba and South American countries? Nobody voted for the USA to set itself up as the world police. Why don’t they sort out the huge domestic issues they have at home? I’d never heard of the concept of a country allowing cities to go bankrupt before reading articles on the states. But war with China would be a great distraction from the problems at home, writing off the huge financial debts to China and boosting the cash cow military complex. We need to change how world leaders and those in key positions are selected and held accountable.

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A more dysfunctional group of fools could not be imagined. The sad part is they were elected with all the available information pointing to their incompetence. Lobbying,, $10,000 lunches and hiring your family with campaign donations, what could go wrong?

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