​ Michael Hudson has deeply studied the Torah in his role as the world's foremost Economic Historian: Were the Biblical Prophets Anti-Semitic?​

By a sleight-of-hand like that of a stage magician trying to distract the audience’s attention from what really is happening, Netanyahu has evoked what he claims to be a Biblical excuse for Israeli genocide. But what he pretends to be a covenant in the tradition of Moses is a vicious demand by the judge and grey eminence Samuel telling Saul, the general whom he hopes to make king: “Now go and smite Amalek [an enemy of Israel], and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys” (1 Samuel 15:3).

​ These were not the Lord’s own words, and Samuel was no Moses. And there was no blanket promise to back the Jews regardless of their behavior.​..

​..Today’s modern Zionism is at odds with the Jewish Bible. That is understandable given that its ideology comes from a very secular group despite its recent takeover by self-identified orthodox Jews. The rhetoric used by Netanyahu is a travesty when one notes how the Jewish Bible proclaimed that wealth and property were to be distributed equitably, not concentrated in the hands of an oligarchy. Exodus 23:1 and 9 give the following insight into how aliens – the Palestinians of their day – were to be treated: “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong,” but “lay down the law of justice and mercy: Do not oppress an alien; you yourselves know how it feels to be aliens, because you were aliens in Egypt.”

​ Is it justice and mercy to shut off water, food, medicine and fuel to an entire population and level or damage half of its buildings and most of its critical infrastructure including entire swarths of homes? Is it justice and mercy to force hospitals to shut down, bomb ambulances, and drop six 2,000 pound bombs on a refugee camp?


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Michael Hudson is a righteous man.




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Nov 21, 2023·edited Nov 26, 2023

It is a lot simpler than that: in no jurisdiction in the world is the bible accepted as a real estate title deed. What the ZioNAZIS are trying to argue is insane because they don't have a leg to stand on to justify the existence of their racist sewer, just like former apartheid South Africa and 1933-45 Germany had no justification and were dismantled/bombed to normality.

ZioNAZI Rothschildistan deserves nothing short of the same treatment.

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Nov 21, 2023Liked by Caitlin Johnstone

Yes!!! You used that painting on the cover! I am ordering shortly

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So glad I came across your writings Caitlin .... You write ✍️ the truth , from a perspective without alterior motives . Just a human writing for humans , thanks for that , I truly appreciate it in these crazy days where propaganda is mistaken for News by so many on the right and the left.

Great Artwork ... Keep spreading the Realness Sistah ... ✌🏾

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Is there some rule that those who are bullied will inevitably outdo the original bully? It begs further questions.

The connection between these deaths and the Ukrainian debacle where Putin is ostensibly de Nazifying his brotherly neighbors? Why is it the Russian combatants call the Ukrainian's "Germans". Oh you didn't hear about that on CNN did you?

When you look at where the actual German economy is headed, who is their biggest adversary? The guys who built a pipeline to help guarantee the German economic future, or the ones who blew it up?

For God's sake we have tape of the highest US authorities promising to destroy Germany's future, yeah that self same pipeline! Can you trust your own senses on that and give up the Russians did it trope? Is there any history that might suggest the West loves to see Germans hating Russians? DUH

So sure, blow up hospitals, ambulances and children in the name of racial superiority, gosh that sounds just like that fellow from WW II. Just don't expect us to supply your soldiers anymore, we all got the shots and useless is our name.

Finally a prayer. Dear God can you help those who took an oath to protect us from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, to do their fucking job already.

Yeah, certainly asking too much. How's about you stop the effete Garchs from euthanizing innocents? True, what have I done for you lately. Ok, can I die in a way that suits your plan and no, please don't send any clergy to tune me up.

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Let's get our FACTS straight:

From Charlie Kirk.

A new poll by the Arab World for Research and Development, a Palestinian research org, finds that 75% of Palestinians support the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7

Hamas official Ghazi Hamad has said they will repeat October 7-like attacks until Israel is annihilated.

"River to the Sea" is a call to genocide and to destroy Israel — ignore any claims that it's not. If it wasn't about genocide, they'd pick a new slogan.

A two-state solution has been offered to Hamas and Palestinians multiple times — 4 times in the last 20 years alone. Every time, it's been rejected in favor of more terrorism and more war.

The Hamas charter openly calls for genocide and the destruction of Israel. Keeping this charter has repeatedly been what keeps Hamas from making peace.

There was a cease-fire on Oct 6 that Hamas broke on Oct 7.

In an unprovoked attack, Hamas killed 1,400 Jews; took 241 Israeli, US, and EU citizens hostages, wounded 5,300, and fired more than 10,000 rockets at Israel.

Why did they do this? One reason was pure bloodlust, but the other was precisely to invite an Israeli attack, so they could wail and act the victim.

Hamas's entire strategy is to max out victimhood. They commit horrible atrocities so that Israel will beat up on them, and then they complain about how helpless they are and how many civilians are in danger — when Hamas intentionally puts those civilian lives at risk for political gain.

There is ZERO moral equivalency between Hamas and Israel.

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"75% of Palestinians support the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7"

That's just you trying to legitimize murdering children by the thousands with bombs.

"A two-state solution has been offered to Hamas and Palestinians multiple times"

You're a lying scumbag. https://www.aaronmate.net/p/the-roots-of-israels-ethnic-cleansing

"There was a cease-fire on Oct 6 that Hamas broke on Oct 7."

False. Israel had killed hundreds of Palestinians in the year 2023 by October 7.

"In an unprovoked attack,"

Only if you pretend history started on October 7 2023.

"There is ZERO moral equivalency between Hamas and Israel."

That's true; Israel is quantifiably far more murderous and depraved.

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Israel and "Israelis" will never be able to wash their hands of this. Never.

For as long as any one of us is alive.

Their victim card has expired, 📢 permanently.

And if they have lied about oct 7, something as big and awful as that, and as is now being increasingly apparent, the "cattle" will start wondering and researching what else have they lied about? That is one of the prime reasons the "israelis" and even the hard-liners among them are becoming so unhappy with Bibi and his "shrewd" policies. Once the curtain is removed, there is no putting it back. And that is what they fear the most.


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Nov 21, 2023·edited Nov 21, 2023

> 75% of Palestinians support the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7

What's wrong with that? For 75 years (!!!) they have been kept under the boot of a brutal genocidal regime that refuses to implement what has been agreed upon. Would you accept that? Would you accept to have your land stolen and your family slaughtered? Something tells me you would not.

So, why the hypocrisy?

> The Hamas charter openly calls for genocide and the destruction of Israel. Keeping this charter has repeatedly been what keeps Hamas from making peace.

To make your BS point, you conveniently leave out the FACT that in their updated Charter of 2017 Hamas accept "israel" within in 1967 borders.

Try again next time.

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Davey, 75 years to get it right. Right back to same old. You couldn't find a fact if it drove over your own child!

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