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Caitlin writes with the conviction of taking context and finding its meaning. If you can't find meaning, you find the genesis of the event or circumstance she's writing about and, if you don't believe her, you do your own analysis and investigation - something she's all for, if you've read her for a while...like I have.

People who read posts like this tend to gravitate to, "Oh, I TOTALLY agree with what she said!" without fully realizing why they do. I know, because many of my friends read Caitlin (and many others) and we discuss what they write.

I have the extra added benefit of having "lived a life," so to speak, so I possess perhaps a little more perspective and circumspection than most. That's not to say I am a know-it-all or right all the time; what I'm saying is, I don't take things at face value, nor do I "check list" what people write.

Bottom line: Caitlin makes you think or, at the very least, question why you think the way you do. For those of us who were torn away from our families to fight a war, e.g., or for those of us who know certain politicians and their records and achievements (or lack thereof) intimately - both of which I can say in this case (Vietnam and Joe Biden for 50 yrs, respectively), we should be angered that we can so cavalierly get into a war, or station our soldiers in nearly 75% of the countries in the world - yeah, that's right...we do.

Just because you don't know or haven't heard of it or haven't considered why we do that...don't blame anyone but yourself. The MSM won't help you because you're not making them money unless you're pissed off and agitated enough to howl at the moon.

And FFS, don't get mad at CJ for telling you the truth - all of these things she's delineated are easy to find out and discover for yourself; that is, if you get off Facebook, Instagram and other SM and do some digging.

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