Events unfolding now shouldn’t be seen as current events, which is how the media always tries to portray the latest crisis. If Americans knew the full extent of the "Bioshield Act" established by the neocons in 2004, and its implications today, much broader strategic situation seems in play. The US has 336 bio labs in 30 countries.

To quote from "The Project for a New American Century and the Age of Bioweapons: 20 Years of Psychological Terror":

The Age of Bioweapons and PNAC

"This anthrax attack led quickly into the 2004 Bioshield Act with a $5 billion budget and mandate to “pre-empt and defend further bioweapon attacks”. This new chapter of the revolution in military affairs was to be coordinated from leading bioweapons facility at the Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick. Since 2002, over $50 billion has been spent on Bioweapons research and defense to date.

The earlier October 2000 RAD document emphasized the importance which the neocon cabal placed on bioweapons (and other next generation war tech) stating: “Combat will likely take place in new dimensions: In space, cyber-space and perhaps the world of microbes… advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool”.


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A 'politically useful tool' IS terror.

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Want to understand US pro-war propaganda in one song. Listen to Aaron Neville's moving rendition of Dylan's "With God on Our Side." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfmcUeueuhc. To purge any residual exceptionalist brainwashing, I sit at my keyboard and sing it to myself loudly.

"Russian verse":

I’ve learned to hate Russians

All through my whole life

If another war starts

It’s them we must fight

To hate them and fear them

To run and to hide

And accept it all bravely

With God on my side.

AND the final verse:

So now as I’m leavin’

I’m weary as Hell

The confusion I’m feelin’

Ain’t no tongue can tell

The words fill my head

And fall to the floor

If God’s on our side

He’ll stop the next war.

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Dylan rings in my head almost constantly.

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I am amazed how crude the propaganda is. No attempt to source anti Russian stories and taking on faith every pronouncement by unknown US government sources. The chemical weapons threat headline in today's Post uses the same size font as would be used to report on aliens landing on the White House lawn. I guess the staff panicked after Victoria Nuland's confession. It appears that the Post and other main stream media news outlets are staffed by not too bright high schoolers. Maybe this is the result of woke education over the last 10 or 20 years, i.e. really uneducated people in jobs way over their heads.

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“I am amazed how crude the propaganda is.”

Agreed. It really saddens me that the quality of U.S. propaganda is in such decline. I remember a time when U.S. propaganda was topnotch and we all made fun of the half-hearted mediocre lies the uninspired Soviets printed in Pravda, when even the best lies in the good ole U.S.S.R. started to resemble the drab, lifeless architecture of their apartment buildings.

I mean think of the pure evil cunning and imagination of giving a secret CIA source the code name Deep Throat. Now that was some first class propaganda. How did we ever get to this point where CNN and MSNBC now routinely trot out “former” CIA agents right into their studios to delude us. Those agents even use their Christian names. It’s just so ham-fisted and amateurish, in fact, that it's getting harder and harder to join the mass psychosis. Sorry to get nostalgic, but it's just so dispiriting to see our great institutions of mind control collapsing all around us.

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I know Caitlin already mentioned Victoria Nuland's admission earlier in the article, but it needs to be driven home, so add scare quotes and what's in brackets, "'Unproven' claims by the Russian government[, verified by Victoria Nuland's Senate testimony] are laughable absurdities presented without evidence [other than Nuland's admission against interest]." The Russians understand the value of retaining credibility, so they do not lie, and frequently point out the absurdity of Western lies, which is why we can't see RT or Sputnik.

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Check out Greenwald’s latest Rumble.

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The best way to predict something is if you're planning it. I've been researching for my next YT on Victoria Nuland is Dolores Umbridge. The 2014 coup started soon after VN arrived in Ukraine. The pivotal event that ended it was the sniper attack on the Maidan protesters (NOT on the day that VN and John McCain were handing out cookies to the neo-Nazis, Islamic jihadists and ultra-nationalists who wanted a pureblood Ukraine.) The curious things was that the attack came from a building controlled by the ultra-right protesters.

The next day Yanukovych, on whom it had been blamed, signed an agreement with the right, mediated through the EU, to move the election scheduled in a year up by nine months and limit his power until then. VN's faction rejected it and stepped up their violence! When they took over gov't buildings, Yanukovych fled--a day before the end of the Sochi Olympics that was keeping Russia distracted.

And true to her leaked phone conversation, 'Yats was our guy' put in charge. So another false flag terrorism attack (which is always what biological, chemical or nuclear weapons are since they can't be targeted) would be entirely within her m.o.

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The snipers were American Supported Nazis.

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The propaganda that looks crude and outrageous to us looks like news to anyone emersed in the Trump Putin puppet COVID mandate bubble for the last 6 years, and that's a hell of a lot of people. Enough to applaud a nuclear war.

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Same as it EVER was. ProPublica & my formerly beloved CounterPunch now all jumping on the Atlantic Council, Bell¿ngcat, WaPo, NYT, CNN war wagon. Was it raping nuns, Instagram whores @ BABY hospitals or simply Frack, baby, FRACK propaganda, as Admiral Yamamoto once snarked, "Yeah BABY, when Russia does it: war CRIME. When 'Murika does it... it's TUESDAY!"






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CounterPunch went from punching up to punching down. It should change its name to SuckerPunch.

