The easiest way to tell that we don't live in a free society: Julian Assange. The second easiest: the evening news. The third easiest: election day.

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It's not subtle or complicated. They showed us with 9/11 what they can do, and are showing us every day that Julian Assange , and anyone else who becomes undesirable by holding up stark evidence of reality, will be tortured to death if they cannot be ignored. Then we shake our heads exclaiming how terrible and "incredible" it all is. What we are really doing is denying that it is happening.

Then "woke" culture comes along and squeals, "Yes, Big Brother is real. He invented a phony disease and phony cures (vaccines) that are intended to enslave us!" This serves to make all "conspiracy theories" look equally crazy, with QAnoners in the same boat with 9/11 Truthers, and everybody has something to get excited about while ignoring the reality that slapped them in the fact on 9/11 and is slapping them in the face every day that Julian remains in his torture chamber. They even manage to ignore the real conspiracy behind Covid 19, which is the origin of the virus (Chinese-American biowarfare research) and the concerted effort to ignore that. They play us every which a way because we are simply unwilling to see what they have told us and are telling us: 9/11 and Julian. "Oh, what does it mean? Can it really be true? Are they really so powerful? Oh my, oh my. I think I'll get really upset and blame everything on Bill Gates."

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Reading articles such as this gives me a vague sense of hope, that a Great Awakening is underway and informing ourselves and others is a real, viable, counter-force. But this generally comes crashing down when I talk about 'the system' to close relations. At that point, I am drenched with psy-op residue: Putin has infiltrated every aspect of our society; Trump created US fascism and his electoral defeat has rolled it back; only giant corporate outlets can be considered 'journalists'; the DOD is a noble shield protecting us from sinister, external forces that plot like comic-book villains to bring down truth and democracy. One cousin looked at me poutily and said 'You make us sound like the bad guys!?" The MindF*ckery is real, it is omnipresent, and I start to think it's simply incurable.

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On a positive note, this accelerated push for dictatorship is definitely “red-pilling” entirely new sections of the population.

The would-be Gods of Olympus are banking on the belief that humanity is just a bunch of blank slates which can be made into their own image of a brave new world. Their cynical misanthropic outlook prevents them from acknowledging the creative leaps that humanity has been able to achieve throughout history, from the Golden Renaissance, to the American Revolution, to the defeat of Fascism.

The enemy’s biggest weapon is pessimism, cynicism, and demoralization of the population. Since WWII, the Tavistock social engineers understood that morale was the key to winning wars.

Brigadier John Rawlings Rees, a top Tavistock psychological warfare specialist observed: “winning wars is not about killing, it’s about destroying the enemy’s morale while maintaining one’s own.”

If the population has a sense that the fight is on, that victory is possible, they will fight, they will be creative, they will think of how their children are being threatened, they will be hardened in their resolve. If they think the battle is lost, then regardless of whether the enemy can be defeated, they will give up, submit, and go into survival mode. If that happens, then the horrors of WWII will arguably be nothing in comparison, given the amount of population the world now sustains, and which is reliant on a complex system of production, supply chains, technology etc… If that collapses, we’re not talking about hundreds of millions of deaths, but likely billions.

However, Zeus thinks he has it all in the bag. That might be humanity’s greatest advantage. The enemy is proud, confident, drunk with power lust.

There was a recent discussion on the Corona Virus Committee hearings held by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. It was called: “Hyperinflation, Fascism and War: How the NWO can be Defeated Once More.” I feel it’s very relevant.

These people have been defeated before. That should never be forgotten. The Anglo-American oligarchy’s support of Hitler and other fascist regimes across the world did not work out the way they planned. That had been their original push for a world fascist dictatorship, including through the “League of Nations” and other supranational bodies. They failed. So they tried to flip the chess board.

Now, with all their social engineering techniques and related tricks, they think they have it all figured out, and can now do what they failed to accomplish in the past. However, it’s a big gamble. A million things could go wrong.

Their biggest problem is that the Western trans-Atlantic system is sitting on the largest financial bubble in history. Nothing short of a full-on fascist dictatorship will allow them to maintain control as the derivatives bubble unwinds. This, more than anything, probably accounts for the very rushed and sudden push for all out control.

As reported by Wall Street on Parade, sinxe January 2020, the US Federal Reserve had already pumped 6 Trillion into the US banking system in order to keep it afloat. This was before the onset of the pandemic…

They are making one hell of a gamble.


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If there had been an actual emergency, what Caitlin described here would be even more despicable, to see it as an opportunity to manipulate rather than help.

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Well, that destroyed the myth of the Canadian Armed Forces existing to protect Canadians, but at least now we KNOW they work for war criminal perverts, too, just like all the other order-takers.

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Re: your intro on freedom, reminded of a frat F. Zappa quote:

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

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And yet the Afghans drove out the mightiest militaries in history. Maybe they were still fighting the last war.

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We live in the age of irony in which the cure is worse than the disease and endless less than useless analyses complicate, replicate and even produce the problem. Just like Freudian psychology. Covid 's social implications and consequences are being met with the recommendation that more psychiatrists/psychologists be thrown at the problem at the cost of multi-millions of dollars: get people to adjust to new realities - but don't change the status quo. Don't create jobs, or a basic annual income, or raise the minimum wage substantially. They even have physics on side: if, logically, there is a limit to matter (and we have no way of knowing it this is the case, but never mind) why, then it must follow that the universe is a giant computer - info in, info out, all deterministic, and free will is a silly irrelevant and fanciful notion. But let's prove them wrong - in this reality, at least.

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Being sneeringly BLATANT is essential to große Lüge by social networking advocacy solutions firms and non-profits alike? DNC™ LLC can't be bothered, trying to conceal 23 slavering imbeciles blathering K Street tropes from the Great RR Strike of 1877 or William Henry Harrison, stomping down Tecumseh... to silence RooskiBot BernieBro antivaxx uppity essentials?

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Cool thing about Bernays, his premise, propaganda is necessary to promote democracy, organic adjunct rather than necessary "lesser" evil to prevent innate anarchy, leading to Bring Back Bolshevik blah, blah...

Blame those damn uppity essentials & damn death o' disparity deplorables! Deny, distract, dissemble... Duh!




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