You kind of left out the entire realm of outer space as also somehow belonging to the cretins who steer American policy.

Trump inaugurated a space force headquartered right here in Colorado for that purpose with their own nifty flag for poking into extraterrestrial soil and claiming it as part of our celestial front yard, Vasco da Gama-style, no doubt sanctified by the mumbling of a few Hebrew scriptures, the admonitions of which -- like covid measures -- are meant for the rest of us to follow but noticably not them.

I'm really hoping China gets that base. If I'm going to be subjected to ancient writ, I'd much prefer it be Confucius.

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Empires expand until they are stopped, and then they start declining. Usually they overreach at that point. The American Empire has already done that several times, and its decline is demonstrated to its citizens every time their car hits a pothole or another bridge collapses.

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Thanks. Well said as always. I will now go back to trying to find out where in the USA is the South China Sea.

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Power, the accumulation and expression of power is natural to humans. America is not uniquely evil, it is altogether banal, ordinary in it’s hegemonic ambition. What is unique about America or at least our time, is that we have cloaked it - power - so very well. Endlessly blaming tin pot dictators and using that as an excuse to extract every possible concession, America’s power is draped in a fancy liberal garb, a puerile righteousness which we use a a cudgel. There is no one worse than the lefty, their education and highfaluting specialized language allows them to hide their naked boundless ambition in pursuit of power and money.

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now the parasites are ready to privatize medicare, healthcare for the elderly. the elderly have equity (the value of the house they own minus bank loan) to suck dry, and the younger generations own nothing. take away any financial independence, and the population is ready for complete slavery.

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"It's just so bizarre watching these imperial spinmeisters try to frame nations like China and Russia as freakish and backwards while working to literally rule the world like a comic book supervillain”.

What an apt description. A supervillian empire.

If we take the Mongol empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Spanish empire, the Russian Empire and the lingering British Empire (now called a Commonwealth), all have come to an end. Besides being the initial conquerors, those “ Emperors”, based also on military might, made some form of contribution to the lands they dominated over time, ending with the British Empire following the end of WWII, with a few remaining countries still hanging on the threads and bowing down to the so-called British Royalty and their archaic traditions in 2022. Hardly an empire any more but something of a pathetic and lingering example of old world decadence.

The USA, on the other hand has used and abused its position of military might after WWII, the unforgivable and inhumane use of evil sanctions together with bribery and corruption to establish an empire in this modern age, creating a minefield of so-called “loyal (pressured)" associates to be used as whipping boys and their lands used as US military outposts as in the 800 bases in existence today and expanding every year. All the countries surrounding Russia, the NATO bunch, sycophants like Australia and Canada, all poised do their bidding.

So as history has shown, empires eventually go the way of all before them. They have had their day, especially those who in the last 80 years have been the cause of multi- millions of deaths through never-ending wars for hegemony, based on a decidedly false claim of “exceptionalism”, presided over by the greatest collection of misfits in history itself. The criminal excesses of Bush and Cheney, the absolute shame in the election of a man like Trump, the moral rectitude of Clinton and his disgraced wife and the warlike nature of Obama, a person in whom so many people had placed their faith. Now Biden, a weak, easily controlled frontman for the BlackRock and Vanguard manipulators, the warmongering military industrial complex and the daily exampled slave of the Israeli stooges in government, now controlling his every move.

What a comic book scenario.

A Brontosaurus alive and well…the big ( 330 million ) dangerous USA tail ....driven by a small Israeli ( 9 million ) brain. A comic book indeed.

If that is even close to being an apt description of the USA today, then it is on its way downhill fast, but not before one last burst of evil in the form of a nuclear show for which there will be nothing in the way of justification. A supervillian show as the final curtain.

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Thank you - two new very good items:

An OUTSTANDING Richard Hanania’s podcast (Feb. 14, 2022):

Conversation with Steve Hsu on the Russian-Ukraine crisis, the decline of the West, the Chinese system, embryo selection, and much else

The Future of Humanity Is IVF Babies and Chinese Domination (substack.com)


'The Next Revolution' host discusses a filing from Special Counsel John Durham alleging the Clinton campaign paid money to penetrate Trump's servers.


You lying wretch: Hilton to Hillary Clinton – Feb 14, 2022

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You mean to say, the US doesn't own the planet? I thought they had an ironclad, signed, sealed agreement with God in exchange for unrelenting opposition to abortion, opposition to equality of and inviolability of sovereign nations, and progressivism generally? So George W Bush, predecessors and antecedents got it wrong?

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Well, sure! US Empire is in decline, headed towards collapse. Good riddance! Let's just hope it collapses without a nuclear war.

Another group that ALSO believes it owns the entire planet, including all living beings, is the World Economic Forum. It has a an explicit plan for global totalitarian domination of the entire planet. Part of its plan is to accelerate the collapse of the US empire and then gather the pieces, disaster-capitalism style.

Let's have NO dominaters!

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the parasites, literally since they live by sucking the blood and sweat of humanity, own and run the United Slaves of Israhell. start from there, to understand what they say and do.

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With all due respect, the US government is only a marquee for the domination of foreign nations. William Blum and John Perkins [and others] have identified Wall Street, via the IMF and WB, use the CIA and US military to control nations. The IMF loaned credit to 86 nations since the March pandemic declaration. The planned pending economic collapse will end in foreclosure. Refusal to allow domination results in US military invasion. Collection on the US $30++ trillion debt will follow.

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Gosh, I was taught in school that our territorial waters ended 3 miles out into the oceans on either side of our coasts.

Silly me. Those old fogies, my teachers, didn't know what they were talking about.

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True. Though I would say it's more the oligarchs who own the US government which is mainly just there to legitimize and provide muscle to implement their agendas.

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Anybody interested in doing a 'War of the Worlds" In Ukraine? It could be funny! April Fools day! Huh?

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