What I'm trying to understand is who are the people still getting their main news from establishment media? According to the commercials, they suffer from a host of physical ailments, so I'm thinking it's the older demographic whose brain cells have made a premature shuffle off to greener pastures. But damn if they still don't vote and fund campaigns.

So what to do, when your customers are dying off? Well, if you're a motorcycle company with this problem you run to the government for protection, just as Harley Davidson did with Reagan. And that's kind of what's happening now, only now it's a tariff on information through a censored Internet. The last thing our government wants is consumers having access to less expensive, better built ideas.

It didn't work then and it better not work now. For all of us.

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I have to admit it's hard to imagine any cowardly culture so "legitimately" rife with bloodlust, and so easily dominated by superperverts, random sports scores, known war criminals and breathless fables of military and financial "greatness" as having any use for honest reporting. Naked greed, yes. Artificially inculcated savagery against the poor, sick and weak? Sure. But actual journalism from clearly inveterate corporations? Maybe after enough of us become sentient, if we can hold out that long. Maybe.

That said, I believe you are making a very real difference for the better with every published word, and I thank you every day for it, Caitlin.

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" If the western mass media were openly owned and controlled by the United States government for the explicitly stated purpose of distributing imperial propaganda, there would be nothing odd about brazen one-sided reporting..."

I think it's more like MSM and the govt at the fed level at least the exec branch have have the same owners.

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It now looks as if DC' war pronouncements was close enough (to reality) for government work, as they say. A lot has to do with citizen trust in government, which since Bush, has been quite low. Fool me umpteen times; shame on me.

Today, I watched Putin recognize the two border states in Ukraine as being independent, even thought the "leaders" of the two independent states are seditionist who only control 1/3 of the area claimed - as they have since 2014. To me, it appears that the Biden administration has been fairly correct in its pronouncements. Sadly, if one plays with fire, sooner or later, somebody is bound to get burned. Is war inevitable? It surely looks like that. Putin is now escalating while Biden tries to salvage his sagging legacy as a 1-term POTUS. It seems like Chamberlain & Hitler all over again.

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This applies to Crimea, I can't find one for the other regions.

"This is a fundamental and the first document since 2014, which defines the main directions of State policy aimed at reintegration and de-occupation of the temporarily occupied Crimea and provides for the implementation a set of traditional and asymmetric measures of diplomatic, MILITARY, economic, informational, humanitarian and in other spheres." (My caps.)


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They're all actors and when inserts like "without evidence", "a superb reporter" and "Ive known him for years" occurs in a play, they're called "asides". In Shakespeare's time the audience had the option to throw rotten fruit, yell catcalls or make rude noises at obvious rubbish, and we should do the same metaphorically. Citing the most recent blatant insult in MM to average intelligence could catch on as a tension-reducing daily pastime. I mean, does "I've known him for years" pass as any kind of qualification? WTHC it: Who the hell cares?

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