Sad that you kept such excellence for AFTER the election. Pres. Trump could have gone to war in Venezuela and forcibly installed Guaido, he could have invaded Iran and vacuumed out all the Persian sex slaves the world market could swallow, making him a deity in Israel. Instead he kept his promise of no new wars. As Excellent as it is, your piece makes everything is everything with Pres. Trump and Biden, and that is not so. Biden will be the Israeli operative he is and do everything according to script, including attacking Iran 'to defend US sovereignty' as soon as

the White House gate closes behind him.

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This is an excellent piece. It's long baffled me that war-mongering politicians, their supportive arms manufacturers and all those who work for them are not regarded as some of the most stigmatised and dangerous people in the world, when we rationally consider what they do. There's a fascinating piece in Middle East Eye which interviews some people working in the UK for an arms manufacturer in which they try to avoid the purpose of their daily work.

"PRESTON, UK - Jack sits down with his pint in the Fielden Arms in Mellor and contemplates his latest shift making Typhoon warplanes for the Saudi air force. Tucking into steak and chips, the 25-year-old talks of moving in with his girlfriend, his good pay at the nearby BAE factory - £40,000, almost twice the local average - and the security it brings. And then he thinks of the people those planes will be sent to kill.

"You see the children in Yemen starving on the 10 o’clock news," he tells Middle East Eye. "But you try to not pay attention and just get on with it.""


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