stop participating in the system that exploits and oppresses you.

start building alternatives.

everyday, and in every way.

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"If you're the same person you were a decade ago, you just wasted ten years of your life."

I mean, I'm not, but I'm also not sure if I'm better or worse overall than I was a decade ago.

But at least I know more than I did back then.

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I'm 10 years closer to dying. I've learned, though, an immense amount on how the world really works. It certainly isn't what we learned in school. I'm wiser too.

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blather and more blather

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I agree that as the Western financial oligarchy loses its grip on power and citizens become increasingly immune to the propaganda, it will need a major crisis to whip up enough chaos, and therefore be more dangerous. However, with the covid narrative falling apart, aside from a war on either Russia or China, the only other option seems to be a new banking crisis. But the problem is the Western establishment doesn’t really have their chips in place to actually manage a controlled collapse, in my opinion. That being said, Whitney Webb did write about the WEF doing simulations of a “cyber attack” that triggers a systemic banking crisis. And there have been a lot of stories circulating in the media recently that seem to serve the purpose of priming the population around the idea of deadly foreign cyber attacks crippling various economic sectors. But again, a million things can go wrong if they actually try to pre-emptively pop the bubble in order to impose a new program of crisis management.

As far as the covid narrative is concerned, from a strategic standpoint China, Russia, or any of the Eurasian powers had no real reason to release something like COVID-19. Economically speaking, China was in a way better place, and the US experiencing an economic downturn would not be and isn't in its strategic interest, regardless of what some folks think. A sinking US would cause global chaos, which would seriously impact both Russia and China.

The elephant in the room: the US is sitting on the largest financial bubble in human history. In fact, as Wall Street on Parade has documented, EVEN before the pandemic, the major Wall Street banks were already receiving trillions and trillions of dollars (6 trillion) in emergency repo-loans by January 2020. That's three months before the pandemic even hit. That financial bubble is still waiting to pop. We're talking about a quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble...


The hope is that all the funny money could be cancelled, with the investment houses allowed to sink while the commercial banking system would be separated out and protected in order to defend people’s savings, pensions, loans ie legitimate banking activities—everything tied to the real economy, as opposed to the speculative cancer. This was done in the past under Roosevelt and his Glass-Steagall banking reorganization. That still remains the best option, in my opinion.

The Western financial oligarchy was and remains the one with the most to lose right now, and those in the know are well-aware of that. On the other hand, from 2016-2020, both Russia and China strategically beefed up their military capabilities, making the possibility of a US ''first strike'' now virtually impossible and guaranteed suicide. This wasn't the case a few years ago when the US was seriously considering developing their ''first strike'' ability by setting up ABM systems all across Russia's perimeter. And regardless of its problems, the Trump presidency ultimately meant the Deep State players had four years of lost time to catch up on, while both Russia and China essentially leapfrogged. From a strategic standpoint, something big like the pandemic was necessary for the neo-feudal western financial oligarchs. They needed a crisis. With the pandemic, a significant degree of behavior modification, ''priming,'' and other PSYOPS have been waged on the Western population. But will it be enough? I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of a Western oligarch right now. They are staring into an abyss.

In regards to all the Russia and China PSYOPS, despite their problems China and Russia are not insane actors. They are committed to their own survival and not trying to cull a significant part of the world population. One can't say that for the Western financial oligarchs. They are the ones pushing a global Malthusian depopulation ''Great Reset'' in the hopes of taking humanity back to a post-industrial pre-Renaissance age, only this time with a technocratic caveat. The Five Eyes are all over the covid stuff, which is why there are so many sketchy British scientists and eugenics-tied interests involved in the new health-surveillance panopticon that they're trying to usher in. Conveniently, the msm, whether right or left, still continues to try to ''frame'' this pandemic as a China issue. That's a total PSYOP.

Almost all propaganda against foreign targets is about dehumanizing the opponents, suggesting to the population that there is no option for dialogue or mutual cooperation. Divide and conquer.

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Rumsfeld was the one politician to openly talk about American psyops. Something like: we create realities and when you think you figured it out, we have already started the next pysop.

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You confuse government action with “capitalism”. Free individuals act as you wish (more often than not) when not coerced by government.the coercion is there regardless of the power large corps have over govt. get rid of Amazon, Facebook and military arms corps and the govt is still going to interfere with honest people living their lives.

The collective is an imaginary construct used by govt and their rent seekers to control individuals. Only thre individual is real. Only societies built on respecting individuals will result in freedom and equity, of such a thing is even possible.

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That Art of War bit was hilarious and insightful. Why is it that we're not hearing the word detent from any quarter? It was a predominant feature of the last cold war.

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Since we have “the greatest military in the history of the world”, we must now prove that we can do what neither Napoleon nor Hitler could do…just as we proved so clearly that Afghanistan was not “the graveyard of empires”.

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Cease Imperialism? LOL.

"I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:

Till we have built Jerusalem,

In Englands green & pleasant Land. "

Whaddyou think?

