That's been the West's modus operandi for many decades, if not for a full century by now.

Commit an action, be silent about it, anticipate the reaction, be ready with the plans. Once the reaction obtained - trumpet it out as an unprovoked act with the most appropriate "response" plan enacted.

I guess it needed to be explicitly pronounced as folks are too blind to see for themselves.

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So in the same spirit wargames by Russia on the Western border can clearly be considered escalation by Russia?

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Of course not. Russia’s war games happen within their OWN borders.

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Reminds me of your 05/13/21, “Fifteen Thoughts on Palestine”. The aggressors are able to conceal their aggressions and then call the response to those aggressions aggressions, thereby falsely justifying the supposed need for self-defense.

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Isn't it a fact though.

Then in Palestine they are able to go even one step further by having the compliant US support them in having many Palestinian organisations named as "terrorist organisations" by the very obliging UN, in spite of the countless votes taken over decades identifying Israel as a country engaging in criminal activities. No action by the UN. None.

What does it take to bring to an end the graft and corruption in America and in the UN as well?

The real terrorists are clearly able to be identified by their actions every day, the latest being the killing by Israeli snipers of Palestinian children. One really has to wonder what function the UN performs these days as the apartheid situation in Palestine is the equal or worse of the conditions that existed in South Africa, which were discontinued by UN actions in 1990. But it took from 2 December 1968 when the General Assembly requested all States and organisations “to suspend cultural, educational, sporting and other exchanges with the racist regime and with organisations or institutions in South Africa which practice apartheid." That's 22 years of UN procrastination.

That same feeble UN has overseen the actions of Israel since 1967 as it moved from an occupying power to an apartheid regime.....and that's 55 years of procrastination, obvious to all except the Israeli tyrants and both houses of the US government, totally and so easily controlled by US based Israelis. With the imminent midterm elections in the US, we will see again the flow of monies to both the Democrats and the Republicans from Israeli controlled US organisations to ensure that the status quo remains the same in Palestine. How American people can tolerate the money flow to Israel and the outrageous votes in government in support of an apartheid regime is totally beyond understanding

Palestine. Since day one, the UN's greatest failure. But as is known by all, even before Ariel Sharon statement...."don't worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America. The Israelis control the policy in the Congress and the Senate." -

And they do. 330 million American people controlled by 9 million apartheid advocates.

How do they live with that fact?

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vote for GOP as a way to divide and confuse the deep state. things can't get any worse. but in the long run, boycotting -- in your own ways, to your best abilities, and depending on your needs and resources -- the irredeemable system including elections while building your own alternatives around you is the only way out.

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Nov 5, 2022·edited Nov 5, 2022

This is going to upset some people who think that there is no difference between the two parties, but factions of each party do oppose US militarism and empire. That's why, although I have skepticism, I am voting for candidates who:

* Have already voted to send no more money to the Ukraine corruption sinkhole. I am 100% against this stupid US proxy war against Russia.

* Opposed the vaccine, especially the mandates. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. MY BODY, MY CHOICE. Especially since the vaccines don't work, and can cause heart attacks and death.

* People who are honest about the pointlessness and theatre of masks.

* People who will defund public schools. I used to be a public school teacher in math. The system doesn't care if anyone learns anything. It's there to manipulate children.

* The most evil propaganda seeks to turn people against their own families and their own sexuality. If you can get people to hate their origins and their own identity, they are yours to own and keep.

* I will also vote for anyone against corporate fascism, the world economic forum, socialism, and any other form of monopoly. You want freedom? It starts with freedom of conscience and freedom for all, including small business.

I think somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of American elections are corrupt and stolen. It's often a sham. But other than complaining online, I believe in real world action, and that includes:

* Getting involved;

* Being a part of parallel systems, like alternative schools & businesses, that don't support shams.

If I upset you because I tend to be more right-wing, please at least know that I wish you well, pray for you, and my overriding desires related to Caitlin's great writing are: avoiding nuclear war, and living a more honest, loving life. If I knew you in person, I bet we could all get along, with honesty. Surely we can all agree with that.

