The problem with Yemen is the same problem with the Palestinians -- they have no American constituency, whereas those doing the butchering have gobs of money, think tank barkers, opinion piece monkeys, and congressional lever-pullers to ensure things never change.

The shoe was on the other foot when it was South Africans doing the apartheid. Without a strong constituency stateside, it was easy to see their unjust government for what it was and help end it with a boycott. Now Zionists try and condemn the exact same tactic used to counter racism as racist.

Those murdering children in Yemen have oil; those murdering children in Palestine have money and a strategic location. Good luck, children.

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*very simple and obvious "No we don't accuse leftist antiwar journalists of being secret agents for foreign governments"*

Even simpler, and doesn't open up leftie indie media to being accused of partisanship:

"No we don't accuse antiwar journalists of being secret agents for foreign governments"

Thank you.

"It's not okay to smear antiwar journalists as secret agents of a foreign government."

For sure. And it's not ok to distract from that point, or avoid an apology that would have earned them back some lost respect & probably increased membership, by tangenting into a myriad of other accusations & topics, without addressing the accusation that got them into this mess.

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This is your handiwork, Americans.

Own it.

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