Corporations and nation states are two 'entities' that we must move beyond. Just as Caitlin suggests, our controllers use these two thingies two ruin our lives and our planet. Perhaps a new system is in order. World 5.0

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The indigenous leaders see a world parliamentary government with industries reconciled to the natural world or industrialized civilization collapsing completely. We're at the tipping point in the fork in the road between a great leap forward or a giant slap back.


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Oh, no, they say, not the NEW WORLD ORDER and the GREAT RESET, and they all fall down.

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Well, Cait, I am still thinking of how best to respond to your narrative about narratives and oligarchy.

The thing is, I am old enough to have lived through all this before. Back in the 1970s we had all seen through this false narrative the oligarchy was weaving and we were going to create something new. It didn’t happen.

However, all anyone had as an alternative to the oligarch’s narratives were other narratives. Many of these were totally whacked out. With no real option proposed, everyone got tired of all the foolish counter narratives and went back to sleep.

The forces of darkness came up with a new narrative that was compelling to a lot of people and has prevailed for awhile. But the key to finally defeating them is not to come up with a better narrative, or any kind of narrative. Story telling is for children.

Adults develop schema; mental maps of the world. They master the cognitive cycle so as to develop and refine their schemata. They let the truth roll itself out.

The problem I have with Caitlin is that she does not really understand this or does not make it clear enough. There are no multiple truths, multiple narratives. Truth is what it is; everywhere, every time, for everyone.

The ability of sociopathic oligarchs to rule depends on keeping the population in an infantilized state where they live in a world of story telling and never learn to draw and test a map of reality. This is why it has historically been so dangerous to think in an adult way; you were a heretic, a thought criminal, a traitor. It is still difficult and hazardous.

Once upon a time the king sat on his throne and told everyone what to think and how to think it. That went out of style after the French Revolution. We have had the kind of situation described by Caitlin, of an oligarchy controlling their herd by controlling the stories their two foot cattle tell themselves.

The key to making this work is in convincing people that there is no universal truth; everyone has their own ‘truth’. This is hammered in by ‘liberal education.’ Like playing an organ, an oligarchy can control public perceptions by emphasizing one ‘truth’, damping another down.

That is now also becoming impossible. Social media has broken the master’s organ. However, now all we have is cacophony.

I recall Cait seems to have begun noticing this in one of her postings. The elite has learned that it does not need to play its own tune. If they can keep the public divided into many extreme narratives, they cannot unite to replace the oligarchy.

So it is not about people ceasing to listen to the master’s narrative. It is not about everybody following their own narrative. It is about a critical mass of the population rising from infantile thinking, deciding to live in the truth, and building a system that works for the whole of society.

In other words, Caitlin, the solution is not for everyone to just go off and try to live in their own fairy tale. That will still leave the oligarchs intact and they will eventually find some way to reassert control. It is about putting adults in charge.

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You seem to think Caitlin is a post modernist, telling everybody their is no objective reality and that everybody's "lived experience" is a different "reality." That's not what she's doing. She's encouraging people to reject all that BS and see objective reality, just as you are.

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That phrase, repeated dumbly, that Israel has "a right to exist" always struck me as especially absurd. People have a right to exist (at least until they kill other people), but ideas do not, which in a better world should rise or fall on their merits.

Zionism, like every other zero sum game, comes at the expense of others, so pretty much doomed from the get-go as far as good ideas for humanity go.

I don't expect the American face of the global empire to come crashing down in my lifetime, but jettisoning the current Israel version of it would be a welcomed step in the right direction. Let's start by forcing the bastards to at least come up with significantly better bullshit.

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Palestinian Holocaust

The Palestinian Holocaust is enshrined in the Torah as an act of atonement to appropriate the Promised Land.

In front of us we are witnessing the disappearance and extermination of a people and its culture.

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I agree , Caitlin Johnstone @caitoz, insofar as the US Empire is concerned: and Australia is an integral part of it. But: I firmly believe Russia and China are real nations. Have you read my recent one-hour lecture on the Russian national character ? Ideas there. On my FB page and on the website of Canberra Pushkin Club - see Recent Events. Tony Kevin

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It's heartening to see some somebody come to this realization about Empire and have the guts to push it besides me and some other old hippies, but at this juncture, I need to ask why you're not calling out the Rothschild-Morgan New World Order cartel of multinational industrialist banker gangsters for being the actual predator class that's been running this shit show for hundreds, if not thousands of years? Most working class people in the US are completely conditioned to reject any claims about the banker gangster's role in shaping world events by the propagandists of this shadow empire running the US and it's allies.

Consider this. Turn the clock back to 1913. War is a racket. Just listen to old Smedley. Many of the players he was calling out in 1938 are still i the game today. The great wars were fought with the intent of breaking up the old empires and replacing the governments of their colonies with dictators (Jordan, Saudi Arabia) or faux democracies (Egypt, Algeria) dependent on their central bank. Both world wars were setup jobs that spawned hundreds of new millionaires to use as the most useful of useful idiots in running the war toys industry and federal government. With the clandestine importation of the Nazi brain trust under Operation Paperclip, they flipped the axis of the "Evil Empire" from Rome and Berlin to Tel Aviv and Washington, DC.

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EVERYTHING is a narrative or distraction to keep the people blind until the brutal bitter end. The truth of who these people are is hidden in plain sight but as long as they are listening to the priestcraft, which is a secret society collaborator of the most calculating and manipulative man in history and his foul descendants. Their plan is the same fate for all of us. They aren’t keeping pets. That too is an illusion.

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Excellent column, Caitlin. It melds quite well with this video from Alexander Mercouris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwYAwlqaJKM. Alexander seems to believe the US is in the process of withdrawing from the ME in order to "pivot" to China. It understands that the game is up in Syria and it has lost, and you are correct about narrative control. The whole Covid-19 fiasco is starting to unravel as well, with more and more dissident videos evading the censors, particularly videos from FLCCC, Peak Prosperity and Trial Site News. States in India using Ivermectin are seeing the virus go away, and the "test and treat" protocol in Mexico is working.

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I especially appreciated you inclusion of both white supremacism and woke progressivism. Both are quite intentional and the latter provokes the former in the less aware.

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1975 History class. Humboldt State University. Lessons on Israel which stated the same realities. From that class, I would since then say, "Israel might as well be the 51st state." Nothing has changed. Why this is new news is beyond me.

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