If you want change, then vote for alternative candidates. I know a lot of people liked Bernie and AOC until they got bought off or manipulated by the war machine. Well, if you're on the left, try again with someone else. Or start creating parallel systems that opt out of the corruption. Try this channel (The Academy of Ideas) for ideas on how to opt out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeliRVZ4V00

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This is all and good but those people you are voting for DON'T CONTROL SHIT! The control of this system is done by people who aren't even in the government. Rothchild's are number one on the list. Look at where voting for these people have got us RIGHT HERE WHERE WE ARE! The only way out is not by voting.

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I am also advocating that people create & participate in parallel systems, like the people who helped the Czech dictatorship collapse in 1989.

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Nov 6, 2022·edited Nov 6, 2022

Voting and participating in a corrupt corporately run two party system is an oligarchic scam. Don't waste your time participating in the scam. You're better off being active forming some kind of worker Union or joining one already formed. The US two-party, corporately run political system is now deeply corrupt, and morally bankrupt, and will not be changed from the inside.

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I mostly agree with you, jamenta, but it isn’t a question of all or none, imo. The legislators at the state level can make a considerable difference in the lives of state residents. The recent news from SCOTUS regarding the rescinding of the right to abortion is an example. Also, if legislation is in line with the needs of workers, labor unions will be stronger than they are in many states.

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Until the two-party corrupt duopoly is removed, you're better off trying to remove the puss out of your toe with a nail.

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You have bulleted all the talking points for Republicans and Trump loyalists, and you have displayed through all of your posts that collective needs matter not when they don’t comport to your individual preferences. Poor you, you had to wear a mask. The horror! The clown you love was in charge when an infectious disease eventually took the lives of a million of your brothers and sisters, and you are ready to ONLY support charlatans who would not compel you to immunize yourself to protect yourself AND the collective....oh I almost forgot... fuck the collective, the public good is of no apparent interest to you. For decades the Republican Party has been using the bias of people to get them to vote against their economic interests. It has been the primary mission of Republicans to completely dismantle every last benefit that originated with FDR. Opposed to abortion ...even though it’s nobody’s business? No problem, the rabid right-wing Republicans will make it illegal... as if that will end abortion. Are you by any chance a god-fearing Christian? The Republican Party wants you to know that the separation of church and state is a communist plot. If you pray for a Christian theocracy, you must vote Republican.

You may think that opposing the proxy war gives you ground to break bread with leftists who don’t get excited by the Republican platform. It does. But bringing your conservative bucket list to the discussion reflects poorly on your priorities. If you are a former teacher, I hope you inherited a ransom, because your Social Security check is meager now, and will only get smaller....to subsidize tax cuts for the billionaires, some of whom, btw, are neocons underwriting the war we all hate.

Senator Bernie Sanders has a message for you:


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Right on brother! Let's not forget that these same Republicans who suddenly cry wolf about a war (they didn't start first) are the same warmongering whores who went full out for Bush's little scam (oops BIG SCAM)!

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The Bushies and Clintoons are friends, Comrade. The Swampsters prevail over the Entire democRat party and 80% of the rinoRat party. Your JoBama Bolshevik "Hope&Change" has been working so well since 2021 too.

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No one said they weren't? This was a discussion about the Republican Party. If you will read on most of us here are fully aware of the corruption of the 2 party 1 party system. They are all Warmongers!

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Grateful beyond words for your boldness.

I toss and turn thinking that it will only take one individual obsessed during these exercises to deviate in order to 'make his mark'.

Peace, Love & Light.

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This is entirely intentional.

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And, to think, the Korean people would probably have resolved their difference long ago and reunited if not for the US Hegemon preventing it.

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Why is Australia fomenting conflict with China over the Solomon Islands? Why did they just ship 60 high-powered assault rifles to the island's military? Seems quite provocative.

