1. The only reason that the NYT is for a less confrontational stance with China is because Team R is goading Biden for a supposed lack of aggression.

2. The recent rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, brokered by Russia and China, shows that the claim that only American hegemony can keep the peace is a load of bull.

That Russia at the same time agreed to supply Iran Su35 jets and Saudi Arabia didn't freak out is especially telling, and will make it much harder for the US and Israel to make war on Iran.

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A narcissist psychopath always throw a tantrum to divert attention from his defeatism. America know its days of bullying is numbered.

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I may be slightly naive but I get the feeling that if we get any closer to a conflict, I mean within the two or three weeks, some of the media may recover their nerve and start issuing half-hearted warnings to the government.

Let's see.

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There is a theory out there that Biden wants to run as a war president because his approval rating has been frozen between 39 and 44% for close to two years. And because Biden represents the sociopathic neo-con/neo-liberal Victoria Nuland/Lindsey Graham/Bill Kristol warmongering uni-party, the party, legacy media, Fox, and Big Tech psychopaths will support this.

My biggest problem with this theory is: no one has demonstrated that our elections are legitimate. Like Brazil in 2022, it is easy to cheat in America. So, even though Biden the puppet clearly doesn't lose sleep over provoking nuclear powers, why does he possibly need to do anything at all? He can get "81,000,000 votes" from his basement, even as he makes racist remarks on shows like "the Breakfast Club," and his Goebbels media and big tech supporters will act like, yes, he won, of course. "Elections are safe and secure!" Just like vaccines are "safe and effective."

It's all about the propaganda.

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Who voted for this is right! Just like the Nord Stream pipeline who voted for it but the fucking warmongering Republicans didn't say shit about that either! They are one War Party! Both parties are a Hostile Foreign Entity and not true Americans! They both have to go but have rigged the system to stop that from happening!

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China has been a reasonable global citizen in stark contrast to the U.S., and it’s difficult to understand how China can deescalate this unilaterally. I really hope that the Taiwanese are paying attention to what is going on in Ukraine. The wanton contempt for Ukrainian lives and welfare is a picture of who the U.S. is, and that isn’t about to change. This liberation American style.

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Americans itching for war with China are flat-out insane, particularly those in Congress. A war with China would be utterly devastating for both sides. On the other hand, who’s to say it wouldn’t turn nuclear?

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well, thats it then.

The Cold War of 21st Century is now officially begun.

How it ends?

And Australia is caught up in this BS, with an alliance with the US, but a reliance on China.

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I fear the only thing that will prevent major armed confrontation. since America is ruled by the mad dogs and mad hawks of war, is for Americans to rise up from within. But in a country which has honed denial to an art firm, I’m not confident of that.

The shameless behaviour in Nam, Iraq , Afghanistan and elsewhere hasn’t been enough? Apparently not, with the infamous Senate Foreign Relations chairman and Iraq cheerleader made president and his Senate de facto whip for invasion made Sec of State.

Sure they’re sore about being whipped like a rented mule by China on most of what really matters.

Poverty is very illustrative. The Chinese have unprecedentedly lifted 900,000,000 million people out of UN-defined poverty in a few short years. Now 0.6% of Chinese fulfill that criterion. The US? you might ask. 18.6%! Especially child poverty.

So rather than trying to outcompete, working harder, or being more innovative, the US has clearly given up, reverting to what it knows best, viz. scurrilous bullying, saber rattling, threatening, invading, warring, etc. How breathtakingly cynical. Any talk of American values?🤮.

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A few things to keep in mind:

1. Under international law and the US' own agreements with the People's Republic, Taiwan is sovereign Chinese territory.

2. If the Chinese blockade Taiwan, the US Pacific Fleet would have to attack Chinese ships in Chinese territorial waters to break it.

3. If the Chinese launch a full-scale invasion of Taiwan, they could probably take it in a few days, before the American fleets could arrive. Then once again, the US would have to attack the Chinese on Chinese territory.

4. I'm an American, and it's none of our business who governs Taiwan. It's part of China, period, and most certainly not worth a war with China.

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The West, especially the US, literally gets drunk on its own rhetoric - a kind of self-hypnosis. it's difficult to snap out of that. It has the effect of an addiction, and self-inflicted. It wants and needs to believe now, like clinging to a straw at the edge of a cliff: it's not much, but with blinkers on, t's all there is. Of course, pay-offs help to keep the delusion viable. How else to explain Scholz and Baerbok's strange, sell-defeating, reality-denying attitude? Macron? Blinken and Biden, and Pelosi? Apparently, their shrunken consciousness can't take in the enormity of the holocaust they are leading us into.

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Wars started in the last 70 years: China 0; U.S. 200 (globalreasearch.ca)

See also helencaldicott.com (25 min. video on nuclear war)

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There is an excellent book by the Italian historian Emilio Gentile, "The Apocalypse of Modernity". In it, Gentile explains the logic of the march to war before 1914, that Europe was going into it with its eyes wide open, aware of the catastrophe it was going to be but making no effort to avoid it. At the time, it was the confrontation between 5 empires: British, French, Russian, German and Austro-Hungarian, with its game of alliances, for the domination in Europe - and therefore a large part of the world - in a cold war that did not say its name and that led to the explosion of 1914 thanks to the first pretext that came along (the Sarajevo bombing) Today, only one country with imperial pretensions remains, the USA, and it is the only one to provoke this march to war. It succeeded in Ukraine by leaving Russia no other choice. And it continues to do so by now claiming to confront China, even in a direct war. Have they gone mad? For the Americans, it's just that they've been doped up for 30 years on wars, which they don't even know they've lost, but have been able to fight with impunity. When Congressman Gonzales says, "I know what war is," he's in this crazy claim to be right. Because he served as a crypto in Afghanistan and Iraq, he knows what war is. He is an ass and a dangerous ass. American wars in the Middle East are wars of the weak against the strong, with each protagonist not having the same resources. Can this donkey Gonzales understand this? Can he also understand why, in the Cuban missile affair, Kennedy and Khrushchev reached a compromise? These two men had the war facing considerable forces and knew the devastation but also the disproportionate potential of the nuclear arsenal. They had the wisdom to swallow their testosterone and sheath the red buttons. Today, America is led by a senile and corrupt old man, and both his entourage and his opposition are composed of a bunch of hysterical people who think they are the sheriffs of the world and who, with beautiful "Colgate" smiles and the certainty of being the elite, are leading us to the apocalypse.

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Another Dog and Pony show in order to justify the huge paychecks, kickbacks etc. in Washington, Langley and the Pentagon. All while the US Banks and their Federal Reserve scams , slide closer to a Grand Finale. Of course, a huge WW III would wipe out the Quad Trillion Dollar dept that has accumulated over the past 75 years - but WTF - it's only money.

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“More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.” Woody Allen's version of what chess players call zugzwang.

The US has left itself no good choices and is narrowing its remaining options.

The rush to war with China is both political security theatre AND driven by the real fear that war is literally the only way to protect the dollar's inordinate privilege – a privilege that extends to all Americans.

So there's majority sympathy for war, if not strong support. China does represent an existential threat to America's image of itself. But America has prepared for a re-run of WWII. Believe it or not, our brave boys are currently training in California to 'island hop across the South China Sea,' for God's sake.

In the 21st century, US carriers approaching closer than Darwin Harbor and no destroyers coming within 1000 km of China's coast are sunk sunk by hypersonic missiles the US does not possess.

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