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Sounds like the song was written by an imperial warmonger. I've heard the whole song; ELP had a version on, "Brain Salad Surgery".

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How many readers have a clue what ELP is? Just an observation. Must be a variation of an EMP. Or a typing error?

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ELP~Emerson, Lake & Palmer, was a progressive rock band from the 70's. Sadly Kieth Emerson(keyboards) and Greg Lake(singer, bass) are deceased. Carl Palmer(drums, percussion) is still going today.

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For those poor folks that haven't been paying attention, totalitarianism--as practiced by Big Pharma--has completely replaced good doctoring. (See my Substack.)

Then there's the warmongers beating their incessant drums as they continually ramp up false narratives to get us all on board for new adventures, now in the Ukraine or South China Sea, all as a whim because Afghanistan was such a complete, smashing, success! LOL It has slowed the flow of smack from that part of the world and now fentanyl, a far more dangerous opiate because of its small dosage efficacy and hence OD's, is taking over for the junkies. What more could one want than to see today's dystopia in full bloom? They will lie us into another pointless, stupid, war, all while Earth burns and crops fail to what ends? Answer me that; any politician worth a vote. Peace, The Ol' Hippy

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Jan 20, 2022·edited Jan 20, 2022

With the Revelation in the MSM reporting the unfolding details Day by Day, this World has finally arrived at this point foretold some 2000 years ago.

‘the nations were angry, and your WRATH is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that you should give reward to your servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear your name, small and great; and should destroy them which destroy the earth.’

Everyone can see the Nations are angry and getting angrier, especially in that Exceptional Peace loving Country of Americans!

The Gift of God is Eternal Life through Faith in Christ Jesus.

Logically, those who refuse the FREE GIFT are already the Walking Dead, believing when their bodies give up the Life Spirit and die, returning to the dust of the earth, there is nothing more other than being relegated to the Damnation of Eternal Darkness, knowing nothing, feeling nothing, seeing nothing, hearing nothing and speaking nothing.

This article and discussion is about ‘and should destroy them which destroy the earth’ as Nature itself, is telling us some 2000 years after that line in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, it’s happening in REAL TIME in OUR Generations. How urgent is it?

The WRATH of God is acted out through the People, all the People, but the Revelation also speaks of another WRATH,

‘Therefore rejoice, you heavens, and you that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great WRATH, because he knows that he has but a short time.’

The kingdom of heaven is within you with the Christ Spirit. Many are called, but FEW are chosen, but who can discern WHICH WRATH IS WHICH?

Living by The Christ Spirit saves us from the WRATH of God and the WRATH of the devil.

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I just now posted a trite rebuttal to June Tenth's absurd re-commend vagary.

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The "Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment American Jesuit Empire created in 1868.

The majority of people still don't realise the magnitude of the worldwide takeover, which lasted for centuries and now complete.

'Since the beginning of the Corona operation, many people began to realize that their governments have been taken over by very powerful and extremely evil forces, making political leaders worldwide move in unison to unleash unprecedented tyranny on their citizens.'

The Hidden History of the Revived Roman Empire.


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Why does the biden administration want Ukraine in NATO, hence the sabre rattling with Putin? Because of Capitalism? Nope.

If biden/obama/rice were at the helm of a benevolent dictatorship or communist utopia or whatever alternative you believe is better than 'capitalism,' they would still be corrupt POS using their power for their own ends at the expense of the populace.

Now, w/r/t societal ills like homelessness, etc., the sad reality, imo, is that the most benevolent society (to society in general) is not some pandering to the weak structure, but one that quickly purges what ails it. But this flies in the face of the lefty god-complex that is so ruthlessly exploited by the political elite. "We'll fix homelessness, just give us $12B like CA did and see what we can do." What they did was increase homelessness 10% and their political cronies are getting rich - this isn't capitalism, this is pure sociopathic corruption. Same as in the addicts and the "inner city" poverty groups.

Nature is a harsh environment for good reason, it is time we revisit why and stop pretending we're gods that can solve all the world's ills.

Pandering to something doesn't fix it, creates more of it.

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You see the world properly, but what is that last statement? It is impossible to be the same person after surviving ten years on this earth, and it's also impossible to "waste" life.

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Well done Caitlin. Only one addendum: Shed psychologism, in every kind and way, as an explanatory means to get a grasp on human reality. It is marginal. It suggests that the individual is something that can be cut out of its 'environment' and be independent of its overwhelming forces and their impact on individual action.

Subjectivity can't be made the object of any science since it is the subiectum of every kind of organized knowledge, and this means that psychology can be discarded as a means to understand the human world without its subject of agency and knowledge with the psychological 'identity' as a point coordinate in a closed Boyle/Marriott-chamber filled with gas molecules, the gas chamber of psychology, for the subject even of the most stup and reductionist 'science' of psychology.

What is left from it is its usage for a veterinary treatment of the herd of the most profitably exploitable species, the herd of homo (forget the doubled! 'sapiens').

Keep on trucking. 👍💚🌊

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