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Nov 5, 2022·edited Nov 5, 2022

After a few years of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, post-9/11, there grew a movement of common people in the US that was recognizing that there had become an evil alliance between the Dems and Pubs in the US Congress that were thriving on war. Prior to the 2008 election, this movement had grown significantly, particularly on the right, and TEA Party pubs were born. The movement on the dems side was delayed by the racialization of the 2008 election, so war took a backseat for them, then. Our soldiers (and some of yours, perhaps) were deployed and redeployed.

The 2012 election was between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumn, the former was reelected. The soldiers kept on soldiering and the anti-war sentiment on the left started to grow (tweedle-dee wasn't running in 2016, so it needed something) as had the anti-war right. Mind you neither was a massive movement, the economy was the big factor, as usualy during tweedle-dee's terms (and the left always downplays the wars we're in when they are in power - what happened to all those dems' protest marches from pre-2008???).

The 2016 election was supposed to be between the B-teams of the clinton and bush camps, but there was some shakeup. The mainstream anti-war left and right both had strong candidates and the guy on the right went on to take the Pub nomination and win the Presidency, much to the chagrin of, well, everyone except 80% of the people who voted for him (the other 20% set-out to destroy him from within).

The guy on the left was torpedoed by the media, much like the anti-war guy on the right in 2008 was. The left even sent the black after him in a notoriously funny on-stage appearance reminiscent of taylor swift and kanye west (iirc) at an awards show. Since at least 2008, it has been evident that most of the media in the US was center-left, pro-war, pro-censorship, pro-billionaires (who are now largely democrats).

From January 2017 - January 6, 2021 there was a pause in new war and a pulling back from many existing ones. North Korea had a hissy-fit that was rebuked and went away, many Americans who were imprisoned in hostile nations for effectively political reasons were brought home, and the media in the US and around the globe had a meltdown.

That guy was ousted after his first term and things have come back to normal - wars, Korea, political prisoners, inflation, all the things that seem to mollify the media (and the majority of the left, apparently).

We have an election next week, who knows when the votes will be 'counted.' and then we'll be on a course. I predict that course will, from a foreign policy standpoint, look much as it has for the past 2 years. Perhaps in 2 more years we will get sane foreign policy again...

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That's what I was going to mention before you got to this article, they have been getting an excuse ready to start in on North Korea! These Mass Murdering Sociopaths want us all dead! World War 3? This is utter insanity. THESE PSYCHO FUCKS HAVE TO GO!

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It's a kind of chess game where the US plays both sides. Except they take that for being in control, and they aren't. Because the chess game is in their heads, and doesn't match up to reality.

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Caitlin you always cut through the BS. Thanks for your commentaries. They keep me sane.

Just been reading "Should we Fear Russia? (2016)" by Dmitri Trenin of Carnegie Moscow Center. It predicts the mess we are in over war in Ukraine if things continued as they were heading in 2016. Dmitri Trenin is not a "Putin apologist" but a realist: I don't agree with everything he has written, It is clear all this mess was predicted, just as arrogance towards North Korea could provoke foreseen consequences.

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FYI (optional reading 😉 ) GG tweets – extracted ~Nov 7 period https://twitter.com/ggreenwald

• This is a group that pretends to speak for Jews. In reality, it's just another banal, standard Dem Party/liberal activist group whose core function is to exploit these causes to agitate for censorship of anyone who questions liberal establishment orthodoxy.

It's the Jewish @HRC

ADL: “Today, we are joining dozens of other groups to ask advertisers to pause Twitter spending because we are profoundly concerned about antisemitism and hate on the platform. Here's why we're asking advertisers to #StopHateForProfit and #StopToxicTwitter -- https://stophateforprofit.org/statement-calling-on-advertisers”

• The scam is to scare corporations by knowing they'll be accused of anti-Semitism unless they bow to ADL's dictates about what ideas and people they can and can't associate with, just as @HRC exploits reckless homophobia accusations to coerce obedience. It's pro-DNC censorship.

• (re-tweet): AOC is a deeply unserious person

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Elon Musk is sabotaging her Twitter account

• Joy Reid's understanding of history really does begin in 2017. As sketchy as that understanding is, she has no idea that history existed before Trump. The ignorance is stunning. How can someone like this be on TV every night talking about politics, even to a tiny audience?

