The way the supposed experts have been performing of late, I'd say bring on the amateurs!

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Dropped a comment on tbe MSNBC website basically saying the crappy results of 20 years of imperialism sustained by government and media lies should surprise no one.

Someone responded with -- get this -- our 75 year old fight against Germany and Japan. Very telling as to the blinkered imperialist mentality: no remorse, no reflection, no responsibility; only a dim gallop from one monumental clusterfuck to the next, but never the ones to pay the price.

Yes, sociopathy and greed are very easy to understand.

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The "it's complicated" piece is psychologically co-mingled with almost a Christian charity spin also planted in the media on many vectors in the press for this two decade snafu: 1) Military Individuals who served are calling state department (!) demanding a visa for "Mohamed" who saved their lives being an interpreter etc. 2) Afghan women, 3) Afghan children and schools.....

all these chords are playing on the propaganda organ!

My point is not to denigrate the nice "bleeding heart" things ostensibly being shown as reactions, rather my point is the utter hypocrisy of the establishment, which I'm sure you understand.

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As long as Palestinians remain in a Zionist prison and Julian Assange remains in an actual prison all claims by the United States regarding moral concerns ring false.

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Indeed, a lot of the empire's strategy is quite simple. One can trace the metamorphosis of this slime mold across the ages. The Anglo-American system today is in fact a historical outgrowth of what was once the Venetian empire. The Anglo-American system is simply the latest expression of that, which emerged from the old British Empire system, which was itself a result of the ancient families of Venice having to migrate from the lagoons around the Adriatic for strategic purposes.

The Modern American "Deep State" is really just a continuation of that system. But America was founded as a refuge from the old degenerate European aristocratic system. While that memory is waning, there is still some faint glimmer. The American population has in many ways become the most dumbed-down, but that's largely because it was the population most subjected to psychological warfare and social engineering. The European nations still never really shook off the old oligarchical forms of thinking. In this respect, much of the twentieth century can be understand as an attempt to undo the American revolution, and its effects on Europe, and to bring things back under a feudal pre-Renaissance system of organizations. This time, it's just technocratic feudalism.

One of the main differences with previous empires and the old colonial model is the more systemic use of social engineering and epistemological warfare. Much of the empire is not an empire of boots on the ground enforcement, it's an empire of the mind. The elite schools like the London School of Economics, Oxford, and all their ivy league counterparts in the USA and elsewhere constitute a web of nodes which spread the ideas that ultimate create an ideologically very indoctrinated managerial class. These are the ivy-league graduates, "Rhodes Scholars" and related ideological spawn.

For example, most of the economic theories excreted by these institutions, "Free Trade," "globalization" "supply-side economics" etc... are all just essentially variations on the old British East India company model of controlling finance, trade, etc...

Not much has changed.

The American System of Political Economy represented by Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln and his economist Henry C. Carey and others was a rejection of that system. They were for high protective tariffs for fending off the flooding of their economies with cheap goods in order to crush local production. They were for high tariffs, national banking i.e. credit for infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture was not under the sole control of the private merchant banking system, which is the great fraud of our current financial architecture.

That being said, these imperial systems do always crash, and they always end up having to cannibalize their host populations in order to keep the looting system going. We're seeing that now with the current zombie banking system and the infinite money-printing now required to keep the Trans-Atlantic banking system alive.

"The Great Reset" and related "Fourth Industrial Revolution" vision are just the latest Utopian wet dream these oligarchs have cooked up in order to keep their system going. It is very simple: they want to force a massive contraction of the industrial world i.e. the economic and technological platforms required to sustain our current level of population, and bring the population down to around 1 billion people. They have computer "models" and "experts" which tell us this is the carrying capacity for the planet. It's all based on a axiomatically closed-system outlook on the universe.

While the try to convince everyone of pseudo-scientic ideas like "carrying capacity," they are adamantly against Fusion power and all advanced forms of atomic energy for the simple reason that it would mean the end of their reign over the third world countries, which are supposed to be kept backwards with little infrastructure, little access to science and technology, and therefore remain cheap labor producers for the "advanced" technocratic utopias they hope to maintain.

To really defeat this imperial system, the Malthusian outlook needs to be defeated. There are more galaxies that we know of than grains of sand on the earth. We don't know most things about the universe, and in reality most "resources" are arguably not even found on earth. Resources change over time. They are dependent on a society's level of understanding about the universe we live in.

We know very little about fusion processes, to say nothing about matter anti-matter reactions. That means we still don't really know much about the fundamentals of matter, plasma states etc... The Malthusian system simply dictates a law of universal entropy, a zero sum game, where everyone is stuck warring over limited resources. As a result, it can't allow for the kinds of fundamental breakthroughs that overturn their geopolitical chess board and the artificial limits of their closed system.

This is the great fraud, and one of the main ideologies being used to advance a "Great Reset" global depopulation agenda.

Most of what they say is just a cover for this.

It's pretty simple.

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Not to be picky, but I think the "globe-spanning power structure" is not "loosely" but very tightly "centralized around the United States."

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"the people who've been consistently wrong about everything throughout their entire careers"

I have to disagree, but then perhaps it is a matter of perspective. The mafia knows what it is doing. We should know that they are lying to us. The ones who are wrong are those who continue to listen.

I like this "complicated" explanation of why the USA has left Afghanistan. It makes the simple answer easier to understand.


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Bravo !!!

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When we don’t know ourselves we are mystified by our own impulses, social conditioning and thought processes.

We don’t know about the egoic condition, the compulsive thinking with which we identify. So much of our behaviour and attitudes pop out of us unconsciously and we are mystified as to how and why we did what we did. “ I’m a good person, how did I let his happen?” So we rationalize, we dig through the complex details looking for answers. We do not know where to look for the root causes.

We settle for the cognitive ease of a detailed rationalization to relieve the dissonance.

We do the same in global affairs. We easily buy the “ it’s compicated” excuse because we do it in our own lives all of the time.

We see the calm, smiling faces of our media and politicians and we can’t equate this demeanour with the death squads and deliberate starvation they employ.

This cognitive dissonance along with the egoic compulsion to think incessantly looking for details and rationalizations produces the feeling of complexity.

Understanding that the world’s oligarchic sociopaths are produced from the same egoic condition which makes all of us distort reality and suffer also produces dissonance. We do not wish to identify at all with them. As an act of self preservation we wish to hate them and dispose of them and deny the compassionate impulses which emerge when we realize they are dysfunctional in the same way we are, just more so.

But part of the ‘self’ we preserve is the egoic self which is at the root of human suffering. If we only gather hate and disgust in our efforts to stop oligarchic sociopaths we continuously reproduce an implicit “I am not that, I could never be part of that.”

But we are.... it is our being asleep to our true nature which enables others to stay asleep...and some of these others produce much bigger nightmares for all of us when we allow them to stay asleep.

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