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Exactly! At first, I'd figured, their stable of cranky curmudgeon contributors always included boomer librul reactionaries. So, as with Guardian, Intercept (now, sadly, ProPublica?) It must just be substance abuse, PASC brain fog, etc. Like Amy Goodman: Atlantic Council, CFR, CAP & Bell¿ngcat funding must be tremendous temptation after decades of having to listen to drunked-up aging yuppies, just to put reduced-crueluty, free range, gluten free, All NATURAL FlavorAid on the air? I notice, Naomi Klein is back & seems to GET the Ukraine/ methane fracking/ run-away AGW connection schtick we're powerless to forestall? The API president's "Time Is Running Out" speech in 1965, would've been cutting shit way too close. Now, DNC™ LLC is simply sentencing our kids to horrid & likely irreversible drought/ flood, fires, plagues, hurricane/ tornadoes, famine, desperate refugees, inflation/ DEBT... And, without ANY independent, astute, alternative journalists, whistleblowers or blog-aggregators (TRY to find balanced, accurate coverage of Russia, COVID, or US political tag-team kleptocracy on OUR internet?)

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Your list of all the former hero journalists/writers/organizations who have become Imperial toadies hit me like a brick. I guess I knew that everyone was turning into pod people, but seeing this many turncoat names drives it home.

On a happy note, I wasn’t aware that Naomi Klein departed the Imperial court. I’ll have to try to find her online, though that may be hard since even DuckDuckGo is now downranking "Russian disinformation".

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Before Yves Smith moved down to Birmingham (her mom's since passed) I'd the privilege to make it back from a quite literally Dikensian API mill in Steelton to hang out amidst our heroes, drunk, high or crazy (this, a pre COVID Slainte' get together) what a everyday & laid-back bunch of radicals it was, too! Never farther "left" than Ken Galbraith, we're all suddenly simultaneously alt Right/ Anarchists, because a few of us got bopped @ G20 in Pittsburgh; Occupy, here, BLM curfew marches & anti Nazi marches, everywhere? In FAIR.org Katie listed actual journalists, as Bezos', CFR & Atlantic Council's (Ukranian thig financed) Prop'RNot, FB, Google, Instagram, Twitter simply cut journalism and truth from the internet WAY beyond David Brock, Mark Penn, Rick Berman's dreams.



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FYI -- Last summer Vladimir Putin wrote an article about the historical relationship between Russia and Ukraine.


In summary - US made Putin intervention "regrettable but NECESSARY".

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Washington Post: lying scumbags. Liberals have gone insane, you are the problem. Such a tragedy for Ukraine and the young Russian boys fighting and dying, but this has nothing to do with Americans or America. America as a Hegemonic Power is a betrayal of the American people

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Some suggestion here in 2018 that the Pentagon was funding 25 military bio laboratories. Installations that could not be run at home as they'd be deemed illegal:


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Caitlin, remember when the US intelligence community was telling everyone that a Russian invasion of Ukraine was imminent? I'll bet you thought that was BS. Remember when Putin was telling the world a few days before his invasion that Russia would not invade Ukraine? At best, you're a Useful idiot.

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Mar 19, 2022·edited Mar 19, 2022

It’s perfect, thank you Caitlin.

All the USA’s hypocrisies and brutalities that infuriate me, and that sadly our southern nations and their media go along with, you capture it so beautifully.

Aussie journalism at its finest.

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I admire and applaud Caitlin's energy in going after WAPO, which like the NYT can easily keep you busy 24/7 rebutting their lies and omissions. I see both of them as CIA briefings, telling us daily what we are supposed to think about everything. It is Sisyphean work , battling the enormous staffs and budgets of these "newspapers" and their government backers, really hard and draining. I used to do it a bit but just have the energy for it anymore.

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My letter to a major Australian newspaper today, which will not be published, as nothing that shows up the daily lies of the USA warmongers ever sees the light of day in this subservient country, with thanks for some of Caitlin's relevant phraseology

"The Washington Post stated “ Intelligence points to heightened risk of Russian chemical attacks in Ukraine, officials say”. They refer to the three US owned and controlled chemical warfare laboratories they established in Ukraine to fill their military purposes, unable to get approval for the same illegal labs on mainland USA. Just one more example of the lies from the USA, this being such a brazenly propagandistic falsehood, totally free of journalistic ethics. Yet another example of the US governments total control of all media."

I have known of three labs mentioned above for some years but would not be at all surprised if there are many more than that in number in Ukraine. The US practice of using countries like Ukraine and so many others after they become American stooges or NATO partners, were subject to many different questionable activities on behalf of the US, another being the use of chemical activities and tests by Monsanto in relation to dangerous soil additives, Ukraine having some of the best soil depths in the world. It would be unlikely for any country occupied by any of the 800 US military bases not to be used in this fashion. The keyword is "used".

So it's a common practice and has been for years. Get the illegal and dirty business activities offshore that are illegal in the USA, the serious risk then to countries other than the USA itself.

Wuhan, China, another with similar activities as well, now known to the whole world.

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The word "intelligence" in the context of state security and reportage in the toadypress has taken on a different meaning, in fact the direct opposite of the conventional. "(U)nproven accusations" are contrasted in principle with the higher Western standard of, for instance, the word of a crap actress Kuwaiti princess, as illustrated, and a tearful and melodramatic account of "babies torn from incubators and thrown on cold, concrete floors". Now, that's credible? Along with informers called "Curveball". And the word of the venerable Sir Tony Blair (Blare) that, "London is within 90 minutes of total annihilation from an Iraqi nuclear missile". Sure, that's credible - if you're an idiot. But the press takes the cow patty for sheer inanity: accusations (against US controlled Ukraine and intentions concerning possible use of bioweapons against Russia) are "absurd and laughable", "utter nonsense". JHC, these are "journalists" ? I mean, you'd have to really try to come up with less cogent and convincing language. But they are accustomed to believing it is the populace that is stupid, and not them, even when millions marched in protest against the Iraq onslaught. Not enough. Call up these charlatans, send them letters, short and pointed. You are being slighted, insulted as nonentities. Let them know you are around, and thinking.

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