• In 1974, "President Ford plunged headfirst into the crisis. His first and most public move was to combat inflation. He declared inflation 'public enemy number one.'"

Ford's brand was "WIN: Whip Inflation Now."

How the fuck does Joy Reid know nothing about everything???

• This little dunce - who wouldn't sacrifice for a cause if he lived to be 1,000 - thinks the Kremlin told Snowden to re-tweet a WashPost reporter's mention of a George Will column lightly critiquing Kamala Harris.

• How do these people mock QAnon when they're as conspiratorial?

Aaron Rupar @atrupar: “it really isn't when you realize that Snowden's entire purpose right now is using his platform to advance the Russian government's interests -- hurting the Democratic Party and thereby helping Republicans win office, which ultimately will undermine the US's support for Ukraine twitter.com/_GreatDelusion…”

• But that tweet does express one of the core views of Democratic partisans in media. It's really how they think now.

If you criticize the Dem Party or its leaders then, by definition, you're doing the work of the Kremlin. All critics of Biden are, by definition, Putin stooges.

• Sometimes, parts of our politics become so insane and unhinged for so long that one forgets how demented they are. Starting in 2017, it became completely standard for Dem politicians and DNC media stars to accuse all critics of being Kremlin assets:

Michael Tracey @mtracey:

Congressman Can't Answer Simple Question About His Own Bill, So Accuses Me of Working for the Russian Government


• The primary tactic of American liberalism (Dem Party version) is to police and control the flow of information online by silencing, de-platforming, excluding and otherwise punishing anyone who questions of dissents from their pieties and decrees of Truth and Falsity.

Elon Musk @elonmusk: “Twitter has had a massive drop in revenue, due to activist groups pressuring advertisers, even though nothing has changed with content moderation and we did everything we could to appease the activists.

Extremely messed up! They’re trying to destroy free speech in America.

• The lesson Democrats (and their US Security State partners) derived from their humiliating 2016 loss was that the preservation and expansion of their power requires tight control over the internet.

Corporate power (through advertising pressure) is one of their primary tools.

• This is why *the overwhelming majority* of Democrats support **state control** of information online in the name of fighting "disinformation."

In other words, if Big Tech won't capitulate to their censorship demands, Dems want political leaders to mandate that censorship.

• I spoke last night on Fox about a woefully under-covered story: The EU made it *illegal* for any platform to air RT or other Russian media. Now France is demanding US platforms, such as Rumble, obey this and remove RT. Rumble refused, defending its right to air what it wants

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Two words: Global Walkout! Join the Reignite Freedom movement. The time is NOW!

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Again another poignant critic by Ms. Johnstone. "The US will continue ramping up aggressions against Moscow and Beijing, those governments will respond, and we will be told that the US must respond to these outrageous provocations by ramping up aggressions. Repeat ad nauseum. "

This is all well and good until the shit hits the fan, and the US has to actually fight two world wars simulaneously. From a conventional standpoint, regardless of how many "Star Wars" bots they have, they will not be able to sustain such a conflict long with 1.1 billion people agressing against the other 6.5.

In the US, the political elites will be pressured to reinstate the draft, because anyone who actually believes that the current US geopolitical policies are effective is retarded enough to believe that the US population will not go into a full scale revolt while being forced to jump ino a meat grinder.

Those who hold the levers of power- their bodies move and their mouths speak , but their minds have been petrified in a 1950's mentality. Bazaar, surreal, and deadly!

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American Police Departments perfected the system of badgering their victim to provoke ANY response - and then upon provoking response, proceed to arrest the victim as a criminal. This also works to successfully set up a police-gang murder with a plant of ‘evidence’ and collaborating police-gang testimony in a report.

Our nation has a social problem where the streets have enters the halls of ‘government’ and ‘Justice’ while the gangs of Wall Street pay the police gangs to hold the thin-crude-line of self-appointed